David Osio Grows his Charity Initiatives on a Global Scale

For over 20 years, financial counsel guru, David Osio has collaborated with many philanthropic organizations whose efforts enhance people, culture as well as art in the communities where he grows his businesses. Other than establishing a successful financial empire, Osio continues to increase his philanthropic support to nonprofits on a global scale. Serving as an […]

Party Planning Tips to Follow

Planning a formal event can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion, host your friends and family, or bring members of an organization together. While hosting a formal event can be a lot of fun, it can also be very expensive and stressful to plan. Fortunately, there are several tips that can be […]

How the Kabbalah Centre Is Bringing Change to the World, One Person at a Time

For many years humanity has been searching for answers to life’s questions, the most important being how to live a happy and fulfilled life. Kabbalah, a universal wisdom, has provided many people with practical tools for achieving joy, happiness, and fulfillment. The principles of Kabbalistic wisdom can be studied by anyone, regardless of their spiritual […]

Being Blind To Attacks

People are becoming more aware of their online reputation and are taking a lot of steps to manage it. However, not all attacks to reputation could be seen. For one thing, there are many sites where people post reviews about a certain individual or company. As a result, people are going to read the reviews […]

Brian Bonar is the Proud Owner of Highest Honor from the Professional Networking Community

Life has so many special occasions brought by special individuals who have the interests of society at heart. A lot of people get honors for different efforts and programs that attract admiration from the society. One of these people is Brian Bonar who recently received a honorary award from Cambridge University. He was named in […]

Securus Technologies Responds To GTL’s Claims

Securus Technologies, the largest and most popular provider of criminal justice technology, is lowering the boom on its competitor Global Tel Link (GTL).   On June 9, Securus Technologies called out GTL for releasing a series of press releases rife with inaccuracies and outright lies. In response to GTL’s alleged wrongdoings, Securus issued a response […]

David Osio and team launch new Real Estate App

The real estate market is constantly expanding with new and exciting opportunities to keep clients satisfied with their purchases. David Osio, and a team of talent executives working for Davos Real Estate Group are on a mission to take real estate mobile. The team has launched a mobile application known as “Davos CAP Calculator” presented […]

IAP Worldwide Demonstrates Its superiority by offering Successful Mission Support to the U.S Military

IAP Worldwide is among the top respected logistic companies that provide outstanding skills and services even when faced with the most challenging and demanding conditions. The company has maintained its reputation for more than sixty years in providing mission support to select organizations and government agencies. Some of its outstanding capabilities have been displayed by […]

All you Need to Know About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an international investment company that is based in the United States. Just recently, the company released its financial reports for the international consumer. The report is the fourth edition of its M&A, and it is covering the transaction activities in Madison Street Capital and other related institutions. According to the report, […]