Sujit Choudhry’s Expertise in Comparative Law

Comparative law is a field of legal study which studies the relationship between different legal systems and how they compare and contrast. The field of comparative law has taken on ever increasing importance over the last several decades as there is more interaction between different nations than ever before. International corporations also employ experts in the field as they expand their products, services, and location in foreign countries. Another role that comparative law plays is legislators looking at laws around the world that are working and seek to incorporate similar laws in their own countries at the federal, state, and local levels of government.  Check

One of the most highly respected professionals in the field of comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. Mr. Choudry has worked in as a lawyer since 1996 when he was a Law Clerk for the Supreme Court of Canada. Today he is the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions as well as holding the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law chair at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law. He has been sought out internationally in order to provide his expert advice and guidance on constitution building and other legal issues that fall under the mantle of comparative law.  Continue to read, click on

In 1994 Sujit Choudhry graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts In Law. Two years later he completed his studies at the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Laws Degree. He furthered his education at Harvard Law School earning a Master of Laws degree in 1998. After spending a year with the Supreme Court of Canada he entered the world of academics and has been a Professor of Law ever since including at the University of Toronto and the New York University School of Law.  Follow Choudhry’s work hit on

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During his career Mr. Choudhry as been sought out as an advisor for a number of countries who are engaged in the constitution building process. Among the countries he has advised are Libya, Egypt, Nepal, Jordan, Tunisia, and Sri Lanka. His work has earned him awards including the Trudeau Foundation Fellowship for his help in these countries. Harvard University gave him the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship which is a scholarship program to attend the graduate program at their university. He was also awarded by the South Asian Association of Toronto with their Practitioner of the Year award in 2011.  Hop over to


Adam Goldenberg and the Rise of JustFab

Adam Goldenberg is the co-CEO of the online clothing retailer Just Fab. Built In LA recently named him one of three LA CEO’s you need to know now. In the interview, Goldenberg revealed that a big part of the success of his brand is listening to his customers. When starting out, JustFab had to get feedback from buyers to learn how to properly price their items. They also made it a point to only hire passionate people. If someone came to the company with all of the right qualifications but they didn’t possess a passion for the brand then Goldenberg says they wouldn’t thrive at the company. Adam Goldenberg promotes mentoring for his top performers and completely weeds out those who underperform.

After raising funds of $300 million in 2014 the value of JustFab increased to over $1 billion. This gave them the title of “unicorn.” In the business world “unicorn” refers to any tech startup company that reaches a $1 billion dollar valuation. But Adam Goldenberg is indifferent to being called a unicorn. While he is happy for his employees who have worked so hard to achieve this honor, he does not focus on it all that much. He has said, “It’s not like we’re in our office saying, ‘It’s great to be a unicorn!’” Not content to rest on the company’s accomplishments, he always strives to do more for his customers. Customer satisfaction and building a reputable brand have always been the top concerns of Goldenberg and his team at JustFab. Some information about Adam Goldenberg was written on

A huge part of JustFab’s success is the fact that it is a subscription e-commerce store on Th number of people who shop for apparel online has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, in 2011 online clothing sales were over $20 billion. By 2014 the number had risen to $50 billion. This positions JustFab to outcompete other retail giants by putting themselves where more people are spending money: the internet. According to Goldenberg, “…where customers are shopping is changing. So five years from now that $50 billion will be $100 or $110 billion. And most of the guys making their money in retail aren’t ready for that kind of shift.”

Adam Goldenberg is an entrepreneur who has not only achieved success; he has done it by staying true to his values and passion. His dedication to his customers has propelled JustFab forward and will continue to see it thrive for many years to come.

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Buying a used BMW

With pushy sales reps and questionable cars, it can be frustrating and stressful to buy a car. However, these can be avoided if the buyer knows what to look for. Many BMW’s can go over 300,000 miles, if properly maintained. When buying a used BMW,, it is important to check the mileage. At dealerships like Beverly Hills Auto, customers are encouraged to bring their mechanics to check out the car for problems with the transmission, steering, or anything that may be questionable with the car.

Used car dealerships like Beverly Hills Auto Group ensure that your car buying experience is a good one. The company prides itself on having short negations and sales reps that won’t push their customers. Each staff member is committed to customer satisfaction.

By knowing how to shop, and shopping with dealerships like Beverly Hills Auto Group, car buyers will not need to be frustrated anymore!


Strength Of Spirit: Tony Petrello Learns From Carena Petrello That Pediatric Neurological Research Is Highly Necessary:

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. The company is a major servicer and producer within the off-shore and onshore well digging oil and gas industry. He has held his post for a number of years. Mr. Petrello provides strategic initiatives. He oversees a company with operations in Africa, the Mid-East, the Far-East and the Americas. His leadership role has proved indispensable.

Tony Petrello started his career at the law firm of Baker & McKenzie, prior to coming on-board at Nabors Industries. He acquired the position of Managing Partner at the law firm, working out of New York.

Suffice it to say: making the transition from that of Managing Partner to a leadership role in the oil and gas industry is something that does not occur every day. Both leadership styles are completely different: however, not surprising, Mr. Petrello was able to handle the transition.

Tony too, possesses two degrees in Mathematics–one a B.S. degree and the other an M.S. degree from the Ivy League College of Yale University. He attained his J.D. at the Harvard Law School.

He is extremely involved in the Houston community. He is director of several well-known and highly regarded companies, and the not-for-profit organization of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony became involved with Texas Children’s Hospital, more fully, when his child, Carena was diagnosed with a common neurological disease–occurring in infants, that are born pre-mature. Carena was born 24 weeks–premature. Carena, due to the neurological problem, developed Cerebral Palsy.

Tony conducted research, and came to the conclusion that the best place to launch research–relative to the neurological issue presented, in Carena’s case, was right in his own back-yard.

He and Cynthia Petrello, are working in collaboration with Texas Children’s Hospital’s pediatric research area; in order to find answers, pertinent to Carena’s condition.

The child provided the Petrellos with inspiration to do something. She, by way of her strength of spirit, mastered the art of chewing. She worked at it until her brain registered, everything, by means of repeating the process millions of times.

The event, according to Cynthia, wherein Carena demonstrated she could chew–was a miracle. Now the Petrellos are more dedicated than ever, to assure children with Carena’s condition, are given the opportunity of a cure.

The Petrellos have donated five-million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. They are committed to providing a sum of seven million dollars as far as neurological research–in order to find a cure. Tony states that he hopes a cure comes about in the near future.

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is an Innovator and Leader in Securities-based Lending

Equities First Holdings develops cutting-edge alternative lending solutions for wealthy entrepreneurs, high net worth families, and businesses that require non-purpose capital. The company enjoys a fantastic presence across the globe and focuses on stock-based loans. It maintains offices in Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, and Perth. Since EFH began its operation in 2012, it has handled nearly 1,000 transactions worth $1.4 billion. Al Christy is the founder and executive chairperson of this stock-based powerhouse.

How do EFH loans benefit borrowers?

Equities First Holdings is the perfect option for people in need of urgent funds but does not qualify for conventional loans. In a financial environment characterized by strict credit requirements, high banking interests, and low lending options, most investors have decided to turn to stock-based loans. EFH has gained the confidence of many borrowers due to its effective communication and client-oriented services. The firm offers a fixed interest rate and boasts an amazing loan to value ratio. Securities-based loan avails a chance for borrowers to gain proceeds of the loan even when the stock value depreciates.

How do stock-based loans differ from margin loans?

The stock-based loans have minimal interests that range from three to four percent while margin loans attract high-interest rates of between 10 and 50 percent. Stock-based loans are somewhat flexible since borrowers can use them for any purpose. Additionally, they have a loan to value rates of 50 to 70 percent, and borrowers can walk away even when the stock value decreases. On the other hand, margin loans have numerous restrictions and borrower can only utilize them for a particular purpose. EFH assists all the borrowers to build their business and attain financial freedom by serving as a financial partner. Once the transaction matures, EFH returns the shares to the borrower. The firm collaborates with several financial entities, international law jurisdictions, and law companies.

Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company based in Chicago. For the company, nothing delights them more than becoming part of the solution to their problem. For this reason, they have endeavored to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For all their business dealings, the company worked to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that does not depict perfect business management. The company always struggles to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. Ares Security Company based in the United States contracted Madison Street Capital to take care of the transaction to seek appropriate financing solution on their behalf.


As a matter of fact, they knew that Madison Street Capital was one of the best companies in the industry that offers these services. For this reason, they have endeavored to develop high-end solutions in this development capability. For you to do better business, you must be associated with high-end companies that lead in this industry. For this reason, Ares Security Company identified itself with Madison Street Capital as the best source of comprehensive financial advice. The Vienna-based company is a security risk management company dealing in the production of high-end software dedicated to taking care of development in the company. For this reason, they were looking for financial solutions to help them work towards better business management in a manner that is not depicted in this industry.


According to Madison Street Capital, the Transaction was announced by Charles Bosch who was the president of the company. As a matter of fact, the transaction was led by Richard Rick as the Senior Director of Operations at Madison Street Capital. A combination of the two most powerful individuals in Madison Street Capital made the transaction end in the expected manner. It was o the surprise of the company that they managed to meet and exceed the expectations of Ares Security Company.


According to the president of Ares Security Company, they were extremely delighted to become part of this transaction. As a matter of fact, they never expected that they would manage to reach this destination in his position. For this reason, they will continue to develop high-end solutions in technology because of the funds raised by Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital always works to meet the clients with the best buyers. For those who want financing options, you will always get a better option through the services offered by the company. For this reason, Ares Securities Company is now happy with the company due to their prowess in this industry. Madison Street Capital reputation will continue to offer unparalleled solutions to companies and rich individuals seeking comprehensive financial advice in their capacity as a market leader in the United States.




Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Influence On The Cosmetic Surgery Industry

The health industry is one of the largest industries in the world. One of the major branches in the healthcare industry is cosmetic surgery. There are a ton of people that want to make adjustments to their physical appearance. However, they don’t have that much money in order to do that. At the same time, when people go in for a procedure, they find themselves vulnerable to a lot of potential side effects. However, there are some truly skilled surgeons that can do their job without side effects. These surgeons are very passionate about making sure that the surgery goes well.


Among the most revolutionary surgeons is Dr, Jennifer Walden. She has studied medicine and surgery so that she could provide her services to people. At the same time, she has looked for solutions that would make surgery better for her patients. She has not only come up with many new techniques that reduce the likelihood of side effects, but she has also brought back some procedures such as the silicone procedures. This shows that she is someone that can not only offer surgery, but can also help train new surgeons for the job. She is someone that other surgeons can look up to.


Given that she has proven to be very influential in cosmetic surgery. she has been featured on many different shows and podcasts in order to share her insights. She has also been able to provide some writings in textbooks for students to study. She has recently made it back home to Austin TX so that she can focus on raising her children. For one thing, family is very important to her. She also wants to make sure that her patients are very comfortable while in her office so that the surgical procedures can successfully carried out.

Philanthropy For Health Related Activities By Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams has made a lot of positive impact in the lives of many. One of the reasons that she has worked very hard to bring positive changes in the lives of people is that she was very passionate about making things better for people. She has had the desire for many people to have a chance at living a safer and healthier life. One thing that people will know is that there are tons of challenges and issues for people to solve. Therefore, it is important for people to decide upon which issue or set of issues they are going to help with.

Andrea has decided to help with a ton of different factors. One of the issues she has decided to help with is breast cancer. Breast cancer is a very major issue that will not only hurt the person suffering from it but also all of her friends and family. This is one of the reasons that it is important for there to be a lot of funding for the efforts being put forth in finding a good treatment for the condition. One thing that could be said for cancer is that there are many different types of cancer. The differences are in location and the type of cancer they are.

Andrea McWilliams has done more than help with the fundraising, she has also represented the different organizations that she was raising funds for. For one thing, she has taken on issues that meant the most to her because she wanted to be a part of the efforts made to eradicate it. One day, there will be some very effective treatments for different types of cancer. These treatments will take care of the issue with very little side effects. Therefore, people will be free of any dangerous cancer as long as they are able to detect it before it is too late.


Roberto Santiago: The Man Behind One Of Brazil’s Premier Malls

Roberto Santiago is a man with a vision. An entrepreneur from Brazil, Roberto has redefined fun and entertainment in Brazil by starting up one of the most famous and iconic malls in all of Brazil.

The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall in João Pessoa, Brazil has become the hub of entertainment and fun in Brazil. The in Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall was started keeping in mind an incredibly detailed and well-planned execution to set a standard for malls all over Brazil.

Roberto Santiago built the with a view to provide its customers with a unique fun experience. Staying true to Robert’s business values, the Manaíra Shopping Mall believes in giving its customers exactly what they would expect from a mall of such grandeur. Patrons of the mall are given the highest priority to keep up with the high customer satisfaction standards the mall has in place. The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall first opened its doors in 2013 to the general public and had been experiencing a flourishing business ever since. The primary focus of the mall is to give families a genuinely entertaining experience by offering them a huge array of services to spend their leisure time at.

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Robert aims to make family time more fun than it has ever been. With the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall, families can experience the thrill of the latest blockbusters on any one of the eleven mega screens, which also include a VIP section for that superior theater viewing experience.

The mall has a wide variety of stores for fashion lovers to swoon over. Ranging from high-end brands to local artisans, the mall has some stores for shoppers looking to divulge into any style and any product they would like. The mall offers an amazing shopping experience and is known to be one of the premier shopping destinations in Brazil.

In addition to the entertainment, the mall offers a wide pallet of restaurants to satisfy any food taste. The mall has a unique ‘Gourmet Space’ which offers customers a chance to indulge in some of the best dishes that Brazil has to offer while enjoying a rather calming dining experience.

The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall doesn’t just stop there when it comes to the amount of fun and entertainment it has to offer. The mall has an amusement park within its complex with a range of ride for different ages – right from children to adults, there’s something for everyone. The mall also has a bowling alley in which patrons can unwind and have some good old-fashioned family time fun!

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Anthony Petrello The Most Prominent Leader In The Oil Industry

There are so many factors that contribute to the success of any company, one of the most vital being great leadership. A great leader runs a company with experts all while drawing strategies that will help his company stay on top of the industry. This is what Tony Petrello does best. Tony Petrello runs one of the largest oil mining companies in the world, Nabors.

About Nabors
Nabors is the world’s largest offshore oil and gas mining company. This geothermal company that was established in the year 1968 boasts of having the most offshore gas and oil mining rigs. The company creates jobs to over 27,000 people both in the US and beyond. Its market extends beyond the US and is widely known as a premium league geothermal company. With over 800 rigs, driven with the most advanced technology, this statement couldn’t be truer.

A Brief on Anthony Petrello
From his college days, one would not have guessed that Tony would come to be an executive, let alone being the executive of the world’s leading offshore oil and gas drilling company. According to his college roommate, Llyod Grove, a writer, Tony loved was a good-time kind of guy. If he wasn’t busy solving math equations, he was YOLOing.

Tony was a math geek and would obtain his master’s degree, in the same, from the Yale University. This was after he had graduated with his Juris Doctor from the Harvard University Law School. Tony believed that education had the ability to open doors for him and it sure did. So, when he first completed his studies, he got a job with a leading New York law firm, Baker &McKenzie. He worked as a managing partner for this multinational law firm and was assigned to their New York Branch. He worked there for a period of twelve years, from 1979 to 1991. With the extensive knowledge in taxation and arbitration among other legal fields, he left the company and joined Nabors.

In the year 1991, Tony began working as the president and CEO of Nabors. A dozen years later, he was appointed as the deputy chairman for the company’s board of directors. And in the year 2012, when Eugene Iseberg resigned, he replaced him becoming the board chairman.

Other than being the main man at Nabors, Tony Petrello is a great philanthropist. He contributes to an organization that conducts research on cerebral palsy.