OSI group: a global leader in meat processing

On April 8, 2019, OSI Group the food processing giant announced the acquisition of Rose Packing Company Inc., a leading producer of pork products for foodservice and retail customers

Rose Packing company is a family-owned business that has stood the test of time(Somewhat like OSI group). It currently is an operation of 700 employees.

The merger with Rose Packing Company will further solidify OSI’s position as a global leader in the meat processing industry and add substantially to OSI’s current 20,000 employees in 65 facilities across 17 countries.

In 1909, a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky opened a family meat and butcher shop market in Oak Park, to serve his community. The business expanded into the wholesale meat sector and by 1928, it was named Otto & Sons.

In 1955, the early days of MacDonald’s and the franchising business model, Ray Kroc, who was at the time, a franchise agent made a handshake agreement with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons, which stated that the brothers’ company would be MacDonald’s major supplier of ground beef.

When Ray Kroc became CEO of MacDonald’s a few years later, Otto & Sons serviced the fast food’s companies meat needs. As MacDonald’s business expanded across the US, so its number one meat supplier’s business expand with it.

New technology in the 1960s: flash freezing-cryogenic food processing, a process of quickly freezing food with nitrogen made food processing more cost-effective and Otto & sons the precursor of OSI group more profitable.

In 1973, Otto & Sons built its major meat plant in West Chicago. The facility was fully equipped with Nitrogen freezing machines to service MacDonalds huge and growing demand for hamburger patty. In 1975 the company was renamed OSI industries.

In 1977 OSI ventured outside Chicago, first to Utah and then to other parts of the US. This trend continued for the next decade. Since the late 1980s, OSI has been expanded into Europe, Asia, and South America.

OSI group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois in the United States.

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How Perseverance Has Helped Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Brasier, or Ashley Lightspeed, has become a name that is associated with hard work and perseverance in the investment space. Currently serving as a Partner in Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley has achieved the kind of success that is hard to come by in this day and age.

It is because Ashley Lightspeed has not only had the opportunity to serve as a Partner on a highly competitive VC firm, but has been able to benefit from some of the best educational and professional institutions in the world.

Having enrolled in Duke University, Ashley Lightspeed was able to graduate Summa Cum Laude in visual and media studies as well as markets and management. After her graduation, she went on to join Bain & Company, one of the world’s most revered management consultancy firms.

At Bain & Company, Ashley was able to serve in the role of Senior Associate from August 2012 – July 2015. She had left Bain when she got a managerial position offer from Thumbtack in February 2015. At Thumbtack, she fulfilled her role of Category Manager until June 2016, which is when she got accepted at Stanford University for her MBA.

During this new phase of transitioning back into life as a student, Ashley decided to take matters of career into her own hands, and started to consult businesses and startups on her own. Her work and its stellar results got her attention from all sorts of business sectors, where Lightspeed eventually offered her a role that seemed to fit right in with her work philosophy.

At the time of writing, Ashley continues working at Lightspeed and helps startups and businesses find the funding they need after a proper vetting process. The aim is to help as many businesses as possible, yet ensuring that Lightspeed gets the kind of returns that help it sustain its business model with consistent growth. View Ashley’s profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleybrasier/

David McDonald Talks about OSI Group’s Success in China

OSI Group, one of the largest meat producers in the world, has been successful in making China one of its global market places. The company has been in the country for more than 25 years, celebrating its 20th-year milestone last 2012. Together with China’s economy, OSI Group has grown as one of the most recognized meat processors in the country.

One of the biggest projects of OSI China was to supply the provisions that are needed for the guests when China hosted the Olympic games in Beijing last 2008. It had to deliver 113 tons of beef, chicken, pork, eggs, and dehydrated onion in which it successfully delivered without problems and complaints. This was good news which cemented the trust of the Beijing Olympic Committee to David McDonald and the OSI China. The firm has been supplying international brands such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s an Burger King.

President and COO of OSI Group David McDonald have been handling the operations of the company and OSI China for years. He finished his bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University with Animal Science and has working experiences in Marfrig Global Foods prior to OSI leadership. In one of his interviews, he answered how OSI China became a success story after its first entry in the country in 1992.

According to McDonald, one of the catalysts of OSI China’s success is because it understands the importance of becoming a local brand. The firm understands that it needs to bring solutions for its local customers. Building a long term partnership is important for this to happen.

David McDonald also emphasized that although flexibility in operations is important, it is also important to stay true to your principles and never compromise quality services. One of the best ways to understand the local market is to always listen first, understand the business culture, and deliver a solution for the local market. Time and patience are great investments for making relationship an building trust.

In over 20 years of operating in China, one of the biggest challenges for McDonald and the firm is to stay patient in understanding the business culture. This step takes a great deal of time, personal time even, for him and his teams. However, being in the country is necessary in order to achieve the goals of OSI China and the whole firm.

Serge Belamant’s Inspiration to Launch Zilch Technologies

A French-born patent holder in blockchain technology, Serge Belamant moved to South Africa with his family when he was 14 years old. He studied computer science and technology while attending Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg.

Serge Belamant has worked with a variety of companies across industries where he has shared his passion for coding. In fact, he built his career and reputation on his capabilities in the area of digital financial transaction software, which enabled numerous achievements in global banking.

Belamant founded Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989, which was his first endeavor as an entrepreneur. Net1 specialized in creating universal electronic payment systems (UEPS), which were designed by Belamant. His expertise was even sought out by VISA in 1995 to design a chip offline pre-authorized card. His work with VISA was successful, resulting in what is currently known as chip-enabled credit and debit cards. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.


Subsequent to his work with VISA, Serge Belamant developed a digital payment system, under Net1, that facilitated the transfer of welfare funds and grants to areas of South Africa that were in dire need. The same system developed by Belamant is used today in countries around the globe, including Russia and Iraq.

Currently, Serge Belamant is the owner of a firm based in the UK called Zilch Technologies. Additionally, he’s on the Board of Advisors for Medikredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions and Prism Group Holdings. Belamant was inspired to launch Zilch Technologies by his son, Philip, who works as an IT engineer, and launched a business that produces mobile games.

It was a conversation with Belamant’s son about the influence of social media and opportunities that exist to introduce financial products to younger generations. Serge Belamant recognized that technology today could provide tailored data and guidance that can help young people achieve their financial goal. This is especially true as it relates to the ease of accessing information from a mobile phone.

Zilch focuses on making tools easily accessible so that people around the world can obtain the information they need to make informed decisions about their finances. Zilch has refined the concept over time, providing guidance and tools that have evolved.

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Culmination of Life Experience and Studies Carves Out a Path for Dan Bethelmy-Rada at L’Oreal

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the youngest to be ever appointed to the DMI General Manager position. He is the Global Brand President in the L’Oreal Professional Products Division. He has 15 years of experience serving with L’Oreal Paris and Garnier brands. He honed his skills at training candidates to fill top positions in leading companies worldwide. The younger marketer is known for advocating for inclusivity in the workplace. He leveraged great leadership skills to make the Matrix brand successful.

Born in Venezuela, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has traveled around the world and he has learned that no matter where you are in the world, there is no singular universal standard for “beautiful”. He has been passionate about photography since he was a young child. He takes pleasure in finding beauty in undervalued as well as underestimated places as well as subjects.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada was privileged to participate in AFS-USA program, an opportunity which opened his eyes to many possibilities in the world of international relations. He realized he can make a career out of the industry when he enrolled for international business at the Sorbonne University in Paris. He joined L’Oreal right after finishing his MBA from ESSEC Business School. The culmination of his life experience, as well as studies, carved out a path for him with L’Oreal.

There is nothing like a “typical day” for Dan Bethelmy-Rada. What he does daily varies with the day. His daily to-do list varies from creating as well as editing digital and social media, developing products as well as drafting service creation preparing business models as well as drafting growth strategies.

Photography helps the leading marketer to bring ideas to life. He finds inspiration in photos as well as art exhibitions. He likes to put his ideas into photography and give life to his concepts through photographs. He even loves using photographs to communicate.

The marketer he is particularly excited about the increasing use of social media as a go-to-marketing strategy. Marketers are keen to see what the future of marketing holds in the age of social media and Instagram. One thing which makes Dan Bethelmy-Rada productive is the work-life balance.

Agera Energy: Great Impact in Natural Gas and Electricity Supply

Agera Energy aims to guide its customers while empowering and training them when it comes to making key energy decisions. Energy isn’t just a top product for any organization, but it’s likewise an ordinary need for each person. With the great number of people not given the required services by the local supply, Agera Energy views the opportunity to be different; by uniquely serving its clients.

Agera Energy was set up in 2014 at the starting of the year. Brisk forward to date, the organization has contracted RCEs of around 1.8 million clients whose the company tenderly refers as the fan base. An expected 600,000 of another contracted RCEs have trusted the firm over the past three years.

The association’s customer base is growing snappier when contrasted with some other autonomous energy offering companies. Agera Energy is the leading firm within the industry and looks forward to serving customers better now and in days to come.

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DonataMeirelles Visits Milan’s MiuMiu

Because of the creativity and imagination of Miuccia Prada, she has decided to start her own luxurious fashion brand known as MiuMiu back in 1993. Prada was able to create the brand by combining her unconventional and independent spirit in order to build a solid expression of refined femininity and to express how women have different personalities when it comes to clothes particularly in our modern society. DonataMeirelles was able to visit the store of MiuMiu and was able to select the best accessories and clothes of their latest winter collection. The winter collection of MiuMiu was composed and inspired by the style of aristocratic women. The style director of Vogue Brazil was able to witness the beauty and the portrayal of the creativity of Miuccia Prada. Visit her facebook account to learn more about her platforms.

During the program, DonataMeirelles saw how the brand MiuMiu exudes and emits the perfect quintessence of how a woman should be and how she should dress up according to her personality. The strength of the brand shows the true and iridescent spirit of a woman as well as its most seductive and rebellious side in modern femininity. As the brand continues to rise and to grow in scale and in size, MiuMiu has been providing women the clothes and accessories that fit the past few seasons and its headquarters in Milan have been developing, too. The video that was posted in the blog where DonataMeirelles visited MiuMiu was directed by Camila Guerreiro, hair and makeup by CrisBiato, coordinated by Alline Cury, production of Mai Dornelles, and post-production of Carol Lopes.

There is no question that Miuccia Prada has a very complex mind when it comes to designing. She has a lot of creativity and ideas to express in every style and object. MiuMiu has been producing its own fabric and theme that reinvents how a modern and contemporary woman should look, and according to Miuccia Prada, each and every style that she designed for MiuMiu is absolutely different from the creativity that is of the brand Prada. When it comes to MiuMiu, it is more immediate and more instinctive while Prada is a much more sophisticated brand. Her designs at MiuMiu was spontaneous and that what makes it beautiful on its own. The style director is also amazed about the difference between the two brands and she deeply understood their true meaning. Visit: https://www.slideshare.net/donatameirelles

Bernado Chua Sets Out With Some Great New Ideas

Bernardo Chua is largely known for his impact in direct distribution of Organo Gold products. This is where he has found a lot of success in an industry that is comprised primarily of distributors that bring coffee into a department store setting. Bernardo Chua wanted to set his company apart from competitors. He knew that the best way to do this would be through independent distributors.

People that want to know more about what he is bringing to the forefront can check what he has done with Organo Gold University. This is the area where he brings life to the products that he is selling in an educational realm. This is where Bernardo Chua gains an advantage against other coffee brands. He knows that he can teach his distributors has about the coffee so that they will be knowledgeable when they are selling Organo Gold coffee and other products like tea and personal care items. When items are shipped to a department store there is no one to present this type of information. Many products could sit on the shelf for months and lose momentum when no one is there is explain the benefits of buying certain products. Visit Bernardo Chua on Twitter@OGBernie

What Bernardo is essentially doing is creating a platform where more people can learn about his products and have dialogue with distributors. He has cornered the market in a unique way where he is able to gain the respect of many people that are looking for extra income. They know about him because the products are displayed on Facebook, and he also tweets about new products that come on to the market. This has allowed him to gain more customers and potential workers as well. All of this is part of his strategy for opportunities for people to work for themselves.

Bernardo has been able to expand his product line and continue to bring new products to a global audience. What consumers discover about Chua is that he is a leader that knows a number of different ways to attract consumers. He has mastered the art of building a team of independent distributors.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Keys On Becoming An Effective Lawyer

One of the partners of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is Jeremy Goldstein – the company operates as an exclusive firm committed to providing advise to Chief Executive Officers, management teams, compensation committees, and businesses in the realms of corporate governance and executive compensation matters, more specifically they are experts on giving advise in issues concerning transformative business events.



Jeremy Goldstein provides advise about their own client’s pay, in their own careers – and these are issues that are near to the hearts of the clients. In the realm of work of Jeremy Goldstein, there are now cutting corners, and there are no shortcuts. Their are of work concerns advising, drafting and negotiating – but besides that they should have a certain bedside manner, full dedication, and 24 hour availability. All of these values are coupled together to become a successful practicioner in their industry.



Because of the time demand of the job, Jeremy Goldstein only accepts certain cases so that he can properly manage his time and ensure that he is efficient and productive. This is the reason why most of the jobs that he accepts operate in extraordinary transactions, or matters that require specifically his set of skills and experience.



With two decades of knowledge and experience under Jeremy Goldstein’s belt, there are no more completely new cases – and that’s the beauty of the job. When truly novel issues arise, there are usually cases in the past that have similarities with them, which makes it easier to deal with.



Jeremy Goldstein makes sure that he get to know he knows his client at a certain level of depth, enough so that he can give better advice to them. He punctuates that knowledge of the client is essential to become an effective lawyer for them. Jeremy tries to sustain a conversation even if there are now active matters at hand.


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Watford FC Is The Traditional Underdog Story

At the beginning of the season, very few people would have put money on Watford FC doing well this year aside from hardcore supporters. However, manager Javi Gracia set out to do something special this year, and so far it’s been paying off. Instead of sticking around its usual haunts in the league tables, Watford has managed to play themselves into seventh in the Premier League and reaching the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. This was topped off with a convincing 5-1 defeat against Cardiff, which many have highlighted as a sign of how teamwork has improved in the team over the past few months.

As Mr. Gracia has noted, each of the players is heading in the same direction and helping each other along so that the whole team can succeed. Javi Gracia noted that this could be seen in Gerard Deulofeu’s assistance with Troy Deeney’s first goal of the Cardiff goal before being substituted off. This was after Mr. Deylofeu’s hat-trick helped Watford secure the lead. Gerard Deulofeu was able to secure the win with a second goal later in the game. Because of that, Mr. Gracia is happy with the way the team is playing; not only was this evident in the Cardiff win, but the team has been surging in league tables over recent weeks.

While the team has already earned a significant amount of praise this season, Javi Gracia has said that he wants to continue to push the limit of what the team can do this season. The season has also seen some recent firsts in Watford’s recent history; for example, Mr. Deulofeu’s hat-trick was the first by a Watford player in the top-flight since Mark Falco against Aston Villa in October 1986. If the team continues to play this way, then they’re in for a great finish this season.