Importance of Coaching and Training Your Real Estate Agents

Culture without great coaching does not work; neither is great coaching without culture. Despite the fact that agents can love their company and their working environment, but if they are not able to make real money, they leave the company. This place burden and responsibility of teaching, coaching and developing agents to managers and company owners. Coaching agents should not only be geared to help agents meet their goals but to exceed their expectation. This creates positive working environment while agents become more productive, loyal and attract more agents. Maverick is a real estate company specialized in agents coaching.


While typical real estate companies focus on transactional sales, Real Estate Mavericks is a leading company that focuses on establishing a supportive community of dynamic real estate investors. Mavericks invest in a long-term relationship with their clients through coaching and their business runs on repeated business due to satisfied customers. The company has world leading real estate coach; Greg Hague, who has trained over 10, 000 top real estate agents in America and a former Dale Carnegie master negotiator and instructor. Among coaching package include:


Whenever agents try to do many things at once, they get frustrated and end up working on none them. The sense of accomplishment derived from focusing on few things at a time drives agents to work hard. The outcome is that they are happier and build their business faster. Further, it has been found out that by helping agents to focus, enable them to be willing to help others thus making everyone in a company productive.


Mastermind group coaching develops greatest positive culture. It is done with 12 agents per group, and each agent is required to have accountability partner whom they share ideas and turn in a weekly schedule. Through sharing ideas, encouraging one another, talking about issues they are experiencing in the market energizes agents, and they walk away with a positive mindset. In addition, to knowing each other which enable them to work together, the bond prepare them to handle emerging issues while focusing on building their business. The mastermind groups coaching are designed to take away business from other competitors in the market, but not from each other.


Coaching is also conducted as a prospective class that lasts from six to eight weeks. Also, agents are required to have an accountability partner and together they are required to complete specific prospecting activities on a weekly basis. The class aim to help agents overcome their fears, mental obstacles and encourage them to go beyond their comfort zones. Agents share what they are doing in groups and with the help of top producers and speaker’s who shares various ways of prospecting, besides role-playing what agents do with buyers and sellers. From the class, agents learn how to be motivated by each other success and have a friendly competition that enables them to view their colleges as respected friends. This positive energy transmits throughout the whole office and leaves everyone as part of the great winning team.


Maverick has proven capacity to help real estate agents accelerate their wealth building velocity through providing access to educational resources on real estate investing, providing opportunities to interact with other real estate investors, providing real estate updates and market analysis. Further, Maverick provides specific tailored personalized service that include identification of right investment and private phone consultations to understand client real estate investment goals.


The Huge Opportunities for Real Estate Investment in Brazil

As of 2015, Brazil has a 7 million housing deficit. The great demand for housing in Brazil has been fuelled by an ever expanding home mortgage industry. In the past five years, the economy of Brazil has been on the rise leading to high levels of employment, rising per capita income, declining interest rates, and low inflation. Access to credit, especially for the Brazilian citizens willing to buy homes, is now readily available. The positive macroeconomics trend and the ever increasing middle income class present a huge opportunity for companies that would like to invest in the real estate market in Brazil.

Long-Term Real Estate Growth Potential
According to, mortgage lending in Brazil stands at a mere 3% of GDP as compared to about 70% in the U.S. The appetite for homes among the Brazilians and the existing gap for mortgage lending are ideal opportunities for foreign companies wishing to catch in on the lucrative real estate market. The investment window could come as a joint venture with the Brazilian companies that understand the local real estate terrain all too well.

The Leading Operators in Brazilian Real Estate
Presently, several real estate and finance companies, such as Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos are the leading mortgage providers in Brazil. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is currently into innovative real estate financing, developing high-value home complexes, and providing mortgages to both corporate entities and individuals.

As one of the leading real estate developers and A-rated contractor in Brazil, that just launched a major website, Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has several investments to its name including the picturesque High Caxias Residential Club, Townhouses Hotel Lapa, and the high rise Village Park Itanhangá. Founded in 2005, Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is a leading builder and manager of its own assets in several Brazilian cities including Rio de Janeiro. One of the company’s high quality projects, the Townhouses Hotel Lapa, brought incredible returns after the property was sold in just four hours on its release.

Foreign Interest in Brazilian Real Estate
Brazilian law allows foreign citizens to acquire urban property. reports that hundreds of thousands of foreigners have bought property in Brazil over the last ten years. The majority of foreign real estate buyers are concentrated in the South-East and the North- East of Brazil. The two regions provide beautiful landscapes and real estate prices much lower than what is offered in Europe and North America. The foreigners that have bought real estate in the South-East of Brazil have seen a massive increase of their investments in the last ten years.

Brazilian cities, such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are still the most attractive and most stable real estate investment destinations worldwide. Brazil has the reputation of providing secure and safe property registration mechanisms.

Newark CEDC: The Economic Development Catalyst

The Newark CEDC or Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is an economic development catalyst in Newark, New Jersey. The aim of this corporation is to attract, retain and grow businesses. The Newark CEDC has a big role in sustaining economic growth by providing jobs and creating wealth for the citizens in the city of Newark. This time we are going to discuss further about the Newark CEDC.

1. Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is the current executive vice president and chief financial officer in the Newark Community Economic Development. He has a lot of experiences in accounting and diverse capital management, and he was chosen to be the new leader of the team in May 2015. Seawright has been using his financial expertise for in the east coast. His experiences are mostly rooted in financial management for some local government agencies. As the new leader, he designed a new accounting system and implemented it in the company. The accounting system he designed has been really helpful for the agency.

Kevin Seawright has over $400M worth of responsibility in the city, capital, federal, private and bond funds during his career. He has been responsible for more than 600M USD in the construction of educational facilities projects in the capital. He has been in a lot of positions, finance director, managing fiscal officer, payroll director, budget manager, and plenty a lot more positions. Seawright has a great reputation among co-workers and leaders as an efficient business leader who can achieve great results. He’s even got executive leadership certification from Notre Dame, which has set him on his current career path.

2. Services

The Newark CEDC also works with companies that want to relocate or expand their businesses in Newark by assisting them with their locations, workforce information, demographic analysis, available buildings and sites, economic indicators and a lot more important information that are relevant to the business. Other than helping companies, the Newark CEDC also provides other services such as:

Real Estate
Small Business Development
Neighborhood Development
Industry Focus (this includes manufacturing, arts & entertainments, health services, information technology, port related services and higher education & research)

3. Loan Programs

They also offers additional services and resources if it is needed, including the assistance in improving credit score, developing business plans and trainings, IFEL, and other helpful things.

Reifler Announces New Investment Plan

Brad Reifler is hoping to make investing easier for the middle class. The serial entrepreneur announce in late December of 2014 a plan that would make investments once available only to the very wealthy, available to a lot more people.

For years he was focused only on “accredited” investors as his portfolio history shows, meaning those people who made $200,000 per year or had a net worth of $1 million. Now he wants to shift that to the 99 percent, or everyone else. He made the announcement when his company, Forefront Capital, released a new investment program called Forefront Income Trust.

The rules were put in place more than 30 years go to protect investors from risky money moves. Over the last few decades, Reifler said there has been an increase in oversight, and an increase in knowledge among the public, so the Security Exchange Commission is relaxing the rules. The requirements will be replaced with a measure of how sophisticated the investor is. The person’s education, credentials, licensing and experience, will be the key factors instead.

Reifler’s new investment vehicle will require a $2,500 minimum investment, and the money will be available to investors quarterly. This assumes people already have a 401k. This will allow people to invest with more freedom, and allow them to take more risks which could generate higher growth, his press release explained.

“We have interesting nuance programs that can give clients liquidity which is what they want and a preferred 8 percent return,” Reifler said. “We don’t make any money until they’ve earned that 8 percent, which is pretty unique on Wall Street.”

Reifler attended Bowdoin College, on the coast of Maine, and got his degree in finance and political science. Shortly after graduating he started his own company, Reifler Trading Corporation, where he worked with global derivatives. He sold his company to Refco Inc., in 2000. He started Pali Capital in 1995 and was CEO until 2008. Pali grew into a multi national company with more than $200 million in annual revenues. He was founder of Forefront Capital Markets in 2009, and is still CEO of Forefront Management Group.

A Recap on Highland Capital Management’s Win of the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award

Highland Capital Management is a firm that was established in 1993 by Mark Okada and Jim Dondero. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with other offices in various places such as Singapore and New York. This firm is a security and exchange registered advisor, which has managed to acquire many assets that amount to $20 billion.

It boasts of various credit strategies that include collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), credit hedge funds, separate accounts, special and distressed situation private equity. It is well known for offering alternative ventures that include long/short equities, natural resources and emerging markets. In addition, the firm has a wide customer base that include funds of funds, public pension plans, governments, endowments, and wealthy people.

The company recently appointed Terry Jones as the president of Institutional products on 23 Oct 2015. Primarily this was to enhance the risk adjusted results and increase client solutions.

Highland Capital Management’s co-founder, Jim Dondero has placed himself as a business icon in the corporate world. This is because of his overwhelming experience in different managerial positions, and an excellent academic background. He boasts of being a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant. In addition, to he graduated with a degree in finance and accounting from University of Virginia.

In Highland Capital Management, Jim is tasked with the duty of managing the firm’s investment plans and operations for both retail and institutional products. Due to his incredible business acumen, various funds under his supervision have achieved various awards that include the Morningstar’s #1 ranked Healthcare Long/short Equity Fund in 2014.

This was due to the commitment of the Michael Gregory and his colleagues in healthcare investment. The HFM US Performance Awards appreciate funds of funds, hedge funds, and 40 Act funds that have achieved exemplary results.

This information can be obtained from PR Newswire through the following link