What Every Business Needs is a Good Woman

A successful woman heading a company with managing assets of $24 billion or more is a rarity. Even rarer is a successful woman who reaches back to pull others up essentially breaking the proverbial glass ceiling that has held so many women back.

Helane Morrison is one such woman, and Hall Capital, one of the largest and most successful money managers in the Bay area has benefited from its partnership with her. 

Helane is a Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Before joining the firm, Morrison headed the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999 to 2007. Prior to that, she practiced law at the San Francisco firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin from 1986 to 1996. Her elevation to partner with the law firm came in 1991. Obviously, she is a woman who wears and has worn many hats; her list of accomplishments is endless, but it’s what she’s doing today at Hall Capital that is noteworthy.

Morrison has brought to Hall Capital a newer and more polished image to its efforts to bring diversity to the workplace. At the firm’s helm are three dynamic women: Helane Morrison, Kathryn Hall, and Sarah Stein. Even though strong returns are at the heart of the firm’s success, it is its focus on diversity in gender, education, and background that is essential to what the firm and these ladies do best: make money for all clients. Whether it’s the late financier Warren Hellman or any other of the wealthy in the Bay Area these ladies manage their customer’s wealth well. Morrison believes that, “When you see the CEO is a woman and there are other women at high levels, it’s very attractive for woman to come here,” whether they come as investors or applicants for a job, they are comfortable in this place.

When you have diversity at the top, you will find that it attracts the brightest and the best. Hall Capital’s efforts to foster a culture of integrity through its emphasis on diversity has learned this lesson. To connect with Morrison, check out her Crunchbase and stay tuned for the latest news about her efforts for women in the workplace.

A woman like Helane Morrison will only attract women like herself. A woman of intelligence, integrity, and stellar achievements, she has proven that a virtuous woman when she is found is worth far more than rubies. What every business needs is a good woman.

The Growth and Development of Coriant

Coriant is a rather new company, at least by name. The company came to fruition as a spin off from Siemen’s out of Munich, German. It produces cellular tech equipment and is an important developer throughout the world. However, the company only just became an independent entity in 2013. Due to the nature of it being a new company, it is important for it to have a strong leader who is able to tackle running a major company. To find someone, the company decided to turn to an experienced CEO with a background in tech. Shaygan Kherdapir came to the company after running several departments in major tech corporations as well as serving as the CEO for other businesses as well.

Shaygan started out after receiving his Ph.D. as a head in GTE. He worked in the online department, spearheading many different programs. Now, in the early 1990s, GTE merged with another company in order to create Verizon. At Verizon, he worked with a team in order to develop many of the top products that the company would later release. Some of the equipment includes the DVR for Verizon and fiber optics Internet. Now, fiber optics is still being slowly released, yet it provides a drastically improved data connection over traditional coper wiring (the information is sent through beams of light instead of electronically through metal, and as light moves faster than any other means of travel, it is able to send data faster and in larger chunks).

Eventually, Shaygan moved on from working with Verizon and took up a department at Barclays. The financial giant that works around the world brought him on board and he eventually sat on the board of directors. He became the first tech individual to sit on the board of directors at Barclays. He also worked as a CEO for Juniper Networks before moving on to manage Coriant as the CEO.

With Shaygan Kherdpir’s experience, he is able to take Coriant to the next level and help propel the company into a brand new direction, which should prove to be profitable in the tech world.

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Beneful High Quality Dog Foods That Your Pet Will Love

Why Sales Of High Quality Dog Food Are High Pet owners have been more conscious about their dogs health, and they are willing to pay more money for better foods that use natural and high quality ingredients because they are more conscious of what goes into their foods and their dog’s foods. This is why major factors and smaller factories are making an effort to produce and maintain production of dog foods that use real ingredients. It can be expensive for these companies to operate with the costs of real ingredients, but they are still turning a profit because they are keeping up with this new trend by using creative measures. An article by The Daily Herald highlights some of the innovative techniques that these companies are using, and it includes some great quotes by top executives at the factories. In one instance in the article, a factory manager actually tries the dog food they are producing. He is not surprised to report that the dog food actually tastes as good as people food, commenting “Tastes like Thanksgiving.” Beneful is made by Purina, and is one of the top companies that is responsible for producing so many healthy alternatives for health conscious pet owners to choose on Amazon or from in the pet store.
Beneful makes a wide variety of foods. They offer at least 8 different varieties of dry food for dogs, including the kind that I have my dog on now. I have my dog on the Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight because it is made with real chicken, and it goes well with my dog’s active lifestyle. We enjoy going jogging and hiking together, and he needs a food that will give him the nutrient content that he deserves. They also make a bunch of tasty looking types of wet food. They are called Beneful Chopped Blends, and they come in 20 varieties. My dog always has something new to choose from when I take a trip to the pet store. I come home with a few different flavors of Chopped Blends, and he wags his tail.

Best Dog Food Ever

After all I consider him part of my family. That is why it is important for me to know I am feeding him the healthiest dog food available. That is also why I choose Beneful. One of my pet’s favorite dog foods is Beneful Prepared Meals. I know each package contains natural and fresh ingredients. It makes me feel good feeding Beneful to my dog. Their wet dog food comes in three meaty flavors. I can select from beef, carrots, peas and barley. A second choice is chicken, carrots, peas and wild rice. Finally, turkey, sweet potato, brown rice and spinach is another option. With so many different varieties to select from my dog will never get bored with the same meal day after day. Beneful also makes a dry dog food as well. I know I am giving my pet the best in nutrition when I feed him this brand. Each bag is filled with antioxidant-rich nutrition. I know I am giving him the best dog food possible with every crunchy bite he takes. The selection of real meat flavors I can choose from include: beef, beef stew, chicken stew, rice & lamb stew, salmon, beef & egg or roasted chicken. Beneful also makes dog treats that make my pal smile. One of the best things about Beneful treats from Petco is they help take care of my dog’s teeth. They reduce both plaque and tartar on his teeth. Additionally, these treats help build strong bones as well as help his breath to smell fresh. Even though they are called “treats” they are also filled with nutrients he needs to stay healthy. He loves the meaty insides of these treats, and the crunchy exterior. It is a nice balance that he goes crazy for. Another brilliant Beneful dog food is Healthy weight dog food. Just like humans, dogs can suffer serious medical conditions if they do not maintain a healthy weight.