About CCMP Capital And The Demise Of Its Former President

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a global private equity firm of high repute. It specializes in growth equity and buyout transactions investments in the Europe and North American regions. The company does not invest in just any other industry. It operates in four targeted industries namely industry, chemicals, healthcare and consumer and retail. CCMP Capital is well known and respected for having the most exceptional management teams and together with its well-connected operating resources, the firm adds a lot of value to companies that partner with it.

The firm started operating independently in 2006. However, its management professionals still manage the private equity portfolio of J.P Morgan Partners. The company scrutinizes the companies it invests in before making the final commitment. It does not invest below $100 million and more than $500 million. On the other hand, it sees to it that the companies it invests in are worth between $250 million and $2 billion.

The firm’s services are widely known for being timely and of the highest quality. Among the products it is widely known and respected for is helping businesses when matters related to growth are concerned, helping in taking public companies private, helping developing businesses achieve their growth goals much easily and providing top notch estate diversification products.

The firm is lucky to work with the world’s most established limited partners in the private equity class. Its investors include private and public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and endowments as well as high net worth investors and funds of funds.

When matters related to operational enhancement are concerned, CCMP is very well endowed. It has a team of full-time partners who have a wealth of experience summing up to a combined 30 years of management experience. The firm’s unique approach to operational enhancement serves to position its portfolio companies to make even bigger and better strides. The professionals work hand in hand with every company so as to achieve only the very best results out of the partnership.

In 2015, the firm lost Steve Murray on Linked In its President and Chief Executive Officer. He died aged 52 years and left a legacy that many would wish to leave. Friends and colleague described him as hardworking, passionate and very serious at work. He was a Boston College graduate in Economics who dedicated all his professional career to the growth of not only the business world but the society as a whole.

His professional career according to NY Post started in 1984 at Manufacturer’s Hanover before working for a series of other companies as well. He was also a member of many company boards before his sad demise. When it came to philanthropy, he was an active giver who donated to different organizations bettering the living conditions of the communities around them.

Philanthropist George Soros Labeled “Undesirable Security Threat”

Despite the fact, that “Hungarian-born George Soros urged” Western allies to increase aid to the Ukraine, and he offered a “$50 billion financing package … against increasingly aggressive Russia,” Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, refutes criminal allegations of a Russian prosecutor. George Soros claims to have benefited Russian citizens, protected their rights, and supported Russian law. The Russian government labeled his actions an “undesirable security threat.”

In his book, Ukraine and Europe: What should be done?, Soros gives first priority to the Ukraine as a crisis affecting the stability of the euro. Eurozone consumers create a huge market for exporters of the United States, China, India, Japan, and Russia. The Euro and the ability of European countries to repay their debts has major impact on the world economy.

Clearly, Soros regards the conflict in the Ukraine “disintegration.” He recommends financial assistance to support a free Ukraine along with the necessary sanctions against Russia. International banks invest in Eurozone country governments. The fall of the Euro would result in global recession and leave our banks once again unable to pay their debts.

George Soros began his philanthropic mission in 1979. He founded Central European University to enable thousands of disadvantaged youth to attain college degrees, and he expanded his mission into 100+ countries. His Open Society is a network of foundations and projects in the United States, Africa, and Asia. Soros, now 85 years old, advocates for human rights, freedom of speech, and free public health and education.

His organizations financed Black South Africans during the 1980s, copy machines to reproduce and distribute reading material in communist countries, and attempts to hold governments responsible for the welfare of their citizens. George Soros strove to hold oil and gas industries accountable for their actions. Soros believes his financial aid plan would increase private-sector investments in the Ukraine, and he hopes the Ukrainian government will serve its people justly through an open honest government and judicial system with unbiased and accurate news reporting.

In his book, Soros points out that the Ukraine can not defend itself if Russia wages a large scale or nuclear war, but he adds that the Ukraine “defend[s] the European Union” from Russia militarily. He advocates for the Ukraine because its rich cultural heritage and assets benefit the European Union. Soros wants to insure the success of the Ukrainian government which he claims will “protect the European Union … from Putin’s Russia and … transform … Europe.”

Soros also believes in the “aspirations [and success] of the Russian people.” The Port of Ukraine is essential to Russia’s Naval operations. Soros portrays President Vladimir Putin as hostile to Western nations who would deny Russia its rightful place in the world. Putin through Soros reports that Russia’s economic and political difficulties are due to conflict and hostility of Western powers. The Russian Education Ministry, which accredits Russian universities, ordered college libraries in Northern Russia searched and all books provided by the Soros’ charitable foundation burned.

Flavio Maluf and His Contribution toward the Growth of Eucatex

It takes hard work and determination for any person to get at the top of his or her career. A company considers very many factor before it can entrust anyone with a position of a president of chief executive officer. One must be qualified for job apart from having a strong interpersonal character. The reason for these demanding qualities that one must possess before getting at the top of any organization is because he is the face of the company and many are the times his or her decision will influence the path upon which the company will take.

This was the same with Flavio Maluf who is currently the president and the chief executive officer of Eucatex which is a company based in Brazil. The company deals with timber products through manufacture of various products such a ceiling and doors. He joined the organization way back in 1987 as a junior officer and worked hard until 1997 when he was appointed to the top of the family company It is during his tenure as the president of the company that Eucatex has experienced enormous growth such as opening a new plant located in Salto in 2010.

He believes in delegation of roles as opposed to centralization where the head is tasked with many duties. On Twitter Flavio has said that he also believes in modernization and as a result he has equipped his company with the latest machines that increase efficiency. He is also great when it comes to employees who work under him as he treats them with respect and courtesy. This motivates them to work even harder increasing the output of the firm. It is his method of leadership that has inspired growth in the company to make among the best performing in Brazil.

The 1961 born attended Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. He later attended New York University where he studied administration. His academic background gave him an edge in his career as he was an expert in technology as well as in administration.

Apart from his role as the head of Eucatex, he is actively involved in community works such as donations to charity organizations among other activities that are aimed at helping the society at large. He is also committed family who is married to one wife and they have three children. He is a role model to young people in his industry and a motivation to his peers.   He’s well known for his talks about what education will do for the young people, and how technology continues to influence where the world is going next.

Talking Investing With Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a man that is very well known in the investment sectors of Brazil and around the world. Cornelsen is a champion investor because he has learned much about the stock market over the years. Cornelsen has worked for many banks over his lifetime, and he is currently working as proprietor for Bainbridge Investments. Cornelsen joined Bainbridge in 2011. Igor Cornelsen is focused on working with his clients at Bainbridge in order to help them to be able to find success in the stock market. Cornelsen sees success as something that comes in the future. He wants his clients to be future orientated when it comes to their expectations for their investments and their wealth.

Igor Cornelsen is a skilled investor when it comes to investing in companies and in commodities. He has much experience when it comes to helping investors to make successful long term investments. Igor Cornelsen on thestreet shares his advice on investing with his clients, and he is a very respected investment advisor. He is very against investing in damaged companies. Cornelsen believes that damaged companies are lost money, but he does advice savvy investors to invest in damaged stocks. When an investor makes the decision to invest in damaged stocks, they are almost guaranteed to make money. Damaged stocks are sold on the cheap, and they give a great payoff in the long term. When it comes to the damaged stock universe, Igor Cornelsen is known as the king.

Igor Cornelsen is retired from the banking world now, but he does still enjoy investing as a pastime. Cornelsen now lives in Boca Raton, Florida, and he often goes home to Brazil to visit family and friends. Apart from investing, Cornelsen enjoy playing golf and traveling in his free time. Many of Cornelsen’s investment tips have been featured in many American and Brazilian websites and publications. Cornelsen really enjoys helping individuals to make well though out investment decisions, because those decisions will lead them on the path to wealth and prosperity.

Chief Compliance Officers Prepare for Closer SEC Scrutiny

It was said by some SEC officials that there has been no change in the way that the SEC officials see the chief compliance officers that work with the money management firms. However, the people coming from the CCO groups are starting to see some members start to have feelings of vulnerability and that most of them are trying to get prepared to face an onslaught of scrutiny and also some types of enforcement actions to be made in the year of 2016. 

If this were true, it could be the start of big changes for people that are institutional investor. These are actually the same people that the experts have been talking about needing better paying attention skills and also the same people that the experts believe need to be upping their game when it comes to due diligence. 

The biggest concern at hand is that there will be harm done to the reputations of many people. Another big fear with the situation at hand is that if there are more compliance professionals that go away there will be problems that might start to go unnoticed.

Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is seen as one of the best in the industry. Helane is a lawyer who has formerly worked for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a regional director. She has also in the past served the company known as Hall Capital Partners LLC. With the Hall Capital Partners company, she had worked as a general counsel and also as a chief compliance officer. 

Helane Morrison was born in the very well-known place of Brooklyn, which is right in New York. When she was younger, Morrison was able to go to the Northwestern University and obtained her degree in journalism from there. She also went to the University of California, which was a Berkeley school of law. At that school she was able to earn a position as the editor-in-chief for the group known as the California Law Review, a place in which she was able to earn her Juris Doctor within the year of 1984. Finally, in the year of 1987, Morrison was able to be accepted by the State Bar of California. 

For more information on Helane Morrison, visit this link. Or, you can also visit her LinkedIn profile for more information on the work that Helane Morrison does.

The Revival Of Men’s Fashion

An article from the Business Insider analyzes and specultes as to why it is that men have started dressing better. It does not seem that long ago that men who cared about their appearance were ridiculed. Now, men who exude a superior fashion sense are noted as manly and sophisticated. Could this be simply a swing in trends? Analysts say no. They believe that it is the work of online shopping that has changed the way mens fashion is currently percieved. Men have stereotypically been against storefront shopping because of lines and merchandise hassle. Whatever the reason, the online fashion market has opened up a world of mens fashion and accessories that were formerly unheard of. There are sites dedicated to all kinds of fashion merchandise, including men’s shoes. For more details on the original article please visit http://www.businessinsider.com/why-men-are-dressing-better-2015-11.

Men’s leather shoes use to be inconsequential. Men of the not so distant past didn’t care about the hygiene of their bodies, let alone the fashion statement that their shoes made. Now men are paying attention on what styles are trending and doing research on what styles are likely to remain classics. At the forefront of this fashion awakening is Paul Evans, a shoe company that specializes in extremely high quality, sophisticate and elegant men’s footwear.

Each pair of Paul Evan’s shoes is a work of art. Not only will these carefully handcrafted shoes make a statement, their style is timeless. Since Paul Evans only uses the finest materials, such as Italian leather, their style is not the only thing that is timeless. The made-to-last design assures that each pair is sophisticated, stylish, and sturdy. Formal shoes are not the only thing that Paul Evans is known for, anymore. They also make handcrafted sneakers and driving shoes for those who want to remain casual and still maintain their sense of style and sophistication.

Long gone are the days where men were criticized for caring about fashion and hygiene. Now men can freely explore avenues of fashion and expression through online shopping. We can all thank the modern convenience of the internet for the surge in fashion sensability among men. But we can thank fashion contributors and trend setters like Paul Evans for making sure that there is plenty of quality fashion to choose from.

The U.S. Money Reserve’s Stance on the Penny


For the past several years, it has been a question on whether or not the penny has any real value. Phil Diehl who is the former Director of the U.S. Mint and the current president of coin distributor U.S. Money Reserve, is completely against the production of the penny. Mr. Diehl explained on CNBC Squawk Box that he believes that the penny costs too much to produce for what it is actually worth. The cost of producing one penny which is one cent is 1.8 cents which equates to millions of dollars that is lost to making pennies annually.

Mr. Diehl has received several protests against eliminating the penny. One argument is the fact that the elimination of the penny could lead to inflation of the United States’ economy. In response to this argument, Mr. Diehl states that this has been a concern for the past 25 years by penny lobbyists to keep the penny. Mr. Diehl then continues with a counter argument that in present day 75 percent of all transactions are now through electronic devices such as apps and credit cards. The remaining 25 percent of cash transactions would not be hugely affected by raising or lowering the prices of products due to the elimination of the penny.

Mr. Diehl continues by stating that in response to the elimination of the penny companies would likely round the prices down rather than round up. This action would be done to keep the customers happy instead of aggravating them with an increase in the product price.

Those who want to protect the penny include private interest groups that make the penny blanks. Among these private interests groups are the zinc lobbyists that produce 97.5 percent of what the penny is made out of. In addition to this, a private interest group called American’s for Common Cents has continued to protect the idea of the penny. The argument that this group uses is that organizations such as charities would be negatively affected because there would be less pocket change donated to organizations. In addition to this, the idea of “rounding tax” would negatively affect consumers.


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The Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership was Made Possible by Bruce Levenson

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is located within the University of Maryland. The center works to educate students in all areas of nonprofit and philanthropy. For instance, students were recently sent to India to work with the youth, disabled individuals and wildlife preservation. The center donates about $10,000 in gifts to non-profit organizations. The center hopes to prepare students to become the new leaders of non-profit organizations. They do this through providing them with the necessary skills and experience to lead these types of organizations. The center began with the donations from Bruce Levenson and his wife, Karen Levenson. Bruce is well known for his philanthropy. He is also a owner of an NBA team and a businessman. He is also a board member. His wife, Karen, is a teacher and works with at risk youth. The center is utilized to assure that each student at the University of Maryland gains knowledge on the importance of giving back to their communities and to those less fortunate through the means of non-profit organizations and philanthropy. When they leave the university, many students involved with the center have worked closely enough with the non-profit organizations, that they go on to work for them. Also, many students are inspired to launch their own non-profit organizations, as they continue to receive support from the center. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html

Ross Abelow: A Prominent NYC Attorney

Choosing a New York lawyer to assist with your legal matters is essential in many different cases. Thanks to the legal expertise of an attorney, your matter is more easily resolved with the absolute best results possible. Whether you’ve been accused of a crime, have real estate transactions that need legal expertise or other matters that require legal knowledge, an attorney is there to take care of your needs.

The Right Attorney

You should not hire just any attorney that walks your way, however, as some lawyers have far better reputations and deliver better results than the next. Obviously you want a lawyer that is going to be successful in court, so before you retain someone to represent you, make sure that you know the names that stand above the rest.

New York is home to a numerous list of A-list lawyers who’ve earned an exceptional reputation in the world of law and legal matters. It is in your best interest to find these lawyers. Hiring a lawyer with an excellent reputation and a trusted name ensures that your case gets the time, attention and results that it deserves. When sorting through the New York lawyers available, choose a name based upon their specialization. For example, if you’ve been charged with DUI, you need to hire a DUI lawyer, just as individuals considering adoption should hire a family law lawyer.

The best Family and Entertainment Lawyer in New York

Ross Martin Abelow is a well-respected New York lawyer. Mr. Abelow represents clients with matrimonial matters, as well as family law and entertainment law. Mr. Abelow graduated from the Brooklyn School of Law and has been a prominent attorney representing clients in NYC since this time. Mr. Abelow provides each client that he serves unsurpassed legal representation, ensuring the case is heard in its entirety and that the best outcome is the result.

Lawyers take care of you when no one else can. If you’re experiencing legal matters in your life, be sure to contact Mr. Ablow’s law firm, or the attorney of your choice and have your matter handled with impeccable results at the end of the day.

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Turning Fortunes For Real Estate Agents

Greg Hague does not believe that the current methods being used by real estate agents to sell houses are effective. He wonders why this ineffective method is still in use,seventy five years later, given that there are simpler strategies like those used by Amazon and Apple which are more effective. And he should know, for he has vast knowledge in the industry having been in the business for thirty five years. Apart from working in real estate, he is also an entrepreneur, attorney, professor, and author and also runs a business with Harvey Mackay, author of the bestseller Swim with the Sharks. According to Greg, real estate agents have been working on the hope that a buyer will come along. He seeks to change this through his real estate coaching company known as Real Estate Mavericks.

Real Estate Mavericks teaches agents how to get sellers in twenty nine days as well as a twenty two step home launch formula. The program teaches one how to create anticipation before putting the house on the market by making other agents aware of a new desirable home. These agents then inform potential buyers. Consequently, there is buyer curiosity and demand is pushed up. After creating this type of anticipation, potential buyers are privately shown houses. This builds up a fear of losing out in the buyer which makes them more willing to pay a higher price.

Real Estate Mavericks promises a program participant that they will be able to sell fifty houses in fifty weeks after taking the course. According to Forbes, this program is not crash course but a very comprehensive program set to propel any real estate agent to their desired success.

Greg, through Real Estate Mavericks also teaches agents not to put a house on the market before creating anticipation. According to Greg, the time a house stays on the market, is a major factor that determines whether a house will be sold and at what price. If a house is on the market for a long time, buyers begin to make assumptions about it. He also finds fault with how MLS shares with buyers how long a house has been on the market, attributing this to the low prices some houses fetch. Hence, he advises real estate agents not to put up a house on MLS before creating anticipation and applying the home launch sequence.

He is a big advocate of home sellers. He aims to change the rules of residential real estate in 2016. Hence, Real Estate Mavericks has introduced a course tailored to teach home sellers how to get maximum price. This is a ninety day program and at the end of it, one gets a top dollar agent certification. He promises to equip these agents with excellent negotiation skills. However, the selected agents must not represent buyers. This program is set to be good news to home sellers seeing as the prices of homes have increased in 2015. Also, the number of houses on the market declined by five percent in 2015 compared to the previous year. Hence, applying Greg’s new technique might just make all the difference to a home seller.