Philanthropist George Soros Labeled “Undesirable Security Threat”

Despite the fact, that “Hungarian-born George Soros urged” Western allies to increase aid to the Ukraine, and he offered a “$50 billion financing package … against increasingly aggressive Russia,” Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, refutes criminal allegations of a Russian prosecutor. George Soros claims to have benefited Russian citizens, protected their rights, and supported Russian law. The Russian government labeled his actions an “undesirable security threat.”

In his book, Ukraine and Europe: What should be done?, Soros gives first priority to the Ukraine as a crisis affecting the stability of the euro. Eurozone consumers create a huge market for exporters of the United States, China, India, Japan, and Russia. The Euro and the ability of European countries to repay their debts has major impact on the world economy.

Clearly, Soros regards the conflict in the Ukraine “disintegration.” He recommends financial assistance to support a free Ukraine along with the necessary sanctions against Russia. International banks invest in Eurozone country governments. The fall of the Euro would result in global recession and leave our banks once again unable to pay their debts.

George Soros began his philanthropic mission in 1979. He founded Central European University to enable thousands of disadvantaged youth to attain college degrees, and he expanded his mission into 100+ countries. His Open Society is a network of foundations and projects in the United States, Africa, and Asia. Soros, now 85 years old, advocates for human rights, freedom of speech, and free public health and education.

His organizations financed Black South Africans during the 1980s, copy machines to reproduce and distribute reading material in communist countries, and attempts to hold governments responsible for the welfare of their citizens. George Soros strove to hold oil and gas industries accountable for their actions. Soros believes his financial aid plan would increase private-sector investments in the Ukraine, and he hopes the Ukrainian government will serve its people justly through an open honest government and judicial system with unbiased and accurate news reporting.

In his book, Soros points out that the Ukraine can not defend itself if Russia wages a large scale or nuclear war, but he adds that the Ukraine “defend[s] the European Union” from Russia militarily. He advocates for the Ukraine because its rich cultural heritage and assets benefit the European Union. Soros wants to insure the success of the Ukrainian government which he claims will “protect the European Union … from Putin’s Russia and … transform … Europe.”

Soros also believes in the “aspirations [and success] of the Russian people.” The Port of Ukraine is essential to Russia’s Naval operations. Soros portrays President Vladimir Putin as hostile to Western nations who would deny Russia its rightful place in the world. Putin through Soros reports that Russia’s economic and political difficulties are due to conflict and hostility of Western powers. The Russian Education Ministry, which accredits Russian universities, ordered college libraries in Northern Russia searched and all books provided by the Soros’ charitable foundation burned.

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