Does The Research By Brian Torchin Make A Difference When Looking For A Job?

Brian Torchin’s research makes a huge difference when people are looking for a job, and it helps people who are desperate for work. They want to get jobs as fast as they can, but they need real resources for that. Brian Torchin looks into the medical industry every day when he is not working at HCRC, and he presents all those findings to his readers on his blog. His blog is a brilliant resource, and it shows people how to get jobs fast.

Brian Torchin can place people in jobs, and he does that pretty often to help them when he knows someone who has an immediate need, but most medical jobs need to have an interview. The interview process can be pretty rigorous for people, and the only way to make sure that people get good jobs is to teach them based on what Brian knows.

Brian Torchin is always giving out tips to his readers on Topix that make it easier for them to get better jobs, and he shows them what people are looking for when they ask questions in an interview. Everyone has to have help when they get ready for a job interview, and there is no way to know for sure if they are saying the right things unless someone tells them.

DocCafe makes it evident that Brian Torchin also knows who needs more employees. He knows the parts of the industry that are most in need, and he knows what it is takes for these jobs to get filled. He can give people the right script when they go in for an interview, and he can show people how easy it is to get a job when they have planed ahead. His own planning tells him where the most jobs are, and his planning tells him what people are looking for when they are interviewing his clients.

Everyone can get a job with Brian Torchin’s help. He knows where the jobs are, and he points people in that direction. He also knows the trends in the industry so there is no confusion, and he teaches his clients what it will look like when they say the right things in an interview.  Check out what Brian has done on LinkedIn to see more of his career history and accomplishments.

The New York City Real Estate Market Continues To Break Sales Records And Brokers Are Adapting To The Dynamic Boom

Being a real estate broker in New York City was never an easy job. Competition is fierce, and sales tactics can look more war planning than healthy salesmanship. New York is filled with all types of real estate agents and brokers, so breaking into the market by a relatively new firm is like climbing Mt. Everest in shorts. But Dave Liniger, the real estate maven that turned RE/MAX into a 100,000 agent sales force across the country and in other countries is up for the challenge. Liniger bought back the Master Franchise for the state of New York. His plan is to dominate the City’s real estate market with a fresh market campaign and sales approach.

RE/MAX is no stranger to New York City. The company did have an office in the city, but it never got into the swing of things. Getting into the swing of NYC Apartment for rent takes money, talent, and a macho mentality that only the most seasoned real estate brokers possess. Liniger knows he needs a management team that can handle the intense details that making million dollars sales requires.

In the last five years, four real estate companies have set up shop to test their sales skills in New York City. BOND New York, Keller Williams New York, Rutenberg Reality and Town Residential have dug their feet into the fertile soil of the New York real estate market, and they have made progress. Town Residential decided to focus on the luxury market, and that strategy has paid off for Andrew Heiberger, the founder of the six-year-old agency. Heiberger knew being a small fish in the gigantic pond of New York real estate wasn’t going to work, so he hired a team of high-end brokers, and the team has developed an impressive list of luxury listings in Brooklyn as well as in Manhattan.

New York isn’t a discount market, according to Mr. Heiberger and the average sale price, last year verifies that statement. Town Residential uses a neighborhood approach when it comes to getting new listings. Town Residential would love to have an office in every neighbor. That might happen if Heiberger gets his way, according to a recent Real Estate Weekly article.

Vegan Makeup From Lime Crime

Veganism is very important to me personally. I want to do all I can to help make this world a much better place. One of the best ways that I know to make the world better for all of us is by being vegan. That’s why I buy vegan products like those found at Lime Crime. Veganism is a great ideal where you aim for the use of no animal products. The makeup at Lime Crime does not use animal products, as proudly announced on the company Facebook. You can buy the makeup they sell here and know that you’re getting anything that you feel is unethical.

Reliable Makeup

Vegan makeup is makeup that is carefully made from no animal products of any kind. This means that you can buy their products and still live up to your highest ideals at all times. Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, is totally committed to the important message of veganism. She only makes and sells products that are not derived from animal based products in any way. This means that all the ingredients that are used in the makeup she sells are not products that have been derived in some way from animals. It means that you don’t have to worry that you’re putting something on your face that was tested on rabbits or made from harming innocent animals.  Their commitment to being cruelty free has made Lime Crime extremely popular amongst the Pinterest users.

Great vegan Products

I know that it also means that you don’t have to worry that what you’re putting on your face will have bad side effects in some way. Vegan products are only made from fine ingredients that are totally in tune with the natural world in some way. This means that you can use vegan products and know that they’re very high quality items that are not only ethical but also really good for your face. You know that what you’re getting from her company are totally top notch items that are made from pure ingredients that she has personally vetted. You have the satisfaction of buying a product that is not only good for the environment but also really good for your face and your budget.  Lime Crime has tons of eye care products, but also has some really cool lipsticks in the form of their Unicorn line.

Talk Fusion for Everyone

There are a lot of ways a video communication can be helpful for anyone who wants to talk to another part of their family. You may be wondering what you can do in order to have the best video communication possible. It’s not as hard as you may think.

Family Communication

There are many ways this can help with talking to other members of the family that may live in other areas. You can send a video email or have a full conversation with anyone that is in another part of the country or even the world. It can feel like they are in the same room. This can be a great addition to the communication methods you may be using. This can also be helpful if you want to send a card that includes the video.

Bob Reina understands that this can be a huge thing for people who want to have some way to communicate and work with people they love that they can’t be around. He created this system with that kind of thought in mind.

Business Uses

There are a lot of ways a business can use this software. They can use this software to communicate with employees that are not in the same building. It can also be used to send a video email to all the employees that are a part of the company. They also can use it to talk to others who may be remote workers or others that are not working in the building.

Bob Reina also intended his company to provide solutions for businesses that need to talk to each other face to face, but may not be able to. This solves this problem and helps your business to get everything done and to talk to everyone in the business.

There are a lot of ways that Talk Fusion can help anyone who wants to talk to another person anywhere. This software is going to make things a lot easier for anyone. All you need is a computer or a phone and a camera and something to say.

Soro’s Management Fund Donates to GOP Candidate

In a stunning departure from his usual political style, George Soros has overseen the donation of over a half a million dollars to the campaign of GOP presidential contender John Kasich according to a recent article posted on The Political Insider website. Soros has been very well known for contributing to and backing more liberal candidates and organizations such as and ACORN. Recently, Soros wrote a check to a political action committee (PAC) supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign of $8 million.
The backing of Kasich can best be thought of a supporting a more moderate voice in the contentious Republican field currently being led by Donald Trump. Soros of the  open society foundations has always supported an open and liberal immigration policy which is in direct opposition to Trump’s repeated calls for closing the borders and building walls to keep illegal immigrants from entering the United States. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the other primary Republican candidate echos a strong offensive posture in dealing with immigration policies. Kasich, the governor of Ohio supports a more moderate approach to many of the extremist policies coming from either of his two opponents, which is why he may have attracted George Soros’ attention.

George Soros is the head of Soros Fund Management and is listed by Forbes has having a net worth of $29 billion and is listed by that magazine as one of the thirtieth richest people in the world. After obtaining his education in the United Kingdom from the London School of Economics, Soros began his career as a traveling salesperson for a fancy goods wholesaler. Unhappy with that position, he applied to a number of London-based banks finally obtaining a position as a clerk with Singer & Friedlander of London. Proving himself capable, Soros went to work at a friend’s father’s firm, F.M. Mayer of New York where he distinguished himself as an astute arbitrage trader specializing in European stocks.

George Soros eventually launched his own fund management company according to Marketwatch and become known as the man who broke the Bank of England. The transaction entailed shorting more than ten billion pounds of the English currency. With the United Kingdom’s refusal to allow their currency to float or raise interest rates to comparable levels, Soros cashed in profiting over $1 billion.

Using his wealth to fund political and activist causes is nothing new to Soros. His Jewish-Hungarian upbringing taught him the lessons of being humiliated and poorly treated. He became an outspoken champion of the underprivileged, and a strong proponent of what he terms open society “open not only in the sense of freedom of commerce but—more important—tolerant of new ideas and different modes of thinking and behavior” according to the forward written by Paul Volker in Soros’ book The Alchemy of Finance.

The liberalism of Soros’ contributions and activism has long been a thorn to conservatives. His participation in the attempted purchase of the Washington Nationals baseball team prompted some Republicans to threat to withdraw Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption. Soros’ position on immigration is similar to that he expressed in 2015 posted on the NYBooks website concerning his native Hungary’s attempt to close its borders.

How White Shark Media Are Using Customer Complaints To Improve The Services They Offer.


The world’s leading provider of search engine optimization and online marketing services White Shark Media has been in the business industry for quite some time. During this time it has offered its clients some of the best services in the business market and most of this clients have gone ahead to praise the firm for its exceptional services. There were also few instances for White Shark Media where the facebook clients were not satisfied and came forward with complaints . White Shark Media, on the basis of their client values and good service spirit, took not of the most prevalent complaints and put in place long-term strategies to provide solutions for this problems.

White Shark Media started its plan to address these complaints by addressing their AdWord segment. There had been some complaints from clients the reporting procedures put in place in this feature were not sufficient. Thus, businesses´ owners were not able to review their reports easily. On top of this, they were not able to keep track of the latest news fro the firm. The firm immediately initiated training programs for their clients so that they could understand the working protocol of the platform. Thus tracking the performance of an ad or specific keyword would become easier.

White Shark Media also went ahead to improve their communication systems about the customers complaints raised about them. This firm put in place a monthly status check calls that were complimented with the GoTomeeting services. This service enabled the customer to receive monthly maintenance checks from the firm with the aid of video communication technology. This way the firm was able to guide its clients on how to use their AdWords. A direct call line was also introduced where clients were allowed to directly contact the firm for assistance. Some customers also raised concerns on how they would prefer their old promotion methods which seemed to be more effective than the new optimized options. This AdWords firm.immediately began to develop campaigns with better performance campaigns. White Shark Media started by making sure that aspects that were successful in the new Client’s existing campaign were adopted and made to work even better. They aimed at giving their clients better-performing campaign rather than new campaigns. The firm also placed supervisors with experience in this field to oversee the project and provide insight on its improvements.

Some clients had also expressed their desire to have SEO services incorporated into the firm’s services. White Shark Media took the initiative to protect their clients from malicious SEO vendors and also offer guidance on SEO proposals to their clients. The clients were also helped by the firm’s senior staff to review their SEO agreements. So far White Shark Media has been able to grow and improve by addressing the complaints of its clients.

FreedomPop Aims Bigger

FreedomPop is a free mobile service company. They offer services such as free calling, texting, and mobile data usage. Their services reach millions of people and they offer no contracts either. There are pros and cons with FreedomPop though. They have a decent amount of phones, their prices are alright even with the additional fees, they have free international calling as well as free international texting over Wi-Fi, and they have a 30-day money back guarantee. Some cons are that they have poor customer support and they have tricky up-sales and charges set in place. Overall it is a good business and a worthwhile option to look into. As reported by RCRWireless earlier, FreedomPop is on its way towards expansion. Stephen Stokols is the CEO of FreedomPop. He explains in an interview that his business model strives on additional features and is okay with losing money on data. Their overall margin on their model is around 45 to 55 percent. FreedomPop doesn’t rely on wifi which helps differentiate them from other companies. Because they aren’t marketing centric, they are able to expand easily. They are focusing on expanding globally by offering additional value services. They just launched in the U.K four months ago and they are exploding there.

Watch this FreedomPop Review

Interview with FoxNews Trish Regan – Socialism Discussed With Thor Halvorssen

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, born 1976, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a Venezuelan human rights advocate and film producer. Known as Thor Halvorssen, he actively works to right the wrongs, protect individual rights and civil liberties. Thor follows a pro-democracy advocacy and President of the Human Rights Foundation, Patron of the Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement, On Own Feet, and the Founder of the Moving Picture Institute. Halvorssen is also the Founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which meets annually and is described by The Economist as a “spectacular human-rights festival,” gaining recognition and respect for its values of human rights and freedom.

Trish Regan of Fox News recently interviewed Thor Halvorssen about Socialism. Trish asked Thor to define socialism since Bernie Sanders is campaigning on a socialist agenda.

Thor began his response stating that countries that do not violate human rights can have social discoverments, and that is perfectly alright. But if there are branches of government existing, separation of powers and constitutional rights you can have a country like Denmark, Norway, or Sweden that often have socialist governments, and that is perfectly fine.

Socialism depends on whether people take a historic definition of Socialism, or they take an academic definition of socialism. Many Democratic countries have Socialist policies. Being a Socialist doesn’t necessarily mean Communism, Marxism, or Socialism at the same time. The government of Venezuela decides there needs to be a price increase. The government raises the prices of commodities. Raising the prices can create a commodity shortage, but the government doesn’t care about that result of increasing prices, and thus massive shortages are created, and a humanitarian crisis is a result.

Thor Halvorssen mentioned that he donated the largest contribution allowable to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He strongly feels that the front-runner of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorship countries, such as Algeria, Barian, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and others. These countries are run by dictatorships and are known to ban Christmas restrict all press freedoms, and are guilty of denying freedoms. Halvorssen is definitely against anyone who takes money from a dictatorship country.

In Venezuela my father was a political prisoner, my mother was shot by the Chavez regime, and my first cousin is in prison in Venezuela. Venezuela, for decades, had a Labor Government, a government that nodded to Democratic Socialism. Redistribution of wealth is not the appropriate way to end poverty, but to end poverty, you need to increase wealth, not redistribute.

The Brazilian Construction Industry Is Expanding, Due To Real Estate Expansion

In recent years, the Brazilian economy has become exceptionally strong. In fact, Brazil has risen to the ranks of the strongest economies on Earth. Currently, the Brazilian economy is the seventh largest national economies. Brazil’s economy is growing from larger changes that are occurring on a global scale. The large corporate industries that exist in the western world have moved their centers of production from the western world into other countries. Developing countries like Brazil have benefited from these changes. As the new industries are moving into the country, more people are gaining employment with these industries.

All the people with new and higher paying jobs are bringing money into the economy of Brazil. As this foreign capital is coming into Brazil, a variety of sectors of the economy have benefited. For instance, the real estate business is benefiting from this shift. People have a lot more money to spend on real estate, and this is driving up the prices of housing. However, it has done more than simply drive the prices up. It has also increased the number of properties that are available in Brazil. Therefore, construction companies have gotten in on the real estate boom that is taking place in Brazil. The construction companies have been responsible for building new properties in the country.

Construcap has been highly involved in the real estate boom that is taking place. They have been working to build projects that are put on Brazilian real estate markets. These projects range greatly in size, from the largest projects to the smallest projects. In fact, they have even worked on projects building single houses. However, they have also built large residential projects. They have also built large commercial and industrial projects. In fact, they have even built some of the major industrial centers that provide many Brazilians with jobs.

Construcap and their partnership with Fluor has been one of the largest construction companies in Brazil for many years. In fact, they have been a major force in the Brazilian construction industry for more than 60 years. They have been active in the industry since the 1940s. Also, they have been a very large employer for Brazilians. In fact, they have given jobs to more than 10,000 people. The company will likely expand in coming years, and they will provide jobs to even more people. Additionally, the company’s stocks are expected to grow, due to the changes in the economy.  Over on the YouTube they explain even more.

Securus Technologies Expands Distribution Of Intelligent Devices

Dallas, Texas-based Securus Technologies released a statement it’s distributing 85,000 telecommunication devices to enhance incarcerated individual’s rehabilitation. The devices foster improved communication with visitors, allows prisoners to access education programs, view the law library and take part in religious functions. The so-called “intelligent devices” are tablets, video visitation kiosks, and a proprietary “S-Phone” created by Securus Technologies, a leading supplier of justice technology applications. 

Securus Technologies commitment to inmate rehabilitation is supported by CEO Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, position, “We want to help rehabilitate inmates, to reduce recidivism, to improve the safety in the prison and jails for officers and inmates, to help inmates find jobs, and to make society safer and what we offer with our intelligent devices accomplishes all of these objectives.” The tablets and other devices allow the inmate to feel more connected, beyond their cell walls. They have a voice to be heard and more opportunity is available to them. The interaction between an inmate and their intelligent device has fostered a safer environment between prisoners. Get the mobile app on Google Play or find it on the App Store and contact Securus if you have difficulties connecting the technology and the software.

Access to education and employment opportunities via the inmate communication devices prepares the inmate for a seamless transition into society when they are released. Incarceration is a form of punishment. The intelligent devices are an integral component of an inmate’s rehabilitation.

Smith, expects more than 150,00 intelligent devices for inmate phone calls activated by 2017. Not only benefiting the incarcerated, the program helps family members, friends, corrections officers and law enforcement agencies. “We have made a $600 million investment in our products and services in the last three (3) years and our customers are getting the full benefit of that investment,” Smith remarked.

Serving 3500 law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions, Securus Technologies is focused on communications. Its technology enhances first responders arrival time, consolidates recurring incident management, fortifies public communication, assists investigations, organizes data management and distribution and builds inmate self-reliance.

Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters® and is a Better Business Bureau accredited company. More information regarding Securus Technologies array of justice technology solution can be found on their website.