George Soros Back To Political Donation

Of all the campaigns held in 2015 in the United States politics, Hillary Clinton raised the highest amounts of cash seconded by Bernie Sanders. She raised a total of $112 million only in 2015. George Soros back in 2015 donated to her campaign a total amount of $6 million and that showed his comeback to the political giving since the year 2004 when he raised an oust for the groups that were not supporting George W. Bush. However Bush won that year, and Soros has been off donations to support political campaign until 2015 when he donated for Hillary Clinton campaign. The total amount up to now is $8 million, and he is the highest contributor to the campaign.
Some campaigns s like Donald Trumps are not doing so well after he bragged how he will be spending $2 million per week without raising money and his campaign has only raised $2 million. Forbes billionaire George Soros is a Democrat and is supporting the Democrat Hillary Clinton against the Republican Trump. He as an investor has been on the toe on the economic status of the United States through making investors of the need to watch out because a crisis similar to that of 2008 could happen again. He has been giving a lot to super PACS for the campaigns also supporting Super PACS Democrats group campaigning for he Clinton. Soros regrets having not supported Clinton in the year 2008 and is of the request that they hold a conversation to discuss the whole political status.

Soros is a well-known liberal identified among the wealthy Democrats group. There is no other rich democrat that has the guts to donate such huge figures for a political campaign. Soros is outstanding among them all not only in investments but only the liberty to speak about what he thinks on many issues some which he has written about. He was able to speak out for the European Union after its president decided to bring Ukraine to a shutdown. He is for human rights and public opinion which he feels that they are not respected well with the European Union and it needs to change its strategies to assist Europe. Soros is a fighter for democracy; he believes that democracy is a driving force towards development and independent thinking.

In the year 2012, Soros only gave out $1 million to Priorities USA that was then supporting President Obamas re-election. Many conservative billionaires are expected to raise more money for the super PACs campaign from the positive sign made by George Soros. Others include Haim Shaban and his wife, Laure Woods and Donald Sussman. Clinton is lucky on her prime campaign as her campaign is doing well from the positive acts being projected towards her by George Soros. This has made many other investors who believe in the acts of democracy of George Soros have the willingness to make more donations to the campaign.

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