Interview with FoxNews Trish Regan – Socialism Discussed With Thor Halvorssen

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, born 1976, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a Venezuelan human rights advocate and film producer. Known as Thor Halvorssen, he actively works to right the wrongs, protect individual rights and civil liberties. Thor follows a pro-democracy advocacy and President of the Human Rights Foundation, Patron of the Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement, On Own Feet, and the Founder of the Moving Picture Institute. Halvorssen is also the Founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which meets annually and is described by The Economist as a “spectacular human-rights festival,” gaining recognition and respect for its values of human rights and freedom.

Trish Regan of Fox News recently interviewed Thor Halvorssen about Socialism. Trish asked Thor to define socialism since Bernie Sanders is campaigning on a socialist agenda.

Thor began his response stating that countries that do not violate human rights can have social discoverments, and that is perfectly alright. But if there are branches of government existing, separation of powers and constitutional rights you can have a country like Denmark, Norway, or Sweden that often have socialist governments, and that is perfectly fine.

Socialism depends on whether people take a historic definition of Socialism, or they take an academic definition of socialism. Many Democratic countries have Socialist policies. Being a Socialist doesn’t necessarily mean Communism, Marxism, or Socialism at the same time. The government of Venezuela decides there needs to be a price increase. The government raises the prices of commodities. Raising the prices can create a commodity shortage, but the government doesn’t care about that result of increasing prices, and thus massive shortages are created, and a humanitarian crisis is a result.

Thor Halvorssen mentioned that he donated the largest contribution allowable to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He strongly feels that the front-runner of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, has taken millions and millions of dollars from many dictatorship countries, such as Algeria, Barian, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and others. These countries are run by dictatorships and are known to ban Christmas restrict all press freedoms, and are guilty of denying freedoms. Halvorssen is definitely against anyone who takes money from a dictatorship country.

In Venezuela my father was a political prisoner, my mother was shot by the Chavez regime, and my first cousin is in prison in Venezuela. Venezuela, for decades, had a Labor Government, a government that nodded to Democratic Socialism. Redistribution of wealth is not the appropriate way to end poverty, but to end poverty, you need to increase wealth, not redistribute.

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