Venezuela’s upper-classes aren’t suffering

Augustin Otxotorena kept getting calls from worried relatives in Spain. They asked him where he kept getting his food and informing him of the food shortages in the country. Otxoterena responded by sending his relatives pictures of a fully stocked super market in Caracas. He wants his relatives to know that members of the upper class continue to do well in the country. According to, people from the lower classes must contend with the blackouts, the shortages, and other hardships brought on by the country’s economic woes.
The country continues to face economic hardship caused by falling international oil prices. Decreased demand for oil coupled with triple-digit inflation is causing an increasing number of Venezuelan citizens to call for current President Nicolas Maduro to step down.

Although upper class neighborhoods continue to do well, shortages of food and other necessities contributes to the growing unrest in the country. People like Manuel Gonzalez have said that Venezuela is really two countries right now. People in the upper-class areas barely notice the disruptions. People in the lower-class neighborhoods must live with the effects of the shortages.

If more companies follow the path of Lufthansa, which recently suspended service to the country, the rich may start to suffer as well.



U.S. Money Reserve, Phillip Diehl Shares His Success Principles

The President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Phillip Diehl, recently spoke out during a podcast which was part of a series of media appearances for the appointed President. He came from a very accomplished past at the U.S. Mint where he was pivotal in implementing the 50 States Quarter program and the minting of the first platinum coin. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Phillip Diehl’s leadership strategies have set him apart. During the podcast he addresses several topics which also include his background, the Customer service he developed at the U.S Money Reserve and what the gold market has to hold.

Customer service at the U.S. Money Reserve has been the main focus over recent years. The have combined a team of professionals who help thousands of people make decisions on precious metal like gold, silver and platinum.

Having served more than 300 000 people since their inception they have built up a trust with the American people. The precious metal gold has come back in a big way in recent years. Gold is a much better option compared to stocks and bonds as gold is a physical entity and not merely a piece of paper.

This gives the customer greater satisfaction, knowing that they have made a sound investment into their future. Due to the volatility of the market in recent months, gold prices will be increasing making it a really good time for anyone looking to secure their future.

Phillip Diehl was the 35th director of the U.S Mint and has great experience when it comes to precious metals. he understands their value and importance for the American people. Read more: US Money Reserve | and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

During the podcast he also mentioned that his time at the U.S. Money reserve has been spent bringing the agency into the foreground through exceptional customer service. They have since been able to go up against some of the most successful business’s in America thanks to his guidance and leadership.

The U.S Money Reserve recently launched their new IRA program. This new program allows customers to buy precious metals as a way to protect their wealth going into retirement. When the price in gold rises they too will benefit from this outcome. This is a significant opportunity when it comes to investment as government currencies have shown in the passed to be less stable due to global unrest and the threat of terrorism.

Status Labs Continues To Expand On Its Amazing Success

As far as online reputation management businesses go, Status Labs has seen a great amount of success. From just 3 years ago, the company has reported an overall increase in profits by over 900 percent. For some perspective, their jump in sales during 2014 was just 29 percent. The company specializes primarily in digital market, but works in public relations as well. The company has business offices in Austin, New York and even Brazil. Most of the company’s clients are politicians, executives and big public figures. Status Labs has worked with over 1500 different clients spanning nearly 3 dozen different countries, including several Fortune 500 firms.


Status Labs has been the feature presentation in many publications, applauding the company’s performance. They have been published in The New York Times, Yahoo, The Observer, the US News and more. The current representative and CEO of the company is Darius Fisher, who is also the co-founder of the company.


Darius Fisher expressed that 2015 was the highest performing year for Status Labs and he is sure this success will continue. This impressive revenue stream the company has managed to build is partly due to the massive amount of new clients it was able to obtain, all impressed with the company’s direction and leadership.


What makes the business so successful is not just Darius Fisher and his leadership, but also every member of the team that is dedicated to using the expertise in generating a positive image through the web and social media. Google, according to Darius Fisher, is much like a newspaper. Unless it receives constant updates from its users, the content on Google will stay the same. The staff at Status Labs takes advantage of this system to build a positive image for its clients.

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George Soros Pockets over $1 Billion by Betting Against the British Pound

George Soros predicted that Britain would be forced to devalue its currency and exit the ERM. Others traders expected Britain to lower the value of its currency but did not expect it will exit the ERM. His bet was correct and ended up making billions of dollars in a single day and breaking the financial system of Great Britain.

Life changing conference

Before winning the bet, George Soros was rich, but he had not established himself as a public personality and a philanthropist. He was the head of a Quantum Fund that specialized in placing bets on macroeconomic trends. On September 16, 1992, the news about Britain exiting the ERM and devaluing its currency was publicized through a press conference held by Lamont.

A group of traders led by George Soros emerged as the winners. Soros’s Quantum Fund had loaned out billions from other traders to finance the bet. It is believed that Soros’s fund could have lost a whopping $15 billion if the bet did not go according to the prediction. However, the trade generated profits on amounting to $1billion in just a single day. After the pound had devalued, the fund increased from $15 billion to $19 billion. He gained public attention, and he has managed to maintain his status up to now. For Soros, it was time to rejoice, but for Britain and its taxpayers, it was a crisis. The popularity of hedge funds increased tremendously after the Quantum Fund’s success.

The consequences of Black Wednesday

After flooding the currency, the Britain’s pound decreased by 25% compared to the United State Dollar and 15% compared to Deutschmark. According to British financial history, September 17, 1992, is a Black Wednesday on

About George Soros

George Soros is a prominent investor, an active philanthropist, political donor, activists, and an established author. George Soros established Soros Fund Management and serves as its chair up to date. He was born and raised in Budapest 1930 but relocated to England in 1947. He is an alumnus of London School of Economics holding a degree in economics. Later on, he moved to the United States and accumulated a significant amount of wealth through his international investment fund.

Soros created the Open Society and serves as the Chairman of the organization. The society comprises of series of foundations, partners, and programs in over 100 countries. George Soros’ goal is to establish a society where human rights are respected, and the accountability of the government is questioned. Soros began philanthropic activities in 1979, sponsoring South African students under the oppressive apartheid regime to attend college and establish a successful professional career. He is a top author, and his fourteen books have gained tremendous popularity among readers. Soros covers a wide range of topics such as economics, philanthropy, politics, and globalization.

Wen By Chaz Changes Lives

Chaz Dean is a legend in the hair care industry. He is the celebrity stylist behind some of your favorite television and movie stars. He is also the one responsible for the commercials you see late at night of those women with fabulous hair that you wish you could be but don’t know what to do in order to obtain that beautiful hair they have. You almost become envious of the women because you secretly wish you could have the same beautiful hair they do. He’s known for making thin hair beautiful and anything he puts his name to has to be a success.
Recently Bustle introduced the world to Wen By Chaz ( This article gave a day by day summary of what exactly happened to this blogger’ hair when she decided to give Wen By Chaz a chance on her own hair. The results were incredible and had readers flocking to their nearest sephora drug store to see if they could purchase the product for themselves. It is an all in one hair care system designed to work on all types of hair so you can kiss those bad hair days goodbye forever or at least until you run out of Wen and then you just go and buy some more. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

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FreedomPop and its Free Use of WhatsApp

If there is one thing that should define FreedomPop, it is its use of free services. As the name suggest, there are some freebies that people can take advantage of. However, there are limits to these freebies. In order to further promote free services, FreedomPop has decided to offer customers free usage of Facebook owned WhatsApp. Users will be allowed to use this service no matter how much is left in the users data. There is one catch. The offer is only available for those that live in Spain. FreedomPop is getting ready to launch its service in Spain as well.

While FreedomPop is making huge progress in its business, WhatsApp has gained billions of users globally and is seeking partnerships with mobile carriers throughout the world. FreedomPop is offering WhatsApp all on its own. There is no partnership with Facebook. This is one of the reasons that the usage of WhatsApp is only available in Spain for users of FreedomPop services. However, there are advantages to this. For one thing, FreedomPop gets to offer the services to customers without any pushing from Facebook. In fact, FreedomPop is the first carrier to be able to do that for its users.

FreedomPop is a very good service for users that are on a budget. One major advantage to this is that the user does not have to pay for service. However, he could pay for more service if he wants to. The only disadvantage is that the amount of devices that could use this carrier is limited. However, there are new devices that are being made for the carrier. Intel is working on a new Wi-Fi first phone which is to be released later on in the year. Spain not only gets to enjoy the free service offered by FreedomPop, but also the free WhatsApp usage.

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Residents Keep Their Freedom At The Manse On The Marsh

The Manse on the Marsh is an independent and assisted living facility that is designed for older adults. It allows them to still have a sense of freedom while being taken care of by a team of warm and caring professionals. The facility is top of the line, the help is accredited and acclaimed, and the staff has respect for all that come through the doors. It’s a tough time for the individuals and the families when a loved one has to move away from their home and into an area that takes care of them. The Manse on the Marsh knows just how to accommodate all those daily living needs while keeping a mutual respect and doing the best job that they can do.

One of the main reasons The Manse on the Marsh is highly-recommended is due to the activities and freedom that the staff allows residents to have. They’re not just confined to their bedrooms, forced to watch television, or allowed out for meals. They get to have a normal life experience. Residents get to read, do crafts, have bingo nights, play games, and so much more. There is an interaction between everyone. Friends are made between residents and also between staff and residents. That’s because everyone has a mutual understanding that respect should be given and received by all.

According to the blog, residents also can hit the town for various activities! They can head out to classes such as yoga. They can catch a movie if that’s what they’re in the mood for. This is all done with staff to ensure their safety. Because this facility is located in California, residents can also enjoy the weather by simply going for nice walks.

The Manse on the Marsh is meant to mimic hotel living so that everyone feels comfortable and welcome. The food is delightful for residents and that’s thanks to the chefs that work hard to prepare it. There are also other restaurants on the campus.

The Manse on the Marsh also provides variety when it comes to living. A person can choose between studios, one or two-bedroom suites and cottages, or even private homes! Families can decide which living situation is best for their loved one.

Overall, The Manse is providing an assisted-living lifestyle that mimics the lives that the residents were living before. It’s all about allowing people to still have their freedom and fun while being kept safe. Those in the assisted living facility won’t even feel like they’re in one. This facility is also helpful to families because it erases their fears and worries that they previously had about their loved ones being out on their own. Everyone wins when a family member moves into The Manse on the Marsh.

Michael Zomber: The Internationally Recognized Expert in Arms Dealership

Michael Zomber is renowned historian who has a passion of preserving the ancient historical tools. He specializes in collecting guns and swords of the ancient times and holds an experience of over 30 years in guns collection. He does this through the partnership of his associates who share the same passion of preserving history through quite a number of ways that include the collection of the antique arms, care and sale of those arms.

According to his website bio, Michael Zomber was born sometime in the year 1949 in Washington DC in the United States. Initially his parents were from Berlin Germany before they relocated to United States as emigrants. Michael is married to Andrea and they are blessed with two children. During his early childhood life he spent it at Pennsylvania and New Jersey; he attended University of Illinois where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology. He furthered his education and also holds a masters degree in English Literature.

As a historian, Michael Zomber has special interests in the collection of Japanese swords and is recognized internationally for being experienced and knowledgeable in Samurai swords of Japan. Michael has featured in quite a number of shows and television episodes that include the History Channel Tales that featured episodes that include the Guns of the Famous and the Million Dollar Guns among many others. Being an internationally recognized antique arms dealer he has also featured in a lot of talk shows and has shared his expertise in that field.

To preserve the history that he has spent his years in, Michael Zomber has written quite a number of novels that include the Son of Kentucky which focuses on civil wars that occurred in ancient times. Another novel that he has also authored is The Soul of the Samurai that captures an in-depth culture of the Samurai and the swords that were used in war. Zomber is also a storyteller and a writer having produced more than seven screen plays.

Having dealt in situations that capture quite a number of arms dealership and armed conflict, Michael Zomber has partnered with other like minded organizations in order to advocate for peace in armed conflict areas. As a philanthropist he works with organizations that include Amnesty International, UNICEF and the Doctors without Borders that help patients in war torn areas.

Michael Zomber is non-arguably the most renowned antique arms expert going by the fact that he has written quite a number of novels on the same that include Shogun Lemitsu that focuses on Japanese weaponry and the Samurai culture.

A New Face in Silicon Valley


Keeping up with those who are influential and powerful within Silicon Valley is an important task to everyone who relies upon technology. That is why learning about Juniper Networks’ newest CEO is so important and keeping up with his activities will allow unique insight into the productivity that will be coming out of Silicon Valley over the next few years.
The new CEO is Shaygan Kheradpir. He graduated with both his masters and his Ph.D. from Cornell University where he studied electrical engineering majoring in control systems. This has made him uniquely prepared for the challenges that he can be expected to face while spearheading such a major company. He has also put his hard earned education to good use throughout the technological world while working with such companies as Barclays Group and GTE Labs.
His time spent with these groups was spent doing work that included front-to-back digitization using industrialized controls and product innovation. He has also done work in networking routing, control and management. This type of experience has given him the type of knowledge that does not simply come out of a book and will allow him great insight into the activities of his company. He will also have the practical knowledge needed to help lead Juniper Networks on to bigger and better things within the technology world and within Silicon Valley.
His prior experience as chief operations and technology officer, manager of a software systems lab, and president of an eBusiness unit have all worked to give him the unique experience that he will need to successfully lead and expand the networking company he has now found himself in charge of. Without this prior experience, leading a major company successfully would be a task that he would otherwise struggle with.
Whatever Shaygan Kheradpir may have planned for his time as CEO at Juniper Networks, we are sure to be impressed with the final outcome. His education, practical knowledge and prior leadership experience have given him a unique edge as he leads his company onto bigger and better things within the technological world and within Silicon Valley.

Follow Shaygan Kheradpir on Twitter and check out his LinkedIn profile.

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Madison Street Capital COO Named to Top 40 Under Forty

The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) has named Madison Street Capital’s co-founder Anthony Marsala as one of the financial world’s 40 Under Forty. The 2015 list recognizes 40 young innovators who have made extraordinary advances in mergers and acquisitions, financial forensics, business valuation, and associated financial professions. More than 100 nominees were considered for the honor by the executive staff of NACVA and the Consultants Training Institute (CTI).

According to NACVA, Marsala and the other honorees embody “the drive, motivation, and courage needed” to move world of finance and valuation forward. As MCA’s Chief Operating Officer, Marsala has been key to developing and expanding MSC’s international presence in Europe, Africa and Asia. Under his direction, MSC’s management due diligence team, as well as the analytical team, have performed all business valuation for the firm’s corporate finance and M&A clients.

Before starting Madison Street Capital, Marsala was Senior Managing Director of Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc., and head of Houlihan’s Strategic Analytical Services Group. Prior to joining Houlihan, he was Co-Director of Business Development for a boutique investment bank that dealt specifically with middle-market companies on a Global scale. He also served as Assistant Director and Project Manager at that firm.

Marsala has a Master’s Diploma in Strategy from the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. He earned bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Information Systems at Loyola University of Chicago. He’s a member in good standing of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

Madison Street Capital is one of the world’s premier middle market investment banking firms. Headquartered in Chicago, MSC is a leading provider of mergers & acquisitions expertise, business valuation, financial opinions and other corporate finance services. With offices in North America, Africa and Asia, Madison Street Capital’s seasoned professionals are focused on positioning their clients for success in the global marketplace. MSC specializes in client-specific financing, buy-side and sell-side advisory services, and capitalization structures for privately held businesses and those in the public sector. For additional information, call Madison Street Capital at 1-312-529-7000 or visit

Some information for this article came from the Chicago Tribune and from
Additional material was from NACVA’s 40 Under Forty list for 2015 and