Blow A Whistle And Help Stop Poverty

One of the reasons poor people exist is because rich people do stupid things with their largess. They buy and they sell, and sometimes greed compels them to make investments which don’t work well. Such men are sure to protect themselves, defraying the fallout of their poor choices elsewhere. The result is economic crisis and depression. It’s well-known that the Great Depression had a lot to do with high-profile banking institutions making bad decisions behind closed doors. The Great Recession of 2008 is also of the same variety: men in power trying to game the system for more money, and bring economic collapse on themselves and those around them.

Sometimes such efforts are curtailed by a whistleblower, but blowing the whistle can have catastrophic consequences to a person’s life and social situation, not to mention their reputation and job. This is one reason among many that the United States Congress enacted a provision in 2010 called the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. It is touted as being the most comprehensive reform since measures taken in the wake of the Great Depression, and its aim is to simultaneously protect whistleblowers while curtailing underhanded financial dealings. It protects the whistleblowers by making provisions to secure the tenacity of their employment against recriminations based on their collusion with the government. It also helps the whistleblower by providing incentives in the amount of between ten and thirty percent of recovered monetary sanctions which are in excess of a million dollars. Additional incentive recovery is also available based on what kind of information the whistleblower is able to bring to the table. The only thing this act cannot protect against is reputation declination, and that’s where Labaton Sucharow comes in.

Jordan A. Thomas runs a legal team of professionals in the country’s first ever Whistleblower Representation Practice, Labaton Sucharow. Whistleblowers can bring their case to Sucharow with no cost for an initial consultation. That case can then be fought by SEC Whistleblowee lawyers in place of their client, such that the client remains anonymous. Thomas is the man who pioneered Dodd-Frank, writing the majority of it while he was working in capacity as both Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel of the Enforcement Division in the SEC.

Between Labaton Sucharow and Dodd-Frank, whistleblowers have a better chance than ever before of helping curtail issues like poverty by enforcing oversight on underhanded business dealings.

Securus Steps Up For the Blue!

In a press release from June 7, 2016 on Securus Technology’s website, Richard A Smith, Chief Executive Officer, is putting the men and women in blue at the top of his list. “I love our industry- serving law enforcement, corrections, inmates, friends and family members and all of society” is what Richard, also known as Rick said in regards to the wrongdoings of Global Tel Link. He states that their business isn’t just about making money but taking care of their customers best interests. Not many CEO’s can say that for themselves these days.
Over the next six months Securus will be focusing on the actions of Global Tel Link (GTL) through press releases. This is not necessarily to punish GTL but to bring to light their mistakes and to prompt the business to start acting with integrity.


The Louisiana Public Service Commission launched an investigation into GTL when they served the Louisiana Department of Corrections. They found that GTL had programmed the clocks in the phones to add 15 or 36 seconds to the length of each call which was not permitted. They also added different amounts of money to calls after they were already rated. This was deemed inappropriate in inexcusable. Billing was also duplicated on single calls and there was no excuse other than to make more money. Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged $1,243,000. This amount is appalling.
These actions have been taking place for about 18 years which prompted the CEO of Securus to bring it up. I feel that the CEO should be commended for his work in this investigation and for his positive approach in trying to force more integrity on GTL and not just punish them. Many CEOs in this world are only out for themselves and their money. Kudos to Richard Smith and Securus Technologies for standing up for law enforcement ethics, moral values, and what their company believes in!

Makari: Be Beautiful, Be You.

When looking for the undisputed world-wide leader in the art and science of beautification, one need look no further than Makari De Suisse. After years of witnessing women and men of color being neglected by the skincare industry Makari has made a name for itself as the best in beauty and personal care products for this demographic. With its line of personal beauty products that range from skincare, cosmetics, haircare, fragrances, and many other accessories Makari has something for every discernable desire. Whether the intent is renewal and restoration, beauty enhancement, hair regrowth, blemish diminishing, cleansing, or skin lightening they have the products to fit all needs.
Makari is backed by science and strives to uphold the highest in technical and quality standards. Based in Switzerland, Makari has spent an immeasurable amount of time researching and developing the best and most effective products the industry has to offer. Combining all natural ingredients such as argon oil, carrot oil, and caviar ensures safe and potent results.
Perhaps Makari De Suiss’ claim to fame and most remarkable line of products is their skin lightening lineup. With choices ranging from lotions, body washes, exfoliating soaps, and serums – all made with natural ingredients- Makari is the gentle but effective solution to naturally lightening skin tones. Their skin lightening line has been specifically formulated to lessen the appearance of dark spots, blemishes, and other skin concerns that can hinder the attainment of the perfect skin tone. Makari’s main goal help their customers achieve a perfectly even skin tone through the most natural and safe methods possible

Why Kyle Bass Shouldn’t Be Taken At Face Value

Kyle Bass is a master market manipulator, and that seems to be his primary skill. He used to work for Bear-Stearns, the first bank to fold during the sub-prime lending market collapse of 2008. Bass, soon after his employment relationship with Bear-Stearns collapsed, gave proprietary trading information to a journalist who then asked probing questions on the mainstream media. Even though the questions asked were essentially moot, and concerned regular practices between banks, the end result was a loss of investor confidence which led to a collapse of Bear-Stearns’ stock value so penultimate J.P. Morgan-Chase bought them out by the end of the week. Bass would go on to predict that an economic meltdown was coming in America. Of course he knew that, he’s the one that knocked over one of the first dominoes! Yet this declaration of his made him internationally famous, and is one reason he is touted as an economic authority today.

When looking at Bass’ actions contemporarily, it seems he hasn’t stopped using such manipulative techniques. Currently he’s endorsing Hillary Clinton while pointing out that, though China is headed for a recession, it probably won’t be quite as dire as the one America saw in 2008. Why is Bass saying this? What does he hope to gain? These are important question, because with Bass profit always seems to be a prime motivator. Consider his pseudo-humanitarian organization, CAD.

CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, and through petitions, lawsuits, and the like, Bass is able to force big-ticket pharmaceuticals to cut the prices they sell their medicine for, thus reducing their stock value. When the price-drop hits, he short-sells his holdings with the pharmaceutical company and makes millions. It’s almost as though Bass’ prime mode of profit comes from the misfortune of big-ticket companies.

Bass is an Argentine by birth, and regularly works with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who is the socialist leader of Argentina currently. De Kirchner has defaulted Argentina twice in only 13 years, yet Bass says nothing but good things about her. Perhaps Bass and De Kirchner are working together under some ulterior socialist motive. While this isn’t exactly clear, his manipulative efforts are, and these predicate caution in any dealings with the man.

Bob Reina is happy to lead Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is an absolutely brilliant businessperson. He has helped numerous companies reach new heights, but he has one main passion. Bob wants to change the way we talk to one another. He believes that improving communication between people can help businesses become more efficient and better at marketing their products. Bob’s passion has produced an amazing project, Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is an exciting video communications company. The company was founded on the belief that people are highly visual creatures. People like seeing one another and they are more likely to purchase a product if they can see it. These universal truths give Talk Fusion their purpose.

Talk Fusion creates social networking, video broadcasting, and video conferencing techniques for many years. The company’s first product was a video e-mail service. The service sounds simple, but it is a major upgrade to normal e-mail. Video e-mail has a major wow factor because you can visually see the person that is e-mailing you. This product adds an extra layer of intimacy to each e-mail.

Video e-mail sounds extremely complicated, considering that just 10 years ago there were almost no videos on the internet. Video e-mail is actually incredibly simple. When you want to send someone a message, you simply record it on a camera or using your webcam. When you finish your message, you open the Talk Fusion portal and you upload the file. After your file is uploaded you can craft your video e-mail. You can add graphics and additional messages to give your e-mail a personal touch. Videos are stored on the platform, and can be re-used multiple times.

Bob Reina is excited about Talk Fusion’s future. He knows their products can change the way people communicate with one another. He works with the other leaders at Talk Fusion to help develop new communications methods. He wants each product to be game-changing, so he remains committed to quality.

Talk Fusion is one piece of the future. People want to communicate with one another, but increasingly people live far from one another. Video e-mail will change the business world forever.


IAP Worldwide Services Expands Through Acquisitions

IAP Worldwide is a leading service provider in logistics, facilities management and technology to the government and commercial clients in the U.S. and around the world. They provide services for aviation support, emergency response services, expediting services, supply chain and logistics, facilities management, operations and management. The company provides network and communications services, customized infrastructure, health and emergency services, power plant operations, and renewable energy services. Their services can handle environmental issues, and those of overseas battlefields as well. They provide services in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. They began in Cape Canaveral in 1990.

Recent Acquisitions

On November 5, 2015, IAP acquired DRS Technologies, Aviation and Logistics (A&L), and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS). A&L is in aircraft repair and management, logistics and mission support services. TCNS provides information technology and communications support to the U.S. Department of Defense. IAP will integrate the capabilities of the new acquisitions into its current services to provide an even further range of options to its customers. The new companies will form a new unit, Aviation & Engineering Solutions and expand the National Security Program unit.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

IAP’s Strategy

IAP Worldwide has adopted a strategy of organic growth through lean operations and innovation of their core services. They will also expand through acquiring and assimilating companies that complement their main businesses. IAP has been providing environmental services, facilities management services and many other operating services to the military and industrial companies for many years. They provide a broad spectrum of services to companies in more than 20 different countries. IAP’s headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, Florida. They operate in over 100 different locations. They also have offices in Washington D.C. and Panama City, Florida, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

IAP’s mission is provide solutions to the most challenging issues faced by military, commercial and industrial organizations globally. They face major challenges each and every day, so they welcome them. They have built their reputation on being able to take on any task and find the proper solution in as short a time span as possible. They will continue to seek new and innovative ways to help their customers reach their goals.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:,-inc-l-virginia.aspx