IAP Worldwide Services Expands Through Acquisitions

IAP Worldwide is a leading service provider in logistics, facilities management and technology to the government and commercial clients in the U.S. and around the world. They provide services for aviation support, emergency response services, expediting services, supply chain and logistics, facilities management, operations and management. The company provides network and communications services, customized infrastructure, health and emergency services, power plant operations, and renewable energy services. Their services can handle environmental issues, and those of overseas battlefields as well. They provide services in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. They began in Cape Canaveral in 1990.

Recent Acquisitions

On November 5, 2015, IAP acquired DRS Technologies, Aviation and Logistics (A&L), and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS). A&L is in aircraft repair and management, logistics and mission support services. TCNS provides information technology and communications support to the U.S. Department of Defense. IAP will integrate the capabilities of the new acquisitions into its current services to provide an even further range of options to its customers. The new companies will form a new unit, Aviation & Engineering Solutions and expand the National Security Program unit.

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IAP’s Strategy

IAP Worldwide has adopted a strategy of organic growth through lean operations and innovation of their core services. They will also expand through acquiring and assimilating companies that complement their main businesses. IAP has been providing environmental services, facilities management services and many other operating services to the military and industrial companies for many years. They provide a broad spectrum of services to companies in more than 20 different countries. IAP’s headquarters are in Cape Canaveral, Florida. They operate in over 100 different locations. They also have offices in Washington D.C. and Panama City, Florida, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

IAP’s mission is provide solutions to the most challenging issues faced by military, commercial and industrial organizations globally. They face major challenges each and every day, so they welcome them. They have built their reputation on being able to take on any task and find the proper solution in as short a time span as possible. They will continue to seek new and innovative ways to help their customers reach their goals.

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