Securus Steps Up For the Blue!

In a press release from June 7, 2016 on Securus Technology’s website, Richard A Smith, Chief Executive Officer, is putting the men and women in blue at the top of his list. “I love our industry- serving law enforcement, corrections, inmates, friends and family members and all of society” is what Richard, also known as Rick said in regards to the wrongdoings of Global Tel Link. He states that their business isn’t just about making money but taking care of their customers best interests. Not many CEO’s can say that for themselves these days.
Over the next six months Securus will be focusing on the actions of Global Tel Link (GTL) through press releases. This is not necessarily to punish GTL but to bring to light their mistakes and to prompt the business to start acting with integrity.


The Louisiana Public Service Commission launched an investigation into GTL when they served the Louisiana Department of Corrections. They found that GTL had programmed the clocks in the phones to add 15 or 36 seconds to the length of each call which was not permitted. They also added different amounts of money to calls after they were already rated. This was deemed inappropriate in inexcusable. Billing was also duplicated on single calls and there was no excuse other than to make more money. Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged $1,243,000. This amount is appalling.
These actions have been taking place for about 18 years which prompted the CEO of Securus to bring it up. I feel that the CEO should be commended for his work in this investigation and for his positive approach in trying to force more integrity on GTL and not just punish them. Many CEOs in this world are only out for themselves and their money. Kudos to Richard Smith and Securus Technologies for standing up for law enforcement ethics, moral values, and what their company believes in!

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