Mike Baur Aids Startups in Switzerland to Attain Business Success through the Swiss Startup Factory

Over the years, Mike Baur, a Swiss national and entrepreneur, has continuously made a name for himself in the startup accelerator realms through the Swiss Start-Up Factory. SSUF marks a significant part of Mike’s entrepreneurship career and through it; he has helped many youths in Switzerland to attain their entrepreneurship goals through mentoring and assisting them financially.

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Before venturing into his current entrepreneurship practice, Baur worked for the Sallfort Privatbank, which is a leading Swiss banking institution with a special focus on private banking. Being in the banking institution for about 20 years propelled him to becoming an executive board member. Baur later worked for UBS Wealth Management Group as a commercial apprentice before co-founding SSUF.

Currently, he is the Co-Founder of the top Startup Accelerator company in Switzerland that focuses on ICT. Further, he serves as the Director and Co-Founder of the Swiss Startup Association. He graduated from the University of Berne with an Executive MBA after attaining an MBA from New York’s University of Rochester.

A Look at the Swiss StartUp Factory

The Swiss StartUp Factory serves as a brilliant idea that led to a lucrative business venture, which was made possible by the co-founders, Oliver Walzer Mike Baur and Max Meister. Since its inception in 2014, the Zurich-based start-up accelerator has been helping talented or capable digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland to accomplish their desired goals. Its establishment was significantly motivated by the need to establish global or world-class companies capable of disrupting the existing business models norms as well as products in the market.

As the premier private and independent Swiss company, the Swiss Start Up Factory leverages on its deeply entrenched network in Switzerland as well as worldwide to help talented Startups accomplish success. In this case, it relies on its three months accelerator program whereby startups are provided with all-round services, mentoring, office space and coaching. Apart from helping Swiss startups, SSUF also deals with other important programs such as Hello Vega, which is an online food store for vegetarians or vegans. On the other hand, Diplomero serves as an online learning site or platform while Diabrid is a lifestyle app that specializes in diabetic patients.

In the recent past, it launched The SSUF Female Founder Network initiative, which aims at building a strong ecosystem for female Swiss entrepreneurs. Through this initiative, SSUF links female founders together, welcomes angel investors and personal mentors as well as delivering ongoing support through its established network.

Upcoming Mega Projects in New York City

The real estate deals that have been formally proposed in New York City were mostly office projects. The biggest of these projects is the Tishman Speyer project. It will have 1 million square feet of space once completed. The project will take place as two connected towers. The second largest building will be Thor Equities. It will have 643,103 square feet of office space once completed. From there, there will be a huge drop in size. They will range from 250, 000 to 57,996 sq. feet of office space. In the top ten, only three of them are residential buildings. In addition, only one of them will be a hotel. Most of them will be office buildings in Queens and Brooklyn.

Some Notable Examples
The Queens Plaza South is a project by Tishman Speyer. The project will be two interconnected towers. As of now, WeWork has already inked lease for 258,000 square feet at one of the towers. This construction site is on the opposite side of the street where Tishman will build residential buildings. The residential project has secured a $640 million loan for the development. The loan was acquired in partnership with H&R Real Estate Investment Trust. The project is also close to a mixed user tower developed by Tishman, which was sold to H&R in 2011.

About Town Residential
The firm is one of the leading luxury real estate firms in New York. The five-year journey to the top has been due to its commitment to quality customer service. To ensure this, they have one of the best teams of Representatives. For anyone looking for the luxury real estate, he or she will no doubt come across TOWN Residential.

The firm specializes in leasing, marketing, leasing property developments; retail and commercial. It is one of the most professionally run establishments in New York. One if its accolade is that it is one of the top 50 places to work in New York.  To see their full listings of NYC properties, check out the official site: http://www.townrealestate.com/.

For anyone in search of real estate services, Town Residential is worth trying. They have gained knowledge in just five years that you may find useful. Their meteoric rise to the helm has been due to their commitment to quality.

Why Terry Baltes is Ohio’s Real Estate Kingpin

Hotel guests have become accustomed to facilities that were once deemed to be luxurious. These include complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi and first-rate bed linens. There are fears that the hospitality sector might soon reach a customer satisfaction peak. This is according to J.D Power’s 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study. Every year, the study measures the general satisfaction level of hotel guests.

Seven key indicators are used to determine the satisfaction rate. These are hotel facilities, cost & fees, food & beverage, check-in and check-out, guest room and reservation. The level of satisfaction is calculated based on a thousand-point gauge. Despite the fact that satisfaction has been improving, the percentage of improvement has drastically fallen. In 2016 for instance, the percentage stands at one percent. Customer response has been overwhelming, a situation that has made hitherto luxurious facilities to become standard.

Rick Garlick who is an expert in hospitality issues, argues that hotel guests are no longer seeing any added value in the amenities that most hotels currently offer. The only solution to this stalemate is differentiating brands through the development of a strong hotel service culture. This will make guests to feel special once more. Middle-level hotels ought to learn from luxury hotels, which continue to post high satisfaction indices. These hotels have continued to provide clients with additional value.

Important Notes about Terry Baltes

Mr. Baltes is the founder and proprietor of Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd. This real estate firm was started in 1977 to market residential, industrial and commercial properties in the Mid-West. The Ohio based company has sold property worth 4 billion dollars, making it one of the most successful real estate companies in the US. Terry is a respected personality in the real estate market. He mainly serves clients in Ohio, Kansas and Indiana.

Under Terry’s leadership, the firm recently made inroads into Louisiana and West Virginia. The aggressive and ambitious expansion plan that it has adopted is a manifestation of Mr. Baltes’s proactive approach to business. Terry attended the Ohio State University, where he graduated with a degree in finance, marketing and real estate. He acknowledges that Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd has been successful because of his ability to take challenges head-on.

Getting to Know Norka Luque

People are going to get to know Norka Luque real soon. She has become the type of singer that is ready to move up in the ranks of Latin artists because she has a very authentic sound. She is produced by Emilio Estefan, husband of Gloria Estefan, but she still has her own unique sound. There are some hints of Gloria Estefan, but Norka has managed to build her own presence with the hit “Milagro.”

Norka Luque is a sensation that has moved from her Venezuelan homeland to America. At one time she was waiting on her career change as she pursued other things. She has a degree in marketing, and she knows how to market herself. She has created an image of a sensual singer that has some great dance moves. Norka has been the one that has made people sing when they felt like crying. She has made people rejoice and overcome their struggles. She seems to take the bad things in life with a grain of salt.

Norka Luque is the type of woman that has been able to see the benefits of building a career in other things in the event that one thing did not work. She studied marketing, but she also studied fashion and culinary arts. Singing was always brewing in the background though. Luque still realized that it was going to be quite important to get an education in order to sustain herself. She has managed to do well in singing, but she always had an alternate plan if this did not work the way she assumed that it would.

Right now she doesn’t have to worry about any type of alternate plan. She is going to do just fine in the singing world. She has the right producers and the perfect sound for Latin artists that are transitioning into American pop. Norka Luque has also been very dominant on charts in Brazil as well. She has the crossover appeal that music producers are looking for. Her ability to make it to the top will be based on her passion. Fortunately, she has a lot of passion, and she also has a lot of focus.

Norka Luque knows that the career path that she has chosen is a challenging one. She is working on an album and marketing herself through social media. She has everything to gain as she works hard to become a star.

Thor Halvorssen Continues His Fight To End Human Rights Abuses

Thor Halvorssen is a name known throughout the human rights activism community, but has recently become known by people in the wider world after his many appearances on news media from across the political spectrum. The ability of Halvorssen to speak in a calm and precise way has allowed him the chance to bring his views on global human rights abuses to the public without caring about the politics of a particular news network or publication.

Venezuelan born Thor Halvorssen has defended his own independence in the face of the traditional view that only left wing media should be used by human rights activists; Thor Halvorssen has used this independence to bring awareness to the abuses undertaken by the socialist governments of Venezuela and Cuba, which are often ignored by other activism groups.

Thor Halvorssen has a large amount of personal experience working in different areas of the world and now bases himself in New York for his human rights and film production work. Halvorssen uses his position in the entertainment industry as a high profile film producer to bring to account entertainment stars who undertake tourts and performances for dictators and governments known for committing human rights abuses.

Over the course of his career Thor Halvorssen has been looking for new and innovative ways of raising awareness for those affected by the worst in human rights abuses. Among the major developments Thor Halvorssen has overseen are his development of the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum; the Oslo Frredom Forum in particular has been a huge success that continues to grow each year.

Halvorssen looks set to continue his fight against human rights abusers following his admission that his own family has been affected by a loss of their rights in their native Venezuela. Both parents of Thor Halvorssen have been physically injured by Venezuelan officials because of their opposition to government policies, and another member of the Halvorssen family remains in prison because of his political views as Thor fights for his freedom.

Billionaire George Soros Invests in the Democrat Party

It is not unusual for the very wealthy among us to involve themselves in the political arena. Billionaire philanthropist, George Soros exemplifies this with his involvement in the Democrat party of the United States for the past several decades.

According to the George Soros official website, he was born in Hungary during World War II. He escaped the Nazi-ridden section of Europe to England where he studied economics. Soros later immigrated to the United States and created a successful hedge fund company that would later be known as the Quantum Fund on Bloomberg. After risking billions on a British currency supposition, Investopedia explains how Soros became one of the richest men in the world. In return for his success in the investment industry, he has donated a portion of his wealth to noble causes including his own charity, Open Society, which operates worldwide to provide government accountability and to promote the individual’s rights. He has also donated and invested his money to colleges and universities throughout the globe in the quest of educating people who may not have the means to.

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In addition to being a philanthropist, George Soros deems it vital to contribute to the political discourse happening in the United States today. He literally puts his money where his mouth is by giving millions to the Democrat party. Politico reports that after donating an astonishing $27 million in 2004 in an attempt to defeat former President George W. Bush, Soros tamped down his donations. However, he has recently committed approximately $25 million to Hilary Clinton during this contentious campaign cycle. According to George’s political advisor, he has been a consistent donor to the democrat cause, but this latest pledge is reminiscent of the prodigious donation made to a presidential campaign over a decade ago.

Other wealthy individuals including, Tom Steyer and Don Sussman have also pledged large amounts to help promote the democrat nominee, but they pale in comparison to George Soros’ ability to impact this campaign. Another important cause Soros is contributing to is America Votes, which works to mobilize voters. This is relevant because of the huge success of President Obama’s get out the vote campaign in ’08 and ’12 that helped to get him elected.

Bob Reina And Talk Fusion Are Changing The Way Business Is Done

If you are not familiar with the name Bob Reina, chances are that you’re familiar with the brand Talk Fusion. It is one of the fastest growing and leading communications development companies around to date. They offer the world’s first all-in-one communications service for businesses or otherwise. You no longer have to be stuck with the mundanity of scrolling through text after text in your email list.

With Talk Fusion, you can create a personalized video email in less tan 60 seconds. There are over 1,000 pre-designed templates to choose from if you’re not the best at creating your own. You can choose from a list of various multiple languages as well for easy interpretation and creation of your messages. The service is growing rapidly now with functionality in over 140 countries worldwide.

There is no better way to advertise your brand online than with a beautifully rendered video email to wow your clients. It grabs you attention immediately and studies have show that the information is retained and recalled easier through video. It makes a lot of sense considering how many email texts a person goes through in one afternoon. This is especially true for a business. Whether it’s your personal account, for a charity cause or for big and small businesses, this is the best way to get your point across.

Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of the Talk Fusion Brand. He is a dedicated family and business man with unwavering standards for his company’s success. Being an ex-policeman has taught him the dedication necessary to keep moving forward no matter what. Having a background in marketing has taught him how to work with the public and the technology necessary to get the best results possible.

After having his plan to embed a 5-10 second video in some emails to close clients, Reina decided to shun the rejection of America Online (AOL) and team up with a sort of technical guru friend of his from college. They made a working prototype and the rest is history for Bob and his booming company.

How Do Development Deals In New Jersey Originate With Devco?

Devco originates a large majority of development deals in New Jersey with their loan products, and every loan product is offered to a municipality or county that requires extra cash. Cash flow is difficult to manage in large communities, and every large community has access to a loan that may pay for a brand new construction project. This article explains how the Press of Atlantic City newspaper has reported on Devco financing in the past, and there is a brief look at how loans produce construction projects made for economic expansion.
#1: How Much Money May Be Borrowed?

Borrowing money from Devco is an extensive process that takes into account the credit rating of the region, their government plan for expansion and Devco’s plan for construction. DEVCO works hand-in-hand with their clients to plan construction, and their plans produce the highest rate-of-return for tax payments.

#2: Which Jobs Are Created?

Jobs are created from the moment a loan is approved until the construction is complete. Denizens of the region may find work in the new construction projects upon completion, and construction workers may move into the area for work. Retail and commercial work maintains each building, and jobs will continue to grow for years post-completion.

#3: How Many Loans May A City Take?

Devco is careful to offer loans that will align with their lending philosophy. Devco wishes to help as many municipalities as possible, but they may not wish to approve every application they receive. Their work is defined by the assistance they may offer, and Devco prefers to provide cash that will have an immediate impact in a community.

Devco is offering loans that will change New Jersey cityscapes from old and battered facades to brand new visages. Every loan provides jobs, tax profit and prestige for a community.