Mike Baur Aids Startups in Switzerland to Attain Business Success through the Swiss Startup Factory

Over the years, Mike Baur, a Swiss national and entrepreneur, has continuously made a name for himself in the startup accelerator realms through the Swiss Start-Up Factory. SSUF marks a significant part of Mike’s entrepreneurship career and through it; he has helped many youths in Switzerland to attain their entrepreneurship goals through mentoring and assisting them financially.

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Before venturing into his current entrepreneurship practice, Baur worked for the Sallfort Privatbank, which is a leading Swiss banking institution with a special focus on private banking. Being in the banking institution for about 20 years propelled him to becoming an executive board member. Baur later worked for UBS Wealth Management Group as a commercial apprentice before co-founding SSUF.

Currently, he is the Co-Founder of the top Startup Accelerator company in Switzerland that focuses on ICT. Further, he serves as the Director and Co-Founder of the Swiss Startup Association. He graduated from the University of Berne with an Executive MBA after attaining an MBA from New York’s University of Rochester.

A Look at the Swiss StartUp Factory

The Swiss StartUp Factory serves as a brilliant idea that led to a lucrative business venture, which was made possible by the co-founders, Oliver Walzer Mike Baur and Max Meister. Since its inception in 2014, the Zurich-based start-up accelerator has been helping talented or capable digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland to accomplish their desired goals. Its establishment was significantly motivated by the need to establish global or world-class companies capable of disrupting the existing business models norms as well as products in the market.

As the premier private and independent Swiss company, the Swiss Start Up Factory leverages on its deeply entrenched network in Switzerland as well as worldwide to help talented Startups accomplish success. In this case, it relies on its three months accelerator program whereby startups are provided with all-round services, mentoring, office space and coaching. Apart from helping Swiss startups, SSUF also deals with other important programs such as Hello Vega, which is an online food store for vegetarians or vegans. On the other hand, Diplomero serves as an online learning site or platform while Diabrid is a lifestyle app that specializes in diabetic patients.

In the recent past, it launched The SSUF Female Founder Network initiative, which aims at building a strong ecosystem for female Swiss entrepreneurs. Through this initiative, SSUF links female founders together, welcomes angel investors and personal mentors as well as delivering ongoing support through its established network.

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