Securus Technologies Responds To GTL’s Claims

Securus Technologies, the largest and most popular provider of criminal justice technology, is lowering the boom on its competitor Global Tel Link (GTL).


On June 9, Securus Technologies called out GTL for releasing a series of press releases rife with inaccuracies and outright lies. In response to GTL’s alleged wrongdoings, Securus issued a response to clarify the claims made by GTL.


In all, GTL made six claims against Securus. All of the claims involve patents regarding technology. GTL and Securus have engaged in a long-standing feud for the last two years. GTL has been the subject of many instances of alleged fraud and security breaches as found by the Louisiana Public Safety Commission. The findings were so egregious that Securus Technologies began issuing a series of press releases outlining the company’s misdeeds.



Securus CEO Rick Smith responded that his company wasn’t particularly concerned about GTL’s ranting’s. “We will continue to defend ourselves against the attacks.”


Smith went on to say that he would stack his company’s technology up against GTL’s at any time. “Instead of responding to my requests, GTL has kept silent. That is very telling.”


While Smith never confirmed whether or not the press releases from GTL are retaliation for Securus issuing press releases against them, he said he wouldn’t rule it out.


Securus Technologies currently contracts with over 3,000 correctional and law enforcement facilities in the U.S. They offer a full line of security, public information, communication, investigative and self-service tools.


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David Osio and team launch new Real Estate App

The real estate market is constantly expanding with new and exciting opportunities to keep clients satisfied with their purchases. David Osio, and a team of talent executives working for Davos Real Estate Group are on a mission to take real estate mobile.

The team has launched a mobile application known as “Davos CAP Calculator” presented in a recent statement. This application will change the game. The application estimates the return on real estate investments in which the client is interested in.

Davos Real Estate Group is a big part of Davos Financial Group, leader in the Latin American market for nearly two years. The real estate team is constantly watching real estate market trends and offering financial advice to clients. The goal of the business is to offer the best investment strategy to qualified clients that will meet their needs. The Davos group is highly regarded around the community. They always produce high quality of service.

Executive Director of Davos REG, Gerard González has spent the last six months working closely with technology giant Tecknolution designing the important mobile applications. One the expenses associated with the property are properly analyzed, then the financial experts can estimate the gains on the investment property.

The application has been tested on all the latest generation of electronics and is available for all iPhones and Android devices. It can be seen in the App Store and Google Play Store. The launching of the app provides several complementary apps, which will allow the ability to identify properties through your mobile device with a touch of your finger.

With so many users on mobile devices, the launching of the app opens so many doors for new opportunities. Now clients can be engaged with real estate when traveling and always be up to date on financial trends. There are also mortgage trends provided by local bank projections that accounts for interest and scheduled payments.

Now the Davos organization will continue to grow and build partnerships around the United States.

David Osio is the CEO of the Davos Financial Group of companies in Venezuela. He is an expert in financial advice. Osio has partnered with several licensed companies in cities around the world including New York, Miami, Geneva, and Panama.

Before he became a popular CEO he worked Letco Commercial Companies where he worked in structured marketing programs. In 1984, he got experience with law. He worked for Caracas law firm MGO.

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Lip Balm Is Here To Help Those Who Can’t Shake Dry lips

Most people start licking their lips a lot when they are becoming dry in an attempt to keep them moist. However, in many cases, their lips stay just as dry or even become chapped from so much rubbing and drying out. Instead, people should be using something designed to keep the lips moisturized with special ingredients. This is where Evolution of Smooth comes in and shines, with special ingredients that put life back into the lips.
There are even some people out there that think they just do not have nice lips and they won’t get any better. This is bad because chapped lips can be painful and even bleed. Evolution of Smooth can take care of this problem for anyone’s lips. Regular use of the product will begin changing the lips, to reverse the cracking and drying damage that has built up. With Evolution of Smooth, no one needs to feel the painful effects of chapped lips or be afraid to smile and feel self-conscious.

Evolution of Smooth’s small round shaped lip balms are capable of being taken someone would like to go, always ready to take care of chapped lips or to pre-moisture lips for the use of lipstick. This is helpful for women because many lipsticks out there can actually be harsh on the lips, but this is an easy fix with Evolution of Smooth. This is a lot better than spending money on an expensive product trying to make the lips look and feel better, when all these is needed is one of Evolution of Smooth‘s handy lip balms.

EOS’s lip balms have become a treatment for anyone that can be used on the go at any time. User’s will experience their lips becoming softer and any cracks disappearing. The product can be used regularly, so there is no need to hold back when trying to fix the lips. Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms can be found online on eBay as well as retailers like Walmart . Visit their website:



IAP Worldwide Demonstrates Its superiority by offering Successful Mission Support to the U.S Military

IAP Worldwide is among the top respected logistic companies that provide outstanding skills and services even when faced with the most challenging and demanding conditions. The company has maintained its reputation for more than sixty years in providing mission support to select organizations and government agencies.

Some of its outstanding capabilities have been displayed by its accomplishments while supporting U.S military missions around the world. The company has been contracted severally by US security agencies to help them with various military installations. Indeed, IAP Worldwide Services’ superiority has been largely demonstrated through its successful missions alongside the U.S military.

In 2005, Readiness Management Company, a subsidiary of IAP global services, together with the U.S air force helped to install The Kabul Air Control Center. RMC worked in close cooperation with Midwest ATC Services and ManTech Telecommunications to install the control unit in one of the world’s most congested airspaces.

The Kabul Air Control Center was established with a primary purpose of supporting the U.S military’s mission, Operation Enduring Freedom, in Afghanistan. IAP Worldwide Services was contracted to support the mission through improvements to the previously congested Afghanistan’s aviation infrastructure. The control center helped in monitoring commercial, military, and civilian flights that were used to generate income that was critical in developing the country’s aviation infrastructure.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

In the contract, RMS and the other subcontractors helped to design new flight airways, installed new and maintained existing communications equipment, helped in final flight check, provided non-radar support systems, and installed four other air control systems in different locations in Afghanistan.

To date, RMS experts have worked alongside other Afghanistan employees to manage the air control system. Other mission support services offered by the company include the provision of a rapid response unit for military deployment, disaster relief, and facility maintenance with the installation of different infrastructures.

IAP Worldwide’s quality services are provided by more than 1600 employees who have an exceptional background in Engineering, program management, finance management, construction, and other related technical specialties. The employees are trained to be flexible and creative in addressing their customers’ needs. They are also knowledgeable of methods of tackling issues that may emerge while working under extremely challenging situations.

Besides building a dedicated team of experts, IAP Worldwide has also acquired a number of technological companies that specialize in the provision of technical solutions that are relevant to the logistic company. Among them are G3 Engineering Company, RMS technology, DRS Technologies Inc.’s Aviation & Network solutions and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions.

All you Need to Know About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an international investment company that is based in the United States. Just recently, the company released its financial reports for the international consumer. The report is the fourth edition of its M&A, and it is covering the transaction activities in Madison Street Capital and other related institutions.

According to the report, there were forty two deals that closed or were announced in 2015 in the international community. When compared to the 2014 report, 2015 transactions increased significantly when compared to what was had been reported. The volume of the transactions were measured in volume, and according to the report, they went up by twenty seven percent, compared to what was reported in 2014. The institution noted that there were some key motivators that had created the good environment for these deals. This environment is also put 2016 in a good record for better performance.

The report stated that the assets in the industry were high, just as usual. These assets were high, despite the reported mediocre performance that was reported and experienced in many institutions throughout the year. Hedge fund industries’ performance wasn’t good as expected. However, the managers in charge of these institutions tried to make increased allocations, especially in the alternative asset management sector. The managers did this in order to get better returns that can at least match the rising liabilities in the competitive modern market. Smaller organizations that growing were also working hard to increase their operating capital. Most of them have been working below the required portfolio capacity.

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading companies in the globe that offer full service and integrated approach to the different institutions and individuals in the globe. Madison Street Capital specializes in hedge funds and asset managers.

When the company was started, it had one objective: to build strong reliable businesses that will be available in different communities in the world. The client’s needs are given the first priority by the company. This has given the company the upper hand in the competitive market. The institution is also involved in philanthropic activities. The company offers support to many organizations in the globe. Most of the support is given in form of funds and other important services.

Madison Street Capital has been so successful thanks to a group of professionals who work around the clock. The professionals are very experienced, and they have a lot of knowledge in relationship. The company has become very powerful over the years, and the team is responsible for the success. Madison Street Capital has been in the industry was quite some time, and it has gained enough experience any challenging situation in the industry. During these years, Madison Street has helped thousands of clients in diverse industries.

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