IAP Worldwide Demonstrates Its superiority by offering Successful Mission Support to the U.S Military

IAP Worldwide is among the top respected logistic companies that provide outstanding skills and services even when faced with the most challenging and demanding conditions. The company has maintained its reputation for more than sixty years in providing mission support to select organizations and government agencies.

Some of its outstanding capabilities have been displayed by its accomplishments while supporting U.S military missions around the world. The company has been contracted severally by US security agencies to help them with various military installations. Indeed, IAP Worldwide Services’ superiority has been largely demonstrated through its successful missions alongside the U.S military.

In 2005, Readiness Management Company, a subsidiary of IAP global services, together with the U.S air force helped to install The Kabul Air Control Center. RMC worked in close cooperation with Midwest ATC Services and ManTech Telecommunications to install the control unit in one of the world’s most congested airspaces.

The Kabul Air Control Center was established with a primary purpose of supporting the U.S military’s mission, Operation Enduring Freedom, in Afghanistan. IAP Worldwide Services was contracted to support the mission through improvements to the previously congested Afghanistan’s aviation infrastructure. The control center helped in monitoring commercial, military, and civilian flights that were used to generate income that was critical in developing the country’s aviation infrastructure.

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In the contract, RMS and the other subcontractors helped to design new flight airways, installed new and maintained existing communications equipment, helped in final flight check, provided non-radar support systems, and installed four other air control systems in different locations in Afghanistan.

To date, RMS experts have worked alongside other Afghanistan employees to manage the air control system. Other mission support services offered by the company include the provision of a rapid response unit for military deployment, disaster relief, and facility maintenance with the installation of different infrastructures.

IAP Worldwide’s quality services are provided by more than 1600 employees who have an exceptional background in Engineering, program management, finance management, construction, and other related technical specialties. The employees are trained to be flexible and creative in addressing their customers’ needs. They are also knowledgeable of methods of tackling issues that may emerge while working under extremely challenging situations.

Besides building a dedicated team of experts, IAP Worldwide has also acquired a number of technological companies that specialize in the provision of technical solutions that are relevant to the logistic company. Among them are G3 Engineering Company, RMS technology, DRS Technologies Inc.’s Aviation & Network solutions and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions.

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