For Those Who Want Something New, VTA Publications Offers It


If you’ve ever felt that there has to be a better way than simply putting your money in a bank without and watching it do very little, then VTA Publications might be a place you want to visit. This is a UK-based company that educates people in the secrets to financial planning, and taking charge of their retirement. Sometimes the way to do it is by changing your mindset and taking a few pointers along the way, and if you’re ready to do that then is where you should go.


You might be surprised at where you can learn retirement planning from, as VTA Publications takes information about retiring straight from the bible. Stock trading is also made easier through courses on learning about stock charts and executing trades. There is also information about little-known strategies for trading options, and if you want even more insights you can purchase seminar recordings of some of the most innovative businessmen and investors. VTA ships these materials to just about anywhere in the world, and they come in a variety of formats.

The man who started VTA Publications is Jim Hunt, a man who knows a thing or two about investing in alternative funds and making top-notch stock trades. Hunt spends a good deal of his time reading up on financial information and growing markets, and he produces YouTube videos about stock charts and trading making the process simple for his followers. Hunt certainly advocates a lot of reading for his followers, and insists that stock trading is fairly simple at its core.


Jim Hunt decided to take stock trading up a notch when he started “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” shows users how they can make a profit when they’re about to face a bear market through moving their money with just a couple phone calls. “Making Mum a Millionaire” is a 10-trade process that shows which kind of stocks could generate riches.  Ideamensch recently interviewed Jim about his work with VTA, it’s definitely worth checking out for the information he provides.


Investment success; the story of Brian Bonar

Many people think that succeeding in business comes automatically after you get a degree in finance from the university. While getting a school degree is the best basis you can get for people that want to invest, but to understand how everything in the market works, hands on experience is the best teacher.

The other great benefit that you get when you decide to go into the business world is that you get a chance to use your personality traits to your advantage. This is the path that one Brian Bonar took in his investment journey and now, decades after he began, the results of his business model are clearly visible.

Brian Bonar is the CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corp. He has been working in the financial markets for many years. He is in charge of supervising all the activities that happen in the business and deal with aftermarkets for goods and services. He studies the financial markets and gives advice on the information and solutions that will help them grow their businesses.

Brian is also the CEO at Imaging Technologies Corporation. The company develops software that performs color management and also manages the hardware that is used in digital imaging. The hard work and unrelenting spirit of the man have been the impetus behind the rise of the company from a mere development firm to a marketing organization with a huge reputation.

Brian says that one skill that has helped him make the best of his investment is the ability that he has to spot the opportunity in every adversity. The journey to the top of the corporate ladder has not been easy, but his resilient spirit is the reason he has made it this far.

There are certain skills that he has used to his advantage. The first is his ability to strategically acquire businesses and partnerships that have been beneficial to the growth of his businesses. The other thing that has worked in his favor is that he is finance major. The skills that he learned in school have helped him on more than one occasion helped him make the best of every situation.

Brian Clyde is an alumnus of Strathclyde College. After graduating, he proceeded to Staffordshire where he earned his masters in Finance. There are many other companies that he has worked with in the position of CEO. These include Adaptec, Inc and also Trucept, Inc. His ability to combine classroom knowledge, real life experience and great personality traits is what keeps working for him in the market. The future is looking bright for this investor because his company keeps making huge gains each progressive quarter. Brian Bonar is one man to learn from when it comes to investing.

Handy Soars Higher in Online Cleaning Services and Delivery

Growth has been unmatched for a home cleaning service firm Established in New York in 2012, the company continues to expand it frontiers currently reaching 28 cities in the world. The company’s core business is connecting clients seeking cleaning service, to top notch cleaners, dong at a foreseeable low price. In addition, the company also offers plumbing, handyman and repairs services for electrical. Prior to their hiring, Handy, thoroughly scrutinizes potential employees to guarantee competence and trustworthiness. Under 60 seconds, customers can place a booking using the company’s app. This has popularized it use by clients and employees, attracting even more would be customers. There is a 100% guaranteed refund for unsatisfied customers. Handy’s earning were way over $1 million per week in bookings, only two years after it started its operations. At a record of at least $ 15 hour, Handy’s employees join the best paid in the sector. The company’s services were extended to reach the West Coast upon acquisition of San Francisco- based Exec, in 2014.

While in Budapest working as a real estate developer, Handy’s cofounder, Hanharan, could not easily locate affordable and quality cleaners when required them, and hence he resolved to solve the problem. It was at Harvard Business School where Hanharan would meet Umang Dua, Handy’s cofounder. The two later on started a company in New York targeting households that required cleaning services. The company aimed at making it easy for anyone around the globe to access cleaning services given their busy lives.

This venture would prove worth their while in very short period. In less than two years, the firms run rate rose to over $52million form just $ 3million. By the last quarter of 2015, the firm had acquired more than $64million all geared up to widen its array of services into delivery services with Hand Delivery. Handy’s prospects remains bright cutthroat competition in the industry notwithstanding.


Coworking Spaces Have Gained Support Among Traditional Corporations


Coworking spaces are something that newer generations of workers are coming to love in the 21st century. That’s because much of the old office formats usually included halls of office spaces for the higher-ups in a company, while entry level or beginning workers may have been confined to cubicles, and in some cases had a supervisor always in the area. Coworking spaces go away from that, and allow workers to get their work done in a more relaxed atmosphere, but usually they stay productive thanks to being surrounded by peers who are also working. Coworking spaces have been seen as a place designed for freelancers and independent contractors, but with the success that they’ve generated for independent and startup entrepreneurs, companies that have been around for a while have started to take notice.


The reason why many people like coworking spaces is because it allows them to feel they’re a part of a large group even if the work they do is done mostly by themselves or involves smaller clienteles. But it’s not uncommon for someone to run a company while at the same time working for a friend if business is getting slow, or even branching out into a new field if the door opens for them. There’s little obligation to using a coworking space as you can go to work in casual attire, and you can go on vacation or take as many sick days as you need. Plus renting a coworking space usually doesn’t cost that much if you’re only using open lounge spaces, though if you’re planning on renting private furnished offices they usually cost more. And you have office equipment at your disposal such as printers and fax, and perhaps even a coffee maker when you need a jumpstart.


One coworking space in NYC that affords luxurious surroundings is Workville, a place in downtown Manhattan where workers thrive. You have your choice at Workville of renting out large office spaces, or using the café or lounge to work. You can even reserve rooms such as conference rooms, or special rooms for meetings, banquets, and private parties. There’s also terraces you can escape to when you need a breath of fresh air and a view of the city.

Cone Marshall: The Leading International New Zealand Trust

Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are the founding members of the prominent New Zealand Company. This is an international trust and tax law firm. Cone Marshall was established in 1999. Its main offices are in Auckland, New Zealand.


Before joining the firm in 2005, Karen Marshall worked in the commercial litigation department at a law firm in London for 10 years. Since 2005, she has worked in the law firm as a litigation officer. She became principal in 2006. Karen has a vast experience in managing the trust. She is also an advisor to statutory trustee companies. Since 1980, Cone continues to provide international tax and trust planning. He also offers trust and trustee management services.


Cone Marshall Limited provides services to advisors and international families. They also assist them make a home in New Zealand and establish partnerships. The company also helps international citizens build companies and provide global tax and wealth planning advice. In May 2016, Geoffrey Cone was described as the Quintessential Lawyer. An article posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ said that Mr. Cone depicts the nation as a tax haven.


Cone Marshall Limited is a law company that is committed to working international families in New Zealand and their families. The company assists the families through the establishment of trusts, companies, and partnerships in providing exclusive global wealth management services. The company also provides family advisors, attorneys, trustees, private banks and other institutions that were not founded in New Zealand to assist them with planning activities. The company specialized in tax and administrator planning for major companies. Cone Marshal Limited provides a full coverage of New Zealand trust, tax, structuring, and succession advice to enhance proper administrative structures in an organization.


An article posted in Facebook addresses the reason why New Zealand continues to see numerous companies moving in as trusts. Mr. Cone also stated that there is an increased movement of foreign companies into the region is that New Zealand is a tax Haven. New Zealand is one of the most stable economies in the world. The country is also recognized internationally as a safe and steady nation with good laws and quality jurisdiction. The country as a well-regarded professional infrastructure and high legal judiciary. The country has a reputation as the safest place to store assets in the world. Cone Marshal has always adhered to the highest possible principles of trust and tax transparency. They assure the most affordable state-of-the-art advice in foreign trust and tax law.



Keith Mann Provides Scholarships For Uncommon High School Graduates

Public education has been and continues to be a hot topic across the country. One of the major issues with public education is the disparity in the quality of education between school districts. There are some school districts that do not have the financial resources available to provide the level of education needed to offer quality education to the children in the school districts.


As a result, the children in these school districts suffer because of the lack of quality education. One of the ways that this problem has be addressed in some school districts is with the establishment of charter schools. The charter schools are able to provide the financial resources required to offer the children in the areas a quality education regardless of the children and parents financial situation.


A popular organization regarding charter schools is Uncommon Schools. The organization has made a name for itself in the charter school arena by establishing and managing quality charter schools in a three state area that includes New York. Uncommon Schools oversees 44 schools ranging from K-12. The network of schools has allowed thousands of children to receive a quality education.


Charter schools need financial resources to succeed in the same manner as public school districts. In addition, many of the children that go to charter schools such as Uncommon Schools do not have the necessary money to attend college. Therefore, some of these schools assist students who want to go to college with financial donations from caring people. One of these people is Keith Mann. Mr. Mann recently established a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn.


Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners(DSP). He has a history of helping children who have an interest in attending college by providing scholarships. Dynamic Search Partners is an executive search firm that helps companies locate exceptional people to fill key positions within the organizations.


Keith Mann has many years of experience in the executive search industry. He has been able to help many companies throughout the years with a variety of executive search services.

Gold: Security in Insecure Times

Over the last several years, the North Dakota oil rush brought a boom of business and activity to the quiet state. Driving up housing prices in the otherwise rural landscape. As thousands flocked to the state in a fashion similar to the ancient gold rush, there was much promise of fortunes to be made.

However, the rise of oil production in North Dakota and other regions caused the market to become saturated and barrel prices to plummet over the last two years. This drop in price caused the once reliably strong market to falter under the weight of oversupply. At the peak of the North Dakota “oil rush,” more than a million barrels a day were being produced, now the numbers are down closer to 900 thousand barrels. The oil companies working in North Dakota recognize at the point that the cost of producing more oil is simply too high. The companies are scaling back production and only investing in the wells they know will produce well.

Once oil was the standard staple of the market where you could be sure to get a great return on investment. There are entire kingdoms based on the wealth procured from oil. Now these kingdoms are struggling and once powerful oil companies are struggling. This leaves the average investor wondering where they can go for a more stable investment? Gold and precious metals have long been the smart choice for wise investors. Gold has consistently brought both stability and a reasonable return on investment allowing for the savvy investor to rest soundly.

Yet, what is the new investor to do? How does he know he’s not getting taken advantage of by some shady operation? The U.S. Money Reserve is a leading source of gold investments and precious metal currency in the country. For more than a decade, U.S. Money Reserve has helped hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients find the right product. They are a company that you know you can trust.

Lead by the former director of the U.S. Mint Philip N. Diehl, investors can feel confident that their money is in good hands. U.S. Money Reserve can handle a wide variety of your financial planning needs, from IRAs backed by precious metals to simple gold coins and all investments big and small. When looking for stability and security in these uncertain times look to The U.S. Money Reserve.

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Securus Exceeds Expectations, Scores Accreditation From BBB

The Better Business Bureau only accredits the best companies. They investigate companies that volunteer for the accreditation across and eight-point platform. Securus Technologies, a telecommunications company that services prisons and jails,has recently become accredited by the BBB.


The first of the eight point platform is building trust. The company must demonstrate that they have established and maintained a positive track record in the industry. And Securus has had an A+ rating from the BBB for years.


The second of the a point platform is to advertise honestly. Accredited companies must follow through on what they say. It seems Securus is a company of its word. View the company profile on


The BBB also checks on the company’s penchant for telling the truth. The company must honestly represent the products that it sells. This point of the platform includes an honest disclosure of all materials and services provided.


The fourth point in the platform is transparency which Securus, according to reviews, knocks out of the park. The fifth point in the platform concerns honoring promises both verbal and written. The company must also be responsive in order to address concerns professionally, quickly and in good faith.


The seven point in the platform is a commitment to privacy. This is important because Securus serves a vulnerable population — prisoners and their families. In the last point is simple — integrity.


Securus easily won accreditation from the BBB because of its commitment to customer service. They have invested in the largest customer service center in the industry that houses a 220 Seat Call Ctr. The call-center processes over 2.5 million calls per month but the volume does not dilute performance. Calls are picked up in an average of 11 seconds and 99.9% of concerns are resolved during the first call. And this investment is intended to back up superior telecommunications services.


Bob Reina Uses His Company to Improve Lives all Over the World

Talk Fusion has always been dedicated to helping people, a position that is heavily promoted by Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina. Also the founder of Talk Fusion, Reina is a committed employer that inspires his company and all of its employees to reach towards the billion dollar brand dream while giving back to the community.


Talk Fusion is a direct sales company, but its main focus is on helping people build their futures so that they can give back as well. Reina explains that the culture of Talk Fusion encourages everyone to give back. It drives the company because everyone wants to be able to do more to help others.


Reina has led by example focusing his efforts on saving the lives of many rescue animals. His main charity focus is to help stop animal homelessness and animal cruelty. He has remained focused on this while building his company and helped change the shelter life in his hometown of Tampa Bay. He has continued to give to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, but is also noted for a lump one million dollar donation to the Humane Society. He also gets involved to save the lives of animals as needed.


Reina’s focus on others extends past just animals, as he has also continued to offer monetary support to an Indonesian orphanage and encourages his employees to give back to causes of their choice. He just launched a program for Talk Fusion employees that allow every Talk Fusion Associate to donate an account free to any charity they choose.


He also recognizes the need to give fully, as the free account is the best plan offered by Talk Fusion and includes branding, access to all video marketing tools by Talk Fusion, and complete customization. Additionally, the Custom Monthly Plan that employees can denote to a charity of their choice also offers access to Talk Fusion’s video email, video chat, sign-up forms, video newsletters, and live meetings.


Reina does all of this because he has a simple goal, to help people all over the world improve the way of life in their communities. He has spent years working on ways to help people achieve their goals and live their dreams by joining his sales team and passing on the wealth.

George Soros targets for reforms and financial aid to Ukraine

George Soros is a billionaire and investor. Soros is the chairman of Open Society Foundation and the Soros Fund Management. He has been a big supporter that Ukraine should seek Western assistance. Ukraine has been thrown into a huge chaos since 2014. There was a political upheaval after the country ushered in a new government and Russia invasion to the eastern part of the country. Russia backed up activists that resulted in an intense violence in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Given the political and military crisis experience on It caused most of the country’s businesses and the Ukrainian economy went to a downfall. As early as 2015, Soros has written several commentaries in the New York Book Reviews. The commentaries have a solution to the public debt crisis, the banking crisis and balance of payment crisis experienced in the country.

Soros’ main viewpoint is that Europe should treat the current situation in Ukraine as a critical one. Russia is going to try to subvert any efforts for reforms in Ukraine. Europe should know this and counter-attack Russia’s ambitions. Reformists should be given adequate tools they needs so as to succeed easily. While this seems a simple solution, Soros argues that it is the simplest and most effective way to solve the current situation. He goes ahead to note that stakes are high for the European continent who should stop and listen to ideas put forth by different committees. George Soros main point is that there should be a new Ukraine on, he can however not provide all the funding himself. He wants all the relevant actors to come together and create a better cause.

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The Ukrainian government has been pushing for reforms for a long time. The reforms plans at fighting corruption, reviewing its judiciary system and improving agricultural functions in the country. The country aims at cleaning its banking system, incorporating its economy to the EU and freeing itself from Russian gas. George Soros notes that one difficulty the country has faced over the years has been that of debt relief. The country should go for debt relief causes in simple ways so that it is good for their business.

History has shown that efforts made by policy makers and academically qualified professionals to have a debt restructuring mechanism have been difficult to take off in the past. The situation has not been pleasing for Ukraine as it has interfered with the country’s reputation on its bankruptcy code. Soros continually argues that Ukraine should get a debt relief in order to rebuild itself to a totally new state.

George Soros is a wise investors who understands the economy quite well. He believes that Ukraine will be able to fully repay its financial aid once its economy has stabilized. He knows that the current problems experienced by the nation are temporary. Soros notes that the European Union is confronted by Russia who is a strategic rival. Apart from financial aid, the European Union should provide an additional technical assistance so that Ukraine could free itself.