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Chris Burch is an entrepreneur known as founder or co-founder of several internationally known retail fashion brands. He has now turned his experience and skills to the hospitality industry. Chris and hotelier James McBride purchased a beach hostel in Indonesia together in 2012.


After extensive renovations, $30 million dollars worth, they opened the resort called Nihiwatu on the Indonesian island of Sumba in 2015. The five star hotel was voted the best hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine in 2016. Click over here.


Burch was quoted as saying “Nihiwatu has turned into more than I expected, which is rare because most times things turn into less.” The beach on the island is considered a paradise for surfers and the resort has a rule of only 10 surfers in the water at a time and surf slots are purchased for $125 per person. Hop over this site.


Chris splits his time between between Miami, the Hamptons and his villa at the resort. The villa is called Raja Mendaka and it is his private home on the island. The resort boasts 27 private villas each with a plunge pool. His private home is also available for rent along with four additional villas.


The resort has become the largest employer on the island of Sumba. The Sumba Foundation is an organization that helps fund projects in the local community with a portion of the profits the Foundation receives from the hotel.


The resort offers spa services and you can choose to have them on the beach or in the privacy of your villa. There is also a wellness center offering group yoga classes. You can arrange for private sessions as well to fit your individual needs. Check this on


Excursions on the island and surfing lessons can be arranged through the resort. Prices for the villas range from $750 per night in the low season to $14,000 per night for Burch’s private estate in the high season.


Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Their portfolio includes several brands two of which are Nihiwatu and ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Chris has been an investor for over 40 years.


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Using his quick understanding of consumer behaviors with his direct sourcing experience he has been involved in the rise of more than 50 companies. His diverse investments range from retail sales of apparel and home furnishings to hospitality and technology. Try checking for more news.





The Diligence and Passion of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer

Diligence mixed with passion is really good. This is where people get to achieve tons of things. For one thing, people that are passionate about what they do and are diligent in their work are going to go very far. One good thing is that passion often leads to diligence. Therefore, people who are passionate will do everything they can to figure out the type of business they are getting involved with. Melzer of Website, They will learn about all of the needed activities in order to make their goals come to pass. One thing that a lot of successful people realize is that it is very important to go beyond what is required.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is an example of someone with the passion and diligence to take him very far as an entrepreneur. He has worked countless hours in the day in order to bring his goals to life. He has dedicated his time to bringing forth his business. Therefore, he has worked on setting up the type of work that he is going to do. He has also looked into different ways to market his business so that he will gain a lot of attention and trust from the public and what Melzer knows.

One thing that Duda Melzer has done is go on a lot of interviews and allowed himself to be featured in plenty of publications. He has also allowed himself to be photographed. This shows a lot of courage on his part because the internet can be a very mean place. Fortunately, he has also gained the support of people that know him and are loyal to him as he has worked harder towards even more successes. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has shown a lot of joy in what he does. This is one of the reasons that his business has taken off. He not only worked, but looked at what needs to be done.

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Anthony Petrello: Success Through Talent, Hard Work And Good Fortune

Anthony Petrello is very fortunate and has made wise decisions. He has a natural aptitude for mathematics. He worked hard and earned a scholarship to Yale. He was fortunate enough to study under Serge Lang, a famed mathematician, while earning his BS and MS in mathematics. He then made a wise choice to attend Harvard Law School. When Petrello graduated with his Juris Doctor he was fortunate to be hired by the prestigious New York law firm Baker & McKenzie.

At Baker & McKenzie Anthony Petrello worked hard and was soon promoted to the Manhattan office’s managing director. Fortune smiled on him again. One of Baker & McKenzie’s biggest clients, Nabors Industries Limited, were impressed with Petrello and offered him a job as their chief operating officer. Nabors Industries is among the world’s largest gas and oil drilling companies. Anthony Petrello made the wise decision to accept the job. Within a few years he was promoted to president, CEO and chairman. In 2015, Nabors made Anthony Petrello the highest paid CEO when they paid him $68.2 million.

Anthony Petrello married actress Cynthia Petrello. Sadly, their daughter Carena was born prematurely. She was also diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia. To improve her quality of life and that of other children, Petrello donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital to help them build the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The facility now helps countless children each year and Texas Children’s Hospital Inc. is fortunate to have Anthony Petrello working with them.

EOS Lip Balm Overwhelms the Market and Takes Second Place

As a young millennial, it doesn’t matter if you are headed to the beach or out shopping, EOS Lip Balm goes with you in any of its delicious colors and flavors. In just seven years, the lip balm of choice has become EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, EOS lip balms come in small, round globes that add a pizzazz when your favorite flavor touches your lips. For over a century, the choices in lip balm were minimal and only came in regular or mint.

EOS lip balm is all natural with a light, unique flavor like grapefruit, and comes in a small, pastel globe. This unique design has created a $250 million company that is on schedule to reach $2 billion by the year 2020. EOS has moved into second place right behind Burt’s Bees, surpassing Chapstick and Blistex.

The untold story leads the consumer to the modest beginnings when EOS lip balm was the odd lip balm in round containers. Quickly, they began to pop up everywhere including the young celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian. EOS obtained more shelf space in retail, such as in Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, and Target nationwide.

Beauty editors discovered the fun globes and raved about the unique and delicious flavors, and they began to show up in Cosmo and Allure. It wasn’t until last year that Fast Company printed the EOS story, Mehra, the owner and CEO, decided that if EOS lip balm was going to lead the industry, it was time to share their success story.

Mehra and his partner Teller showed up in the inundated lip balm market with sheer innovation and determination, and the one twist that sets them apart from the others. Mehra and his team wanted to produce a lip balm that would add a moment of delight to their day!

Dr. Siegall Clay Leads Seattle Genetics into the Search for Working Cancer Cures

Many companies are trying their best to find a cure for cancer. It’s been so for many years and many a researchers are coming up with impressive findings. One of the companies that has joined the search is Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology company that is currently under the leadership of Siegall Clay. In a recent event, the company impressed those in attendance with its breathtaking advancements in cancer therapy advancement.

It is evident to see how the company has been growing over the past five years with how much its stock has been rising. The fact that the stick has tripled over five years is an indication of how much of an industry leader Seattle Genetics is.

About Dr. Siegall Clay

Dr. Siegall is the current CEO of Seattle Genetics. He has a passion for improving the lives of cancer patients from the time he got into biomedical studies. He is also the president and chairperson of the board of Seattle Genetics. He has been serving under the position of the chief executive officer in the company from 2002. He has been with the company for close to two decades ever since he cofounded it in 1998. From the company’s inception, Dr. Clay Siegall has worked and dedicated himself to the company’s success with specialty in cancer therapy treatments and cancer patients care.


Dr. Siegall is known for amazing significant awards for his contribution in cancer patients’ care and treatment. His career started in Bristol Meyers as a researcher. His position of senior research investigator helped him to gain information that led him to heading Seattle Genetics.

About Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is a prolific biotechnology company focusing on developing and commercializing innovative cancer remedies based on antibodies. As an industry leader in antibody-drug conjugates, Seattle Genetics is at the forefront when it comes to developing solutions that leverage the targeting powers of monocional antibodies. Seattle Genetics seeks to innovate a cure that will take the fight straight to the targeted cancerous cells without harming neighboring healthy cells. This is the closest we’ve got almost passive medication that will not dire side effects like traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


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