Sawyer Howitt: The Natural Professional

     In spite of being relatively young, Sawyer Howitt has wisdom beyond his years. In addition, Sawyer has a multitude of gifts. Furthermore, Sawyer Howitt is equally intellectual as he is athletic. Whether in the textbook or on the field, Sawyer performs well above the rest. Moreover, Sawyer is in his youth and full of energy. Also, he possesses a charisma capable of lighting up any room. Through determination, Sawyer championed his way into corporate America while still in his teens.

When not in the boardroom, Sawyer sits in a classroom finishing up his final semester of high school. Furthermore, greatness runs in Sawyers blood. His father David Howitt is the CEO of Meriwether Group. In addition, Sawyer is a project manager at the company. Without hesitation, Sawyer creates spreadsheets and presentations sure to impress everyone at a business meeting. In his spare time, Sawyer focuses his efforts on philanthropy. Unlike many of his peers, Sawyer is a visionary. Several of the philanthropic organizations led by Sawyer involved providing funds for education and fighting for the rights of women.

His philanthropic efforts involved ethnic study groups, mentoring troubled youth, and so forth. Therefore, it is safe to say Sawyer has a bright future to look forward to. Upon graduating high school, Sawyer plans on attending Columbia University to obtain a degree in Finance. When not in the office, Sawyer enjoys his youth by going fishing, listening to music, going to the Portland Trail Blazers’ game, and much more. He is cool.

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