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Sometime in 1980, Mark Soberman began trading in options, stocks, futures and foreign exchange. This venture as he later realized was profitable and promising too. Although he had been an entrepreneur in other areas, this wouldn’t hurt an inch. That notwithstanding, he had to learn on the best strategy to use in trading, how to execute a trade, minimizing risks and market volatility and calculating profits. Mark Soberman, therefore, developed an online platform where he could share his apprehension on securities. This was the birth of NetPicks in 1996.

Technological advancement has reshaped the industry and even changed the approach and the industry’s perception. Wall Street Journal reported a rise in the magnitude of consciousness and information among people. This is working positively according to promising prospects absent during summer.  Watch and learn from the tutorial videos on

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However, there is need to incorporate a proactive market approach that upholds the resistance and support levels in Nasdaq. In a choppy market, they should be tested or broken. The parameters for NDX should be +0.24%, ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID trading at -0.69% and the QLD ones at +0.48%. When QLD support is tested with resistance and broken sell the QLD, while if you target support but test QID and the resistance breaks sell the QID. This long-term strategy called the Lock and Walk designed to stagnate stocks until the subsequent trading session begins.  For additional trading tips, check

About NetPicks

It is a securities trading company that transacts business through an online space. NetPicks deals with educating investors and actually monitoring the trade of stocks, forex, futures and common stock. It is based in Irving, Texas and has been running for over two decades since 1996. Mark Soberman is the company’s Founder and President and enjoys valuable input from Brian Short his Co-partner and the Chief Operating Officer. Read and learn from this important link

NetPicks’s professionals are actually active participants in stock trading first as investors before now graduating to become employees. This simply implies that they are the best coaching time you should look out for; if they are investing, then it’s safe to partner with them. Netpicks gives room for people intending to venture in stocks as a full-time career or part-time and besides they have flexible systems.

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