Sujit Choudhry weighs in on the dispute between Spain and Catalonia

Professor Sujit Choudhry has made a name as an expert in constitutional law across the world. He has worked with various nations seeking to reestablish their rule of law due to varied reasons such as the end of a dictatorship. He has worked with governments from Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Yemen and Ukraine. Refer to for more reading.

Sujit recently wrote to the Spain and Catalonia governments regarding the ongoing border disputes. He suggested that despite the varied interests of the administration, it is is prudent to end the wars to maintain peace. Sujit agrees with a couple of other scholars that it would be best to discuss the future of the people, especially regarding the Catalonians, who have received the less desirable results of the rumble.   Additional article to read on

Sujit Choudhry has tertiary degrees in law from renowned international institutions such as Harvard, Oxford and the University of Toronto. After graduating from his first college education, he began working in various research programs to establish the cultural requirements of various regimes. Some of the topics he explored include conflict resolution, peaceful democracy and types of constitution.

Sujit Choudhry’s intense involvement with various governments has earned him extensive knowledge in matters pertaining the bill of rights, federalism, secession and decentralization. He passes on his knowhow for use in the legal field using books and regular publications. In totality, Sujit has authored more than 90 books, articles, reports and papers. Check on

Sujit serves in a number of legal bodies in various administrative capacities. He is the director at Center for Constitutional Transitions. The organization has executed successful projects in more than 25 countries, with the help of over 50 professionals. Under his guidance, the group produced in-depth reports on the set agendas.

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Other organizations where Sujit exercise his legal certifications and experience are the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. He works in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank as a consultancy for legal issues. He is a member of the council of the International Society of Public Law and the scientific board of International Journal of Constitutional Development.  Read his blogs, visit his social media page at

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Why Samuel Strauch Believes the Future of Real Estate Lies in Technology

When bitcoin started in 2009, only a few people developed an interest in it. As early as 2010, a bitcoin went for just $1. Any investor who would have predicted that it would hit $4,600 today would have made a lot of money. After discovering the benefits of transacting using bitcoin, industries such as Miami real estate have started to use it.

Bitcoins vs. Currency Transactions

Bitcoin is a flexible currency as it works store of value and a digital cash system too. Businesses incur enormous costs when transacting using banks. American and Australian banks have been found to charge about $4,000 for transactions worth $100,000. However, deals worth millions of dollars are charged less than $10 when transacted using bitcoins.

Bitcoins are much faster to transact with than credit cards. This is mainly because no central server or third-party player is required to settle the transaction. As a result, a transaction that can take weeks or even months when using credit cards takes about ten minutes when done using bitcoins.

Bitcoins Penetrate the Real Estate Market

Due to the transactions fees incurred under the traditional currency method, Miami real estate players have slowly started to adopt bitcoin. For instance, one trader, Mike Komaransky listed his Miami property in both bitcoins and US dollars. When reached, he said trading in bitcoins is safer than cash as the process is irreversible and fast.

Most believe that the use of bitcoin in the real estate sector will revolutionize the industry. Globalization is also playing a significant role in changing this industry. Miami is not the only city that has discovered the great impact bitcoin can have in its real estate sector. Dubai and other cities around the world have embraced cryptocurrency.

The continued use of bitcoin in the real estate sector will have a significant impact on other industries. Other sectors are likely to follow suit and leverage the efficiency of transacting in bitcoins. Will continued use of bitcoin lead to a development of new currency? Only time will tell.

Who is Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a prominent American based real estate investor. His success has partly been due to his rich academic background. He has a degree in business from Hofstra University. Besides, he has studied at Harvard University and the Erasmus University.


Strauch joined the banking industry after completing his education. After some time, he ventured into real estate business. About 15 years ago, he started his real estate company to meet the growing demand in Miami City. Besides, he has invested in various internet and restaurant-related businesses.

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Jason Hope Succeeds By Investing In Mobile Telecommunication

Jason hope is using technology as a platform for success. His inspiration comes from the desire to achieve better in life, and the possibilities that technology offers to investors who are keen enough to realize the opportunities that are available in the market. Communication is essential in the society, and the mobile technology is playing a massive role in ensuring that new methods of communication can end up being adopted in the community.

Jason Hope saw the potential that technology had in changing the future while he was undertaking his Master’s in Business Administration Studies at Arizona State University. The solid education background is what has enabled Jason to realize the opportunities that exist in the market by looking at the trends that exist within the global industry. At the moment, human beings tend to rely mainly on the technology for almost every other undertaking. In the process, different technological approaches have ended up being developed to the point that technology is being used for every other purpose in life, and what Jason Hope knows.

In the medical industry, technology has played a colossal role in changing the approaches that used to be employed in the process of treating ailments such as cancer. As a result, better, and less painful techniques are nowadays being employed, a fact that has helped to ensure that the patients can be able to live longer. Jason has shares in organizations such as Digital media Solutions, Interactive Systems, Computer and Business Information Systems, and companies that invest in marketing programs.

For Jason Hope, the internet is the only sure way of reaching a vast number of people in the world, and that is why he is putting his money in technology companies as he knows that they always tend to be associated with the offering of online services. When he left campus, Jason Hope started providing text messages services to people on a subscription basis. Afterwards, he invested in setting up a technological company that is known as Jawa, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

At the moment, he has managed to get into partnership with many other institutions to promote mobile communication. As the society moves into the future, one indisputable fact is that technology will be part and parcel of the success that is to come. As an investor, investing in technology at the moment ensures that the society ends up being equipped to face the humongous challenges that might come in future, and

Fabletics: How They Grow Against Competition

Fabletics is an American retailing website co-founded by Katie Hudson. The company has grown into a million dollar business, despite being established just a few years ago. It is a challenge to open up an online retail shop with the existence of Amazon, which currently owns 20% of the entire online retail industry, but Fabletics managed to get around this issue by working together with Amazon, wherein they allow the retail giant to sell their merchandise. In exchange, Fabletics will be getting the profit and they will be giving a small percentage to Amazon.


Another reason how Fabletics manages to survive despite strong competition with other brands is because of their membership mechanic. What happens is that shoppers who happen to stumble on their website needs to become a member in order for them to purchase a product. Some are upgrading their membership status to VIP, which would allow them to get more privileges including sales and freebies. Fabletics has become so successful that they are already opening physical stores across the United States, but still, the majority of their customers are shopping online through their website. Fabletics wanted to deliver excellent customer service, especially to their loyal customers, which is why they are requiring new comers to register and become a member first, so that they can know them better.


The physical stores that Fabletics opened managed to retain customers because of reverse showrooming. This method has been dreaded upon by retailed because customers would go inside the store and search for the clothes that they wanted, and once they found out the price, they would leave the store and look for a cheaper alternative. It is a different story with Fabletics. Because most of the people visiting their physical stores are already members, people working at their physical stores already know what the customer wanted, based on their digital preferences. The physical stores also restock items based on the preferences of the customers who are always visiting the site. 30%-50% of those who go inside Fabletics stores are already members, and most of them are making a purchase. 25% of those going inside Fabletics stores are becoming members, after finding out the perks and benefits of being one.


Fabletics has revolutionized the online retail industry, and it is expected that they will be bringing in more changes in the years to come. Meanwhile, the heads behind Fabletics are excited to develop some innovation for the company, hoping that it will gain support from the public.

Jay Z And Desiree Perez Plan For The End Of Live Nation Deal

In 2008, Jay Z signed a blockbuster 150 million dollar deal with live nation. The deal established a business relationship between Live Nation and Jay Z’s Roc Nation that has proven beneficial and profitable for each party. The 360 deal comes to an end in 2018, after 10 years, and Jay and his business partner, Desiree Perez, look to make moves to cash in.

Jay Z has been a staple in the music industry for many years now. The hip hop mogul founded Roc Nation, not only to showcase his dynamic music, but also to represent other artists. Some of the artist currently on the Roc Nation roster include Jay, Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Shakira, and Rihanna.

The initial deal included a buy in on both recorded music and touring. Sources have indicated that Live Nation wants to step away from the recorded music aspect of the deal, but maintain their relationship with Roc Nation in terms of touring which has been lucrative for Live Nation.

Taking a proactive active approach to the upcoming end of the deal, Jay and Desiree recently met with Sir Lucian Grainge, the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group. It is speculated that UMG could purchase a stake in Roc Nation. UMG currently has a distribution deal with Roc Nation which covers a small percentage of their. Acquiring a bigger state in Roc Nation would significantly increase this percentage, as well as, provide Jay Z with greater resources to develop new artist.

Desiree Perez, also known as Dez, has had a 20 year business relationship with Jay Z. In that time, she has proven herself highly capable in helping to steer all aspects of Roc Nation. She is known to be highly efficient with numbers and a staunch negotiator, as she demonstrated in playing her part to land the Rihanna Samsung deal.

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The Rising Costs of Healthcare and Ways Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus can Keep the Costs Down

Eric Lefkofsky’s company Tempus is a technology company the hosts a medical library that stores clinical data. Naturally, they would also be very aware of the increasing costs of medical care. Recently, Forbes released an article in the Pharma and Healthcare section that dealt with the skyrocketing cost of healthcare.

The cost of healthcare expenditure in America keep rising, which is causing many to wonder why. Is it the number of visits to medical professionals that are increasing consequently affecting the overall expenditure for healthcare? Is it the length of time under the care of medical professionals? The answer is no to both questions. The reason healthcare costs keep rising is due to the increased costs associated with every type of care.

Stays in the hospital, though shorter cost more. Medical procedures though more advanced and sometimes utilizing a robot instead of a board certified surgeon cost more. The diseases or disorders that had the greatest increase in spending were diabetes and back and neck pain. The cost of treating people who suffered from diabetes increased because of the aging population, the increase of the number of people suffering from the disease and the increased use of pharmaceuticals. The number of back and neck pain sufferers decreased, therefore they sought less medical attention as a whole, but the remaining patients got more medical procedures performed, so the cost went up.

Despite efforts to reduce the length of time spent on inpatient care, while the costs were reduced by 201 billion, they were counterbalanced by more care being given in less time so the result was an overall increase in spending of $439 billion. In fact, one day in the hospital costs far more than it ever has. The director of the Division of Health Policy Research and Education at Harvard stated that he couldn’t determine if increased costs of healthcare represented increased value given to the patients.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus are working hard to compile a molecular library composed of medical data from thousands of individual cancer patients. With all that data, the costs of many cancer fighting methods will be less when the fight is focused on a single treatment that has been proven to work on similar cases. Tempus may single-handedly help keep the costs of medical care down in the near future.

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Concerning Financial Ties With Foreign Entities & Our Elections

Recent reports were made concerning the possibility of a Russian company getting involved with the 2016 Presidential election. The Russian company was alleged to have bought political ads on Facebook to try to influence this election. And as a result, investigations have been in force by several committees. They have been investigating the connections between Trump and Kremlin for more than a year so far. Also, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has continually been uncovering additional evidence daily.

Foreign entities are forbidden to contribute to political campaigns. However, it is apparently hard to prevent them from contributing. Over the last few decades, right-wing lawmakers and lobbyists have been conspiring to dismantle laws that limit political campaigns’ financial contributions.

Mueller’s accusation of a $100,000 donation is just a tiny fraction of donations made from foreigners. Through a loophole in the corporate law, $1.3 million was donated to Jeb Bush super PAC by Chinese nationals through an organization called American Pacific International Capital. The super PAC also received donations from a wealthy Mexican entrepreneur through a Shell Corporation. And lastly, the FEC started investigating 15 possible illegal foreign, campaign spending cases by the beginning of 2017.

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The End Citizens United has concerns about this type of activity of contributions from foreign entities. They are for the people and believe in working with Democrats and their causes that are pro-reform. They mentioned recently in a report why re-evaluation of campaign finance rules is needed. This was mentioned after they conclusively learned that Kremlin purchasing of Facebook ads was associated with a Russian company.

About End Citizens United

Found in March 2015, the End Citizens United (ECU) is located in Washington, D.C. It is a grassroots donor PAC which focuses on overturning Citizens United by electing campaign finance reformers. They also want the elections to be pro-reform. They have been working with Democrats who are pro-reform. They would also work with Independents or Republicans who are pro-reform. They want and even work on state elections to work hard in preventing big donations that right-wings obtain for ulterior motives. ECU’s prime focus is ending the unlimited, untraceable donations.

Even though ECU was found in March 2015, they officially launched in August 2015, and so far they have done the following: $2 million has been raised for their cause, an additional $25 million to $30 million has been set to be taken in, they give the latest updates and information on candidates, and they educate the public on these issues.

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It Is A New Dawn For Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy Ltd is a natural resource company dealing with natural gas and oil production. The company is headquartered in Western Canada and has built an unmatched reputation with their asset values and employees’ productivity. With all these, the company has remained to be successful under the able leadership of Chief Executive Officer and President, David French. With the opening of branches in various communities, Obsidian Energy Ltd has grown in the number of shareholders and investors with their stock exchange markets.


Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Sifton Energy Inc , Canetic Resources Trust and Endev Resources Partnership. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.


Formerly, the company operated as Penn West Petroleum Ltd before it changed its business name to Obsidian Energy Ltd. This massive change within the company has heightened the operational standards at Obsidian Energy Ltd with their stock exchange markets attracting more clients and shareholders.


David French is excited and positive that this new chapter the history of the company will be fueled by valuable principles to ensure that the company maintains its standards. The core principles include corporate and skilled decision making, relentless struggles to maintain Obsidian Energy’s progress and transparency and maximum collaboration between the Obsidian Energy and its reliable shareholders.


Most importantly, the company has employed qualified staff who will be responsible for balancing their worksheets for the company’s sales. To add, Obsidian Energy Ltd has also organized the election of directors and nomination of auditors who will be in charge of annual meetings held for Shareholders.


Obsidian Energy Ltd and its shareholders invented more profitable approaches towards their energy business. With this at hand, the company is set to thrive in all business environments regardless of the market prices in various business environments. The production processes involved in mining natural gas and crude oils have also been heightened alongside the recruitment of qualified miners.


Their marketing arm has also been advanced with the invention of technology have increased the market coverage for Obsidian Energy’s products. With the increase in sales, the company has equipped their financial representatives with new guidelines on how to invent better ways of managing the company’s finances. Visit This Page for additional information on Obsidian Energy.


For sure, sometimes change is everything that every business needs for it to perfect its operational standards while maximizing their profit turnovers.


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Obsidian Energy Ltd Revamping And Vision For The Future

Obsidian Energy Ltd (OBE) refers to a Canadian oil and natural gas producer, development and production organization. The organization has many portfolios of opportunities under its management including Alberta Viking, Pembina Cardium and Peace River Oil Sands of Alberta. The Alberta region is among the globe’s biggest petroleum reserves. OBE as a company is founded on principles such as relentless passion, discipline and accountability to its shareholders, partners and the entire community in which it operates.


Formerly, Obsidian Energy Ltd was known as Penn West. David French became the firm’s CEO in October 2016 and in May 2017 he proposed that Penn West name be changed. This is because the company had many significant changes and needed a new name to match its new beginning. According to French, the name Obsidian Energy Ltd was the best choice as ‘Obsidian’ is a term referring to naturally occurring Volcanic glass that can be manipulated through sharpening and honing.


After successful restructuring owing to several operational and financial irregularities that developed when crude oil prices fell drastically in 2014, Penn West was now smaller in size with an expected daily production of 28,000 barrels of oil in 2017 down from 135,000 barrels produced in 2013. It had also reduced its personnel from 1415 in 2013 to 407 at the end of 2016. Read This Article for additional information


On June 2017, it was announced that Penn West Petroleum LTD had successfully changed its name to Obsidian Energy Ltd following approval by the firm’s shareholders. Moreover, the stock symbol on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange were changed to OBE. No shareholder holder approval was needed to alter stock symbols.


During a press briefing, David French clarified that now Obsidian was on the right track of success owing to its fit balance sheet, right assets and a prudent hedging policy that will enable the company to thrive amidst the low-price economy. Besides changing the company’s name, in the same meeting, shareholders approved other resolutions that had been documented and dated April 30, 2017. Such activities included the appointment of auditor and election of directors among other company amendment activities.


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Gregory Aziz: The Making Of A Great Railroad Company

James Aziz is the CEO and president of National steel car, a leader in railroad freight in Hamilton Ontario. He was born in Ontario in 1949 and studied at Ridley College and later joined the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics. Greg James Aziz started his career life working at his family business. During the short period, Greg Aziz was involved in the family business; the company grew its export zones to become a leader in fresh food importation with stable markets across Eastern Canada and the United States.


After years working for the family business, he moved to New York where he worked on different banking opportunities. In the early nineties, he had saved enough to purchase national steel from Dofasco. The idea behind the purchase of the company was to transform a once established Canadian firm into a North Americas freight car manufacturer. With large capital and human investment, team building, and robust engineering capabilities the company surpassed the expectation of many.


In fact, by 1999 the company had expanded its manufacturing capabilities from 3500 to 12,000 cars with an employment growth of 600 to 3000 within the same year. Thanks to the technological innovations and constant pursuit of manufacturing excellence the company is not only a leader in new car innovation, but it is involved in crafting new railroad freight car. Additionally, National steel has been honored with numerous awards. Check Out This Article.


The company is also ISO certified, and it has received the TTX SECO award for upholding quality for close to two decades. National steel has also sponsored different charities such as the united way, the Hamilton opera, and theatre Aquarius. Despite the challenges faced in the production, national steel continually challenges themselves by persistently raising the bar.


One of the reasons why they have surpassed their close competitor’s expectation is that they always stay true to their core values. This is also the reason why we are still trusted by our clients to remain not only consistent with timely delivery but also build high-quality railroads.


National steel is always proud of what it has achieved, and it attributes its success to the people. In fact, the company is more innovative, diverse and dynamic than ever before. Additionally, they have a sense of purpose which includes among others to honor the traditions of the past, move forward with determination as well as perform with a relentless focus on quality and excellence.


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