Concerning Financial Ties With Foreign Entities & Our Elections

Recent reports were made concerning the possibility of a Russian company getting involved with the 2016 Presidential election. The Russian company was alleged to have bought political ads on Facebook to try to influence this election. And as a result, investigations have been in force by several committees. They have been investigating the connections between Trump and Kremlin for more than a year so far. Also, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has continually been uncovering additional evidence daily.

Foreign entities are forbidden to contribute to political campaigns. However, it is apparently hard to prevent them from contributing. Over the last few decades, right-wing lawmakers and lobbyists have been conspiring to dismantle laws that limit political campaigns’ financial contributions.

Mueller’s accusation of a $100,000 donation is just a tiny fraction of donations made from foreigners. Through a loophole in the corporate law, $1.3 million was donated to Jeb Bush super PAC by Chinese nationals through an organization called American Pacific International Capital. The super PAC also received donations from a wealthy Mexican entrepreneur through a Shell Corporation. And lastly, the FEC started investigating 15 possible illegal foreign, campaign spending cases by the beginning of 2017.

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The End Citizens United has concerns about this type of activity of contributions from foreign entities. They are for the people and believe in working with Democrats and their causes that are pro-reform. They mentioned recently in a report why re-evaluation of campaign finance rules is needed. This was mentioned after they conclusively learned that Kremlin purchasing of Facebook ads was associated with a Russian company.

About End Citizens United

Found in March 2015, the End Citizens United (ECU) is located in Washington, D.C. It is a grassroots donor PAC which focuses on overturning Citizens United by electing campaign finance reformers. They also want the elections to be pro-reform. They have been working with Democrats who are pro-reform. They would also work with Independents or Republicans who are pro-reform. They want and even work on state elections to work hard in preventing big donations that right-wings obtain for ulterior motives. ECU’s prime focus is ending the unlimited, untraceable donations.

Even though ECU was found in March 2015, they officially launched in August 2015, and so far they have done the following: $2 million has been raised for their cause, an additional $25 million to $30 million has been set to be taken in, they give the latest updates and information on candidates, and they educate the public on these issues.

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