Dr. Jennifer Walden: Breaking Stereotypes

There are a lot of unkind stereotypes out there about women, but if there is one woman that is breaking all of them down and really taking things to a whole new level, it is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is showing that you can work, raise a family, run charities, and do anything you want. Just because someone tells you that you can’t do something, it does not make him or her right. They are most likely jealous or trying to put you down because they don’t have the work ethic that you do in their own career. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the kind of plastic surgeon and person where no one is going to outwork her and she has talked about not listening to the word “no.”

If she listened to people that told her “no,” she would not be the best plastic surgeon in the world. Her practice is in Austin, Texas, where she was born and raised, and it holds a special place in her heart, for sure. It is why she is there along with her determination to raise her children. She has talked about working harder and she never shies away from hard work. As a matter of fact, she embraces hard work and enjoys it. It is very rewarding to put in the hard work and see it pay off. To know more about her click here.

She loves when she is asked to be interviewed for a magazine or appear on television to talk about plastic surgery. This is her passion and this is her life. She is an expert in this field. She has broken down all of the walls and all of the stereotypes. She is her own woman and she is proud of it. She is not trying to copy anyone or be like anyone else. She is unique in a world of copycats.

It is why her practice is always busy with returning clients and also tons of new clients. People know she is the real deal. She is not slowing down anytime soon because there is always work to be done for her clients and for women in general.

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