Stream Energy is a Jack of all Trades in the Business Industry

Stream Energy is a direct-selling company that is based out of Dallas, Texas. This company has been around since 2005. They have won the prestigious DSA award 4 years in a row. The company markets various services that are unique and very in-demand.


First, Stream Energy is an energy reduction company. This company has the ability to provide consumers with alternative energy services that can save them between 2% – 10% off of their electricity bill. Consumers who sign up for this program are generally satisfied with the service.


Wireless mobile phone plans are also available from Stream (GCReport). Consumers can purchase a wide variety of plans which includes hotspots or phone, data and text services. These plans typically start at $25 and run up to $125 for the most advanced options.


Smart technology for the home is very important. This technology allows homeowners to transform their environment into a protective and comfortable place to be. The smart technology plan will allow homeowners to control their temperature, lock their doors and to control the lighting in their place.


Healthcare is a very important part of life. People always need to monitor their health. Also, people get sick or they come down with various medical conditions. There are different plans where consumers can receive doctor consultations, emergency room services, and check-up services. Each of these plans is cost-effective and they provide consumers with beneficial health services.


Stream diversifies its products because they know what consumers need. While the company is energy focused the diversity of services they provide help consumers to live a great life. People can sign up for some of these services directly with Stream or they can sign up through one of the company’s affiliates.


Once a person acquires the services they can then start to market them to other consumers if they choose. That is one of the best things about Stream, it is a multi-level marketing company that can help people to save money and to make money. All of these great services help Stream to remain the number one direct selling company in the U.S., After all, they are the jack of all trades in the business industry.

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