How CEO Rick Smith Made Securus Technologies the Leading Provider of Law Enforcement Technology

Richard “Rick” Smith the current CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies holds three college degrees. He first earned a degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. His Master’s Degree in Mathematics was earned at the Brockport Campus of the State University of New York. Read more on

Rick Smith had worked in telecommunications for 35 years before his 2008 appointment to the board of Securus Technologies. Based in Dallas Texas, Rick Smith Securus specializes in providing technology that helps police and correctional officers prevent and solve crimes.

  • Emergency response
  • Investigative technologies
  • Monitoring products
  • Biometric Analysis

Under Rick Smith’s tenure fostering public safety has been Securus Technologies’ primary mission. The company also devotes itself to officer safety and the safety of the over one million inmates housed in the facilities the company serves.

Benefitting the families of inmates is among Securus’ corporate objectives. If you’re wondering how the company does that, Rick Smith would tell you a story about Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation App.

The app provides video conferencing that keeps families whole even while separated by a parent’s incarceration. Mr. Smith shared the tale of an imprisoned father helping his daughter with her schoolwork via the Video Visitation App. As the two worked together to solve one of the daughter’s math problems she was able to see her father and show him how she had reached her answer. Follow Rick’s profile at

The two were able to discuss the girl’s future. More than helping with the daughter’s future the app could help with her father’s future. Being able to maintain familial contacts while in prison reduces recidivism.

A year after joining the Securus board Mr. Smith became Chairman of the company and since then his financial and technological talents have served the company well. The company’s client base has expanded to include 2450 police agencies and detention facilities. Securus has expanded its line of patentable technologies. All this growth has lead to the creation of more jobs.

Securus’ 2015 acquisition of JPay is an example of the growth the company has experienced during Mr. Smith’s time in charge. JPay is in the same business as Securus and has the same commitment to safety. At the time that it became a part of Securus JPay provided 33 correctional institutions with electronic payment and email services.

JPay’s product line also includes apps and software for entertainment and educational purposes. The latter being important to the goal of reducing recidivism. JPay’s goal is to expand its market and bring more innovative products to its clients. JPay CEO Ryan Shapiro believes that his company’s involvement with Securus will hasten the realization of that goal.


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