Exclusive Products Offered By Jeunesse Global

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray teamed up to start Jeunesse Global in 2009. Ray has experience in designing and selling various computer software and hardware products while Lewis has excellent skills in mathematics and sociology. The two co-founders had been working together for many years before starting Jeunesse Global. Its headquarters is located in Altamonte Springs, Florida and have offices in Columbia, Guinea, Hong Kong and many more. With the humble start, Jeunesse Global now deals in a variety of products.

  • Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

A dermatologist started this product. It has a high concentration of APT 200 that keeps the skin healthy-looking and erases all wrinkles which makes one have a youthful look.

  • Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex

Manufacturers designed it entirely for the face. It offers moisturizing conditioning because its ingredients help in drying the skin. It also contains APT 200 that protects the face from the sun.

  • Luminesce Advanced Night Repair

It also has a high concentration of APT 200 which assist in repairing the skin while one is sleeping. It erases wrinkles and fine lines within the skin making one to have a youthful look in the morning.

  • AM Essentials

These supplements are essential because it provides the body with necessary diet at the beginning of a day. In one bottle, it has 60 caps that give energy and other attributes which are essential to the body.

  • Reserve

Reserve is a mix of natural sweet taste and antioxidants. The properties that are found in the Reserve makes the body cells healthy as well as assist the overall body with damaging issues. A box of Reserve has 30 packets of this wonderful mix.

  • Finiti

This is the most advanced product offered by Jeunesse Global. Its unique blend assist one feels full of energy and exuberant. The exciting part is that Fitini does not have any preservatives and artificial colors.

  • Zen Shape

The main property in Zen shape is the African mango seed extract. Apart from creating a healthy body, it also gives one an excellent shape. A bottle of Zen Shape contains 120 capsules.

There other more products offered by Jeunesse Global. The Jeunesse Global ultimate goal is to retain customers, and thus they provide best compensation system for their distributors.

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