Bruno Fagali leads creation of integrity programs

     Fagali Advocacy is a Brazillian law firm founded and led by Bruno Fagali. It is one of the best law firms for client representation. The firm has a staff that clearly understands the law and is dedicated to serving their clients in the best way possible. They are professional in their work and ensure only the right information is disseminated to the client. Most of its clients are people and organizations in need of corporate law assistance. The firm, led by its founder Bruno has been at the forefront in advocating for integrity and compliance in the business sector.

With corruption being a huge problem in the country, Bruno is committed to assisting business organization stick to the law in implementation of their business activities. Fagali Advocacy was recently involved in a new project that involved creating a Corporate Integrity Program. This program is meant to establish a culture of integrity in the business sector. The program was reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Transparency Supervision Control Council.

The Corporate integrity program has strict regulations and guidelines which will dictate how business deals will be conducted especially between governmental and private organizations. Most corruption has been one occurring between government and private organizations. The program also incorporates guidelines to reduce the risk posed by corruption. There are detection and problem-solving techniques which will see corporates deal with cases of corruption effectively.

Once the program was approved, it was rolled out in numerous organizations including Fagali Advocacy. Bruno Fagali played a critical role in the development of the guidelines and therefore believes in every bit of it. The program is available on the law firm’s official website, and all employees were required to read and understand it in addition to undergoing training on the same. There is online training which anyone can undertake.

Bruno was picked to lead this project due to the good reputation he has in the law firm. His experience in the legal industry also put him as a favorite to implement such a vital program. The law firm has been incorporated in other programs which are also about eradicating corruption in the country. Integrity is a virtue that Bruno holds and tries as much as possible to influence others to embrace it.

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