IC SYSTEM – The Innovation of Technology

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack as an account receivable business, IC system has been involved in the collection for both consumers and commercial accounts.


The company has more so emphasized on business ethics. This has led to a clientele base of small businesses exceeding a thousand among other brand sensitive companies. Their main branch office is based in LA Crosse Wisconsin.


The IC system has had a great share in technological development. In 1968,they incorporated computers and did away with the old type writers setting themselves up as the first collection agency to do so.


The company has been so keen to ensure their reputation is not damaged. Security has equally been emphasized since they have complied with standards and regulations set up in place, for instance, the TCPA and SOI(r)


The company has been driven by core values. These have ensured the stability of the company. The values include:


People: respect for the client and everyone is emphasized.

Integrity: compliance with standards and regulations set in place.

Result driven: this has greatly improved their performance.

Innovations :technological development has been key to keeping them ahead of their competitors.


Employee rewards have greatly motivated them. This includes the core value awards for those who have exhibited good performance and are value driven.


Since the company has been integrity driven, compliance has been majorly emphasized. An extensive audit process is carried out which commences with the evaluation and authentication that all required policies are existent.


The policies are audited frequently with the staff equipped with enough training.

The audit committee is made up of the president, the chief compliance officer, director of audits and chief financial officer.


The IC system is subject to audits by FR Secure which ensures data security is prioritized. Unlike other collection agencies, the IC system has ensured that a third party audit report on compliance (PCIDSS 3.2) has been completed on the entire network.


The company has greatly focused on giving back to the community through initiatives which are charity based. This has mostly been achieved through partnerships with other charitable organizations for instance through the annual polar plunge where they were able to raise the sum of money to support the Wisconsin special Olympic.

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