Discovering The Best Attractions Around The Fagali’I Airport On Upolu Island

There are many prominent places to explore in the Samoan archipelago. The most popular is Apia near the Fagali village. This place has so much to offer in terms of entertainment and relaxation.

Water Activities To Enjoy

Visitors can also enjoy scuba diving offered on the Fagali coast with trained instructors who will supervise the diving activities. Explore the underwater habitat safely while uncovering hidden gems in the Coral Sea according to Dance with the exotic fish and swim next to many turtle species, while observing the plankton, rocks, and plants on the sea floor. After a day of underwater exploration, it is time to relax on the comfortable sandy beaches while absorbing the sun rays and looking out at the beautiful crystal-clear waters.


The Samoan Cultural Village Experience

The next attraction on the list is the Samoan Cultural Village where visitors can learn about the history of the Samoan culture and ancient traditions covering the intricate value systems, basketmaking, and woodworking.

The Fagali’I Airport

Visitors can get access to these attractions and more by flying into the Fagali’I Airport. There are many resorts and hotels in the area located within a 20-minute drive.

This single-terminal airport had a grass strip in the past, but was later paved with asphalt when it reopened in 2009 according to The Fagali Airport got shut down in 2005 because of complaints from local villagers about the loud noises and possible pollution. However, after much negotiation between the Polynesian Airlines, the company that owns this airport, and the Samoan government, the agreement was in place to resume service.

Tourists report enjoying adventurous flights on the DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft on Samoan Airways descending among the tropical rainforest teaming with life. Fagali is the second busiest airport on the island, located approximately two miles from downtown Apia. Visitors can take taxis and buses that are readily available from the terminal to their destinations.

What better way to explore Apia than through the Fagali Airport?

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