Marketing Professional, Krishen Iyer

Mr. Iyer is currently a partner at Managed Benefits, which is a company that was previously known as Quick Link Marketing. The firm provides a suite of online marketing services that include connecting clients with lead-generation firms that can direct traffic to the client’s web pages. Krishen Iyer handles a variety of tasks at Quick Link Marketing which is now known as Managed Benefits Services. They include client relations, technical marketing development, and advertising knowledge.


Krishen Iyer attended both Grossmont College and then San Diego State University. He is a graduate of the public administration and urban development program at San Diego State. When Iyer is not working, he likes to help his local community through local cleanup efforts. He also sponsors disaster relief efforts abroad in places like Haiti.


Ideamensch Interview Highlights


Ideamensch began the interview with Krishen Iyer by asking him where the idea from Quick Link Marketing came from. Quick Link Marketing was designed to fulfill a niche demand in the advertising space says Krishen. He realized there was a demand for many companies for specialized advertising services. A link was missing to connect people in need of lead generation with the lead generation firms. Quick Link Marketing was formed to provide that link between the client and lead generation company.


Ideamensch then asked Mr. Iyer what his typical workday looks like and how he makes it productive. Krishen says that his workday involves doing three primary tasks. They are client interaction, technical development, and marketing. To ensure productivity at his job, Krishen states that he focuses the first part of his day on client interaction. This then lets him concentrate on doing technical development and marketing for the client that he has just interacted with.


Good client interface sets the stage for successful technology development and marketing strategy says, Iyer. It allows him to focus on exactly what his clients need and want. This makes his job easier and more productive.


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