Guilherme Paulus gives his story at the Top Seller event

The Top seller event which is hosted annually under a different theme is one of those events any aspiring business leader should not miss. Last year’s event theme was Entrepreneurship and as if on cue they were able to get Guilherme Paulus to headline the event. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase. Who else better to do it than him given his reputation as an entrepreneur. He has won a number of entrepreneurs of the year awards and deservedly so. Those who know his entrepreneurial journey were eager to hear from him, and those who did not know him got an opportunity to hear from the man himself. It was in 1972 when he first went into business at the time he had just left his job at Casa Faro a travel agency after two years. He did not have much to speak of, but he knew his dreams would take him far. He had, however met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a state deputy who was willing to give him a chance to earn a portion of his company which he was just about to start. At the time he would offer his expertise and services in exchange for his stake. Guilherme Paulus being a young man, saw this as an opportunity to actualize his dreams and in no time he was aggressively marketing their travel agency to all who would give him a chance. The business was not easy, and for Carlos Vicente Cerchiari it was time to focus on other things, and after four years he left. This was in 1976, and the company was barely breaking even.


Over the next nine years, the company went through ups and downs that saw Guilherme Paulus almost give up. His saving grace would, however, come from a Mercedes executive who had heard of his company and offered him a chance to bid for the contract to take their employees on tour.

This was the moment when everything changed for CVC. Guilherme Paulus knew that he had to do everything he could to secure the contract. He eventually did, and by the time the tour ended, he had so many ideas that he knew his company would never be the same again. Watch Guilherme at Videos.Band.

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