Aloha Restoration: Valuable Friend In A Crisis

Most of us don’t want to even ponder the events that potentially compromise our property. This is especially true of our safe haven — our home. Unfortunately, things sometimes happen without warning despite our best preventative measures. Accidents, storms and system malfunctions can make our safe haven an unlivable mess. The old saying goes “when things get bad, you find out who your real friends are.” Mold removal and water removal become daunting obstacles, preventing our family’s well-being.


Aloha Restoration is that friend who is reliable and “there” for families who find themselves in these disturbing circumstances. With extensive, cutting-edge training, the associates from Aloha Restoration have the techniques and equipment to remove water, smoke damage and conduct fire restoration — even if that requires some home remodeling.

Water removal and smoke damage can seem like irreparable assaults on our comfortable homes, but these experts are specially trained to reverse the damage, bringing our home back to its former glory, or perhaps better than it was originally.


Mold removal is an area that can be extremely dangerous for the health of our cherished family members and pets. This is one issue that cannot be handled ourselves, or by equally unqualified individuals. Good old Uncle Harry may be a whiz at fixing creaky door hinges, but mold removal must be handled by experts to ensure there is no lingering mold behind walls and that the mold has been removed in a way to bring the house back to regulated code compliance.


The next time the home, that family castle, our safe haven is in need of professional help, think of Aloha Restoration. Fire, smoke, water and mold are no match for this professional friend who is always there in a crisis.

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