MB2 Dental Solutions: The Effectivity Of Community

One of the most recognized and most renowned dental support organizations in the region of Texas is MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that provides support service to their affiliated dental practitioners and dental clinic owners everywhere. MB2 Dental Service provides excellent support service to dental offices, dentists and organizations for them to be able to run their business as smoothly as possible. MB2 Dental Solutions help the dental offices to focus on providing better service for their patients and so that they can have laser focus on providing exceptional care to their patients – and not on anything else. MB2 Dental Solutions is founded on the idea that dentists can work more effectively and efficiently when they are working together and sharing their knowledge and experiences. MB2 Dental Solutions punctuates on the product of a community that is one with their goal and objectives.

MB2 Dental besides being an excellent service in the dental world, they are also an organization that values their philanthropy. Recently in 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit the lands of Texas, and its strength and damage is tied to what Hurricane Katrina has wreaked back in 2015. Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc that has amounted to about 125 billion dollars in damage and it has primarily hit the lands of the Houston metropolitan area in Southern Texas. The catastrophic fall of Hurricane Harvey in the regions of Texas primarily focused on heavy rainfall which caused terrible flooding that was difficult to evacuate from. The hurricane lasted for at least a month which recorded 68 direct fatalities. MB2 Dental directly responded to his catastrophe by coming up with about 83 thousand dollars for employees that were based in Texas, who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane hit about 25 affiliate offices and over 200 employees of MB2 DEntal – though the team members of MB2 Dental did not suffer any fatalities or physical harm, they have still sustained major losses and suffered from a difficult catastrophe. MB2 Dental and their 87 offices continued to raise 100 thousand dollars so that they could help their MB2 Dental Family Members. Besides the monetary donations that MB2 Dental has donated to the cause, they have also initiated relief operations right after the after effects of the hurricane so that they could help the community. They also initiated fund drives for clothes, water, food and basic living equipment like beddings, blankets and pillows for the victims of the hurricane.

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