EOS Exponential and Territorial Growth in the Lip Beauty Market

Beauty is every individual consideration regardless of gender. Mainly beauty products range from hair, body, shaving oil and creams to lip balms. They are all essential to curb the skin dryness and enhance beauty. Concentrating on lip balm, it’s essential in keeping the lips moist, and soft while enhancing the individual looks. One of the companies booming in the congested lip balm industry is the pastel-colored, through its outstanding EOS lip balm. Its unique consumer-oriented characteristics have outshined legend lip balm producers with the inclusion of outpaces chapsticks and Burt’s Bees.

The lip balm is rich in vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oils which relieve chapped lips while enhancing beauty. Its competitive strengths which have seen its increase in every beauty shops shelves have been attributed to its;

  • Influencer and age bracket oriented marketing, targeting style-conscious 25 -40 years’ old women.
  • Introduction of different flavors which include honeydew and raspberry.
  • Round and colorful packaging structure which makes it’s attractive and recognizable in the market.
  • 95% organic nature and petrolatum free, which adds to its natural feeling.

This has increased its demand an exponential rise in sales which are vowed to stand at 20 billion in the year 2020. This has seen its trending in social media, and it’s part of celebrities makeup accessories choice. Some of the celebrities associated with it include Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. To enhance the sale of EOS lip balm they partnered with Keds to produce an EOS matching shoe which accelerated its sales and market coverage.

Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder of the EOA have talked to the press aligning the seven years, one of a kind growth, to their extensive innovative researches and partnerships. Jonathan teller and Craig Dubinsky are the core partners involved in incubating, innovating and launching of a market moving EOA lip balm products. Other products produced by this company includes shaving cream and hand and body lotions. Has almost monopolized its sale to more than a million lip balm sale per week.

Hyland’s Teeth Products Provide Natural Pain Relief

Teething is a hard time for toddlers. They are in pain, and often they do not sleep well. Many parents look for natural ingredients that are good for their children. Homeopathic remedies like Hyland’s teething tablets brings relief to everyone.

Often common oral pain symptoms are drooling, mild rash, rubbing their ears, putting their hand in the mouth, and irritability. Hyland’s  teething tablets will give children relief, no matter what their symptoms. They have a new product that came in 2017 called Hyland’s Oral Baby Pain Relief Tablets. This new Hyland’s teething tablets replace Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablet. The new product works on all types mouth pain.  Read more about the new product on this link.

Often traditional teething medicines like teething sprays, lozenges, and gels contain benezocaine.. Many traditional medicine have side effects for children like loss of appetite, increased sweating, stomach cramps, and nausea.

Homeopathy is described as a healthy system that works with the body to heal it naturally. It has been around for over 200 year and is believed to be founded in Germany. It has had aaresurgence in popularity with people over the last 20 years

The new Hyland’s teething tablets called Hyland’s Oral Baby Pain Relief Tablets contains natural ingredients. These ingredients help with swelling and pain, oral pain, irritability, sleep, swelling, and discomfort. They are free of belladonna, and artificial ingredients.

Many parents suffer through baby and toddler teething, with their child. Hyland’s ‘s products provide a safe and effective treatment for a baby or toddler’s pain. Some of their other oral pain or Hyland’s teething tablets are Hyland’s 4 Kids Pain Relief tablets, Oral Pain Relief Nighttime, and Canker Sore Soothing Dots Relief Tablets. Many customers are very satisfied with Hyland’s  natural teething products for children.

Place your order now https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyland-s-Baby-Teething-Tablets-Safe-and-Natural-Relief-of-Teething-Pain-and-Irritability-in-Infants-and-Babies-67-Doses-135-Total-Tablets/21003407

Fortress Investment Group Incorporation by Softbank

Fortress Investment Group underwent tremendous change and transition in 2018. After twenty years in business, last year marked the company’s acquisition by financial conglomerate Softbank Group limited, which is one of the world’s most reputable financial companies. The three-point-three billion purchase has strengthened the development base of Fortress Investment and seen innovation in the fields of real estate and private equity. It has built a case for itself since its inception by being a pool of investment funds to a global financial and investment company. The firm made a good name after its excellent performance at the New York Stock Exchange. Its first Public Offer was published in the year 2007. Another good thing is that the firm has continued to do well within the industry. Softbank, on the other hand, is a company dedicated to financing and guiding the information revolution with large stakes in the telecom Sprint, Alibaba and Uber.

It has a Vision Fund that is backed by companies such as Apple and Qualcomm. The fund serves as an accelerating tool to innovative technologies through funding startups on robotics, artificial intelligence and renewable energy. Some of its projects are large scale such as the establishment of the world’s most massive solar power project in Saudi Arabia. The purchase of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank was one of the initial moves of bringing on board an asset management company into its holdings. Fortress Investment Group still has full control of the operations with Softbank having representation in the Fortress board.

Fortress has built a varied portfolio in the area of real estate and infrastructural projects through its subsidiaries such as Fortress Transportation and New Senior Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group further reckons that 2018 was the best year and that they love every moment of being private under Softbank. The long term plan seems to be Fortress Investment Group, and Softbank Vision bank will work in unison to solidify their latest plans even though they will remain different establishments. Since Fortress Investment was the first hedge fund to go public, this saw it still being the first hedge fund to be excluded from the list in the New York Stock Exchange.

Meet Vijay Eswaran, the All-rounded Entrepreneur

Vijay Eswaran is the CEO and the Co-founder of QI Group, a conglomerate in the e-commerce which is headquartered in Hong Kong, China. He has helped steer the e-commerce group from a simple startup to a multi-billion dollar company. This success can only be credited to the dedication and hard work of Vijay Eswaran.

His Performance

Previous to his role, he had served in various companies in Us, Europe, Canada, and Australia. He worked for IBM at a time when innovations relied solely on arithmetic and solutions were physically done. The positions that he served in gave him the much-needed experience in the business industry.

In 1998, he teamed up with a team of like-minded individuals to form QI Group. At that time nobody would have ever thought that soon people will entirely rely on online platforms to make sales and purchases. The company has however grown and expanded its network to other parts of the globe. Currently, they deal with products related to telecommunication, fashion and design, electronics, education, real estate, logistics, and many more.

Philanthropic Events

Besides, Vijay Eswaran is a motivational speaker who has traveled across the world to give talks on how entrepreneurs can be successful in their ventures. His talks have motivated many who have given testimonials about his workable business models. He is also a philanthropist who has done so much to give back to the community. His charity events have enabled the needy to have access to the essential commodities that they need for survival.

Vijay Eswaran is the embodiment of how a real entrepreneur ought to be like. He is an all-rounded individual whose track record speaks for itself. Vijay has proven that you can be an entrepreneur and still give back to your community without expecting much.

Gareth Henry & The Key To Productivity

Gareth Henry has been on top of the investment world for a few decades now and has extensive experience on both sides of the Atlantic. He was the Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders and serves as the Global Head of Investor Relations for a variety of large investment funds. His most notable positions are as Head of International Investor Relations, and Global Head of Investor Relations with Fortress Investment Group. On top of that, Gareth Henry also heads Fortress’ subsidiary New Fortress Energy.

Mr. Henry fell in love with maths at a young age and this love never went away; he ended up studying Actuarial Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh and then became intrigued by economics and risk management. These two aspects ended up being linked to his skills as a mathematician and he got into the world of investment; he ended up gravitating towards investor relations and raising capital. This was because of his ability to talk to clients in a meaningful way, which he says not every mathematician can do.

This ability to talk is a part of what Gareth Henry sees as the key to productivity. As Mr. Henry puts it, he’s constantly talking to people on the phone or in person. Mr. Henry has said that he can’t completely serve his clients effectively unless he has a complete understanding of their needs. Because of that, Gareth Henry has said that he can have anywhere between 500 and 1,000 meetings a year; this can go significantly higher with the likes of trade shows.

From 7am onwards, Mr. Henry is constantly communicating with people; in the morning it’s people in Europe and Asia before moving on to more local matters and finishing up by focusing on New York. He also makes a point of contacting clients in the Middle East on a Sunday to catch up. On top of this Gareth Henry says that he tries to meet up with clients and industry experts at dinners or events on at least a weekly basis. In Mr. Henry’s words, if you’re passionate about what you do then you should have no problem dedicating as much time as possible to it. An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry

Follow Mr. Henry on Facebook : https://en-gb.facebook.com/public/Gareth-Henry


Gustavo Martinez Revelations of the Advertisement and Marketing Field

  Who is Gustavo Martinez?

Gustavo Martinez is an experienced marketing and advertisement consultant. He has worked in the field for over 35 years of leading high-end business. Among the achievements he has had is the overseeing of the creation of ads in the pop-culture. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez – Medium

He also worked as the CEO of J.Walter Thompson Worldwide, a leading marketing company in the world. He served McCann World group as the president. He also led Mather and Ogilvy companies that are well known in the market. Gustavo Martinez also worked at Price Waterhouse and Henkel.

Gustavo Martinez insight into the consultant

The consultant has been the foundation of an advertisement. It is a proven way of delivering excellent results in the marketing industry. The consultant comes first before the ad, and it is very vital in any marketing company.

He advises marketing companies to consider creativity first. It is essential. Check creativity first before considering other factors in the prospects. Failure to choose the greatest mind will cost you so much. Do not follow the set rules in the other industries to employ people in the advertisement sector. You should hire people who complete their work correctly and execute their duties well.

Creativity is the cornerstone of the marketing sector. The creative in terms of innovation and problem solving is all that is needed to run this sector. It is vital for companies to make recruitment a science where new employs should prove that they are very creative and endeavor to improve the company.

According to Gustavo Martinez, advertisement in its own cannot win the consumers in modern society. They need to involve consumer experience in their ads. They also need to show the functionality of the advertised products. This will win the consumers trust, but on delivery, the consumers should find precisely that which you were promoting.

As the consultant, Gustavo Martinez projects to helping many companies to maintain their startups. In most cases, startups do not thrive the test of time. So, the need to improve on their trial and error mechanism up to about 90% to withstand the market wave. Moreover, they should continue to consult so that they do not fail because of simple things that could be rectified.

Bottom line

Gustavo Martinez is an experienced consultant having worked for many bigger marketing companies for about 35 years. He advises the marketing companies to consider consultation first before the advertisement. Also, when employing advertisement agencies, they should prioritize on creativity above all other things.

Learn more about Gustavo Martinez:


Information About Lincolnshire Management

Press Release New York, in the year 2018 through the advice of the Lincolnshire Management, Inc. made a clear announcement on the sale of the Holley Performance Products. The move that was taken by the company was to affiliate the Sentinel Capital Partners which was working closely with Driven Performance Brands. There are many things such as the terms which were set in the year 1903 which remained to be undisclosed. Holley was founded in the year 1903, and many achievements have recorded ever since it started its operations. It has continued to be one of the largest designer and the manufacturer on matters of the products brands. It has managed to grow in the market of the automotive. There are a lot of the moves that the company has made throughout the line of operation for the last 100 years of its operations. The company has managed to be the cornerstone associated with some of the great brands such as the American car culture. Read the whole story about the Lincolnshire’s exit from Holley Performance Products here https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lincolnshire-management-inc-exits-holley-performance-products-a-leader-in-the-performance-automotive-aftermarket-300738878.html.

There are many brands that the company has managed to create in the industry. These include MSD, Hooker, and ACCEL. The company aims to add value to the style of marketing and creating the opportunity for investment in different parts. The current CEO of the Lincolnshire Management T.J. Maloney. The dedication of the management of Lincolnshire Management has set a lot on the matters regarding the goals of the company and building the new brand. Read on the investments of the company in this article.

Lincolnshire Management has integrated the best platform that makes them link well with its clients in the market. Tom with collaboration with the Holley has pushed for the matters of technology in the form to enable the process of the company to be at the right scene in the market. Many substantive issues have been set in place to make the company be at the top niche in the industry. The ability of the management in understanding the face of the market has helped the organization grow with a particular trajectory and made the company realize its goals within the right timeframe. The achievement of Lincolnshire Management has been attributed to quality leadership.

Get the company’s location and direction on mapquest.

Boraie Development is Allowing Residents to Live in The Aspire

Shaquille O’Neal grew up in a very beautiful city. This was back in the 1970s. The star did well in his career in the sports industry. The basketball player represented his nation in numerous competition, and at one point in his life, he was forced to relocate to a new city. The love for his hometown, however, has remained even when he is rich and famous. Just recently, during his visit, when he was accompanied by his mother, the star noticed that the beauty in the city was starting to fade. The buildings that were once luxurious and beautiful were no longer attractive. As a young personality who understands the needs of the millenniums, Shaquille knew that most young individuals would prefer to stay in other areas than New Brunswick. The star then started a mission to bring the beauty of the city with the help of a recognized institution that is based in this area.

The Boraie Development was given the role of building a complex that was sponsored by Shaquille ‘Neal and several other banks in the region. The complex would match the standards in other prominent places in the market. After several months of struggle, Boraie Development can now present the complex to the consumers. The Aspire is now free for occupation, with all the features modern generations desire when they are house hunting. The complex has the most ideal location for the working class, not forgetting the fact that it took into consideration the transport needs of the people who have their own cars. Shaquille O’Neal is a happy man. The star has made sure that his dream of having a modern complex is fulfilled in the shortest time possible.

The Aspire, which is not letting its units, is the pride of the residents in New Brunswick. There is more than just what people are used to when letting houses in this region. There are social and recreational centers that have been set up to take care of the needs of the two hundred and thirty-eight families that will be residing in the complex. Safety is one of the key aspects that was considered when the project was under construction. All the amenities that will be enjoyed in this complex are the most recent. Unlike other modern residential units, the individuals who want to live in the Aspire will not be charged extravagant prices. Boraie Development offices have announced that the units are very affordable.

Wes Edens, the business guru.

Wesley Robert Edens also known as Wes Edens is a 57years old founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Starting off his career with California savings and loans, he has elevated and escalated his profession so much and has now become a worldwide investment manager with billions of assets under her name to date.

Mr.Wes Edens has led his empire to multi-successes, building and owning top businesses in areas like sports, transport development, health support, real estate, and entertainment.

He is really into philanthropy as he supported The Edens Family Fund for Climate Change Research at Princeton University and has donated more than $2.7 million to various educational institutions and nonprofits such as Macalester College, Martha`s Vineyard Hospital, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation little to mention. Mr.Edens currently serves as a Trustee of the Chinook Charitable Trust. Read more on fortress.com

Mr.Edens was credited with a ‘Distinguished Business Professional‘ by Oregon State University in 2019.

Mr.Edens has always been super athletic since his childhood days with basketball being one of his favorite hobbies. Growing up in a Helena, Montana in the United States, Wes Edens was passionate in his hobbies such as ski racing, running, jumping horses and mountain climbing recording some challenging mountains experiences around the world like Mount Kilimanjaro. His main dream now is to climb Mount Everest.

Back in 2014, Mr.Wes Edens become a co-proprietor of the NBA franchise ‘Milwaukee Bucks’ and played a big role in the foundation of recently opened Multi-Million arena ‘Fiserv Forum’ for the city transforming the big space of land to a spotlight entertainment center.

In Addition, Mr.Wes Edens being a sports enthusiast decided to jump into soccer as he invested in a well-known historic outfit of Aston Villa Football Club in England and continues to find interest in investing in more sports deals. He really is a big inspiration to the business industry.

Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wesley-edens-a6b19b3a


Talkspace and Michael Phelps Discuss Depression

Talkspace’s recent partnership with Michael Phelps was revealed in the article titled, “Michael Phelps Dives into Mental Health Advocacy with Talkspace,” and was written by H.B. Duran. The article indicates that Phelps will be partnering with Talkspace to dispel mental health stigmas and encourage people to talk with professionals through the Talkspace app to continue their personal growth.

Phelps has been an advocate for mental health for a while and has a deep knowledge of the market. He shared his own story with anxiety and depression on the advertisements with the technology company while also serving at a higher level. Michael Phelps will join the board of advisors to help the company recognize the needs of their customers and their advertising strategy. Learn more about talkspace at crunchbase.com

One of the biggest messages that Talkspace wants to help their customers with is that depression can happen to anyone, including the people you think have it all.

The company was also featured in an article titled “Relationship Advice from Talkspace.” The article was written by Steven Smith and indicates that the platform will also cater to people who need therapy for relationships. The article discusses the stresses of cohabitating with a romantic partner while also providing tools for those who want to ensure that cohabitating won’t end in a breakup.

Talkspace reveals that collaboration is necessary for any couple, but it is especially necessary for those who are living together. Moving in with your partner should stir up conversations about household responsibilities, managing time together, and a variety of other essentials. The couple should also understand that they are sharing a life with someone and should be respected, valued, and nurtured despite the inevitable disagreements.

Talkspace also reveals that autonomy is important for the couple that lives together. Many couples seek out information from family and friends, however, many will offer bad advice. No two couples are the same and each piece of advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

Visit: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Talkspace/reviews?fjobtitle=Therapist