The Work of LIn Qiangdong


Liu Qiangdong is a entrepreneur who has made a big impact in the world of business. Qiangdong is responsible for starting, a small business that become the largest IPO of the year. Qiangdong has made a name for himself because he is savvy and relies on his inner beliefs. Throughout his career he has been dedicated to customer service and making an impact through his business.


Liu Qiangdong was born in China. He is a graduate of the People’s University of China where he earned a a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. After school Qiangdong quickly rose through the ranks of the herbal supplement world. He eventually became a Director of Computers and Service. As a result of a SARS epidemic he eventually began selling his own goods via an e-commerce platform, through his first company, Jingdong. Qiangdong would go on to have a highly successful career. He is considered one of the top entrepreneurs in the country.

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