Fortress Investment Group Incorporation by Softbank

Fortress Investment Group underwent tremendous change and transition in 2018. After twenty years in business, last year marked the company’s acquisition by financial conglomerate Softbank Group limited, which is one of the world’s most reputable financial companies. The three-point-three billion purchase has strengthened the development base of Fortress Investment and seen innovation in the fields of real estate and private equity. It has built a case for itself since its inception by being a pool of investment funds to a global financial and investment company. The firm made a good name after its excellent performance at the New York Stock Exchange. Its first Public Offer was published in the year 2007. Another good thing is that the firm has continued to do well within the industry. Softbank, on the other hand, is a company dedicated to financing and guiding the information revolution with large stakes in the telecom Sprint, Alibaba and Uber.

It has a Vision Fund that is backed by companies such as Apple and Qualcomm. The fund serves as an accelerating tool to innovative technologies through funding startups on robotics, artificial intelligence and renewable energy. Some of its projects are large scale such as the establishment of the world’s most massive solar power project in Saudi Arabia. The purchase of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank was one of the initial moves of bringing on board an asset management company into its holdings. Fortress Investment Group still has full control of the operations with Softbank having representation in the Fortress board.

Fortress has built a varied portfolio in the area of real estate and infrastructural projects through its subsidiaries such as Fortress Transportation and New Senior Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group further reckons that 2018 was the best year and that they love every moment of being private under Softbank. The long term plan seems to be Fortress Investment Group, and Softbank Vision bank will work in unison to solidify their latest plans even though they will remain different establishments. Since Fortress Investment was the first hedge fund to go public, this saw it still being the first hedge fund to be excluded from the list in the New York Stock Exchange.

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