Meet Vijay Eswaran, the All-rounded Entrepreneur

Vijay Eswaran is the CEO and the Co-founder of QI Group, a conglomerate in the e-commerce which is headquartered in Hong Kong, China. He has helped steer the e-commerce group from a simple startup to a multi-billion dollar company. This success can only be credited to the dedication and hard work of Vijay Eswaran.

His Performance

Previous to his role, he had served in various companies in Us, Europe, Canada, and Australia. He worked for IBM at a time when innovations relied solely on arithmetic and solutions were physically done. The positions that he served in gave him the much-needed experience in the business industry.

In 1998, he teamed up with a team of like-minded individuals to form QI Group. At that time nobody would have ever thought that soon people will entirely rely on online platforms to make sales and purchases. The company has however grown and expanded its network to other parts of the globe. Currently, they deal with products related to telecommunication, fashion and design, electronics, education, real estate, logistics, and many more.

Philanthropic Events

Besides, Vijay Eswaran is a motivational speaker who has traveled across the world to give talks on how entrepreneurs can be successful in their ventures. His talks have motivated many who have given testimonials about his workable business models. He is also a philanthropist who has done so much to give back to the community. His charity events have enabled the needy to have access to the essential commodities that they need for survival.

Vijay Eswaran is the embodiment of how a real entrepreneur ought to be like. He is an all-rounded individual whose track record speaks for itself. Vijay has proven that you can be an entrepreneur and still give back to your community without expecting much.

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