Randal Nardone Is Instrumental To The Growth And Operations Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone has a few different things that he is most known for. Among these is his involvement in the inception of one of the country’s top asset managers, Fortress Investment Group, and without him being a co-founder the company may not have been as successful. These days, he is high up in the group, which is pleased to have him as CEO and Principal. Boston University and the University of Connecticut are both schools which Randal Nardone has attended. He received his bachelor’s from the former and his law degree from the latter. It is interesting to note that Nardone only made the climb to chief executive officer in 2013, which means that he was with Fortress for 15 loyal years, ever since 1998, before finally taking over that role.

In addition to what he does with this organization, Randal Nardone also is Eurocastle Investment’s Director and Alea Group Holdings Bermuda’s Non-Executive Director. He also directs Florida East Coast Holdings Group and Springleaf Finance. Clearly, his experience and financial prowess is in extremely high demand, and this is something that Fortress Investment Group’s members should all take great pride in. Having Nardone leading booming organization is undeniably one of the most lucrative opportunities a finance and investing business could wish for.

Mr. Randal Nardone is a key player in the management of a staggering sum of funds that totals nearly $70 billion when all the different assets are added together. his contributions have been instrumental to the amazing growth experienced by Fortress Investment Group during its recent years of steady operations. Nardone spoke highly of Softbank’s 2017 purchase of his organization for $3.3 billion, and he believes that this acquisition is only positive for the company. He hopes to capitalize on this deal in his management duties and use the new partnership to strengthen Fortress substantially thanks to better resources in terms of credit. With both Randal and Softbank contributing to Fortress Investment Group’s future market growth, the organization likely has some even greater feats in its financial future.

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