Jeremy Goldstein: Keys On Becoming An Effective Lawyer

One of the partners of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is Jeremy Goldstein – the company operates as an exclusive firm committed to providing advise to Chief Executive Officers, management teams, compensation committees, and businesses in the realms of corporate governance and executive compensation matters, more specifically they are experts on giving advise in issues concerning transformative business events.



Jeremy Goldstein provides advise about their own client’s pay, in their own careers – and these are issues that are near to the hearts of the clients. In the realm of work of Jeremy Goldstein, there are now cutting corners, and there are no shortcuts. Their are of work concerns advising, drafting and negotiating – but besides that they should have a certain bedside manner, full dedication, and 24 hour availability. All of these values are coupled together to become a successful practicioner in their industry.



Because of the time demand of the job, Jeremy Goldstein only accepts certain cases so that he can properly manage his time and ensure that he is efficient and productive. This is the reason why most of the jobs that he accepts operate in extraordinary transactions, or matters that require specifically his set of skills and experience.



With two decades of knowledge and experience under Jeremy Goldstein’s belt, there are no more completely new cases – and that’s the beauty of the job. When truly novel issues arise, there are usually cases in the past that have similarities with them, which makes it easier to deal with.



Jeremy Goldstein makes sure that he get to know he knows his client at a certain level of depth, enough so that he can give better advice to them. He punctuates that knowledge of the client is essential to become an effective lawyer for them. Jeremy tries to sustain a conversation even if there are now active matters at hand.


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