Bernado Chua Sets Out With Some Great New Ideas

Bernardo Chua is largely known for his impact in direct distribution of Organo Gold products. This is where he has found a lot of success in an industry that is comprised primarily of distributors that bring coffee into a department store setting. Bernardo Chua wanted to set his company apart from competitors. He knew that the best way to do this would be through independent distributors.

People that want to know more about what he is bringing to the forefront can check what he has done with Organo Gold University. This is the area where he brings life to the products that he is selling in an educational realm. This is where Bernardo Chua gains an advantage against other coffee brands. He knows that he can teach his distributors has about the coffee so that they will be knowledgeable when they are selling Organo Gold coffee and other products like tea and personal care items. When items are shipped to a department store there is no one to present this type of information. Many products could sit on the shelf for months and lose momentum when no one is there is explain the benefits of buying certain products. Visit Bernardo Chua on Twitter@OGBernie

What Bernardo is essentially doing is creating a platform where more people can learn about his products and have dialogue with distributors. He has cornered the market in a unique way where he is able to gain the respect of many people that are looking for extra income. They know about him because the products are displayed on Facebook, and he also tweets about new products that come on to the market. This has allowed him to gain more customers and potential workers as well. All of this is part of his strategy for opportunities for people to work for themselves.

Bernardo has been able to expand his product line and continue to bring new products to a global audience. What consumers discover about Chua is that he is a leader that knows a number of different ways to attract consumers. He has mastered the art of building a team of independent distributors.



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