Role of Louis Chenevert at United Technologies Corporations

Louis Chenevert has accomplished a lot in his lifetime, and most interesting is that he has served lots of corporations at the senior most positions. Mr Chenevert has served in the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as the Chairman and CEO of the firm. In 2008, he was elected as the President and CEO thereafter in 2010 elected as the Chairman where he served till 2014 when he retired. Before, Louis Chenevert was the President at Pratt & Whitney since 1999 to around 2006.

The experience that Louis Chenevert has in the business is vast; this is because before he worked at the Pratt & Whitney, Chenevert was working at General Motors for about 14 years. Through the involvement to lots of business operations prepared Mr. Chenevert for his future career and more so at UTC. The contribution that he instilled in the corporation was remarkable since it makes the company experience lots of profits from its operations.

Louis Chenevert is creative and full of wisdom since when the market seems unfavorable, and competitors were looking for means to increase the market share, Mr. Louis Chenevert ensures that the forces of the market would not shake the UTC. Therefore, he ensured that there is teamwork and also moved the engineers from that firm to centralized areas that will be suitable for them to work.

The whole operations that were under the responsibilities of CEO Louis Chenevert at UTC were to ensure all the customers are satisfied with the services that are offered to them by the corporation. Since the technology industry keeps changing, he ensured that the firm would maintain the momentum so that it can better its services to the clients. The most drives and motivations that geared the success and achievements of Louis Chenevert were facilitated by being optimistic, passionate and making lots of investments.

Moreover, he mentored the young entrepreneurs in the business so that they can be able to achieve their goals with a lot of ease. All those staff members that worked under his leadership can attest that the contribution that was offered by the Louis Chenevert led to their success.

Lawrence Bender: Hollywood Legend

Lawrence Bender is Hollywood’s leading actor, producer, and has dominated the entertainment industry for more than two decades. His most famous works include Reservoir Dogs, Django, Good Will Hunting, and Inglourious Basterds; amongst several more.

Lawrence Bender was born in The Bronx, New York City, where he was inspired to follow his grandfather’s footsteps in the Civil Engineering industry. With his mother and father as a college professor and kindergarten teacher respectively, Bender had all the support from his family to pursue any career of his choice. As such, he graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in Civil Engineering. Quickly, he also found an interest in dancing; however, it was short-lived due to an injury.

After the injury, Lawrence Bender took a heavy interest in the entertainment industry, more specifically, movie directing. Throughout his career, Lawrence Bender has consistently proved that he deserves his mark in the Hollywood industry, as he has garnered six Academy Awards and over 25 nominations for a plethora of categories such as Best Film and Picture. In addition to Hollywood, Lawrence Bender is also an environmental and political activist. Today, he is one of the top executives of CleanSource Power, LLC, a company dedicated to providing renewable forms of energy across the world. He is also one of the board members of The Creative Coalition Inc, a nonprofit advocacy group created by numerous actors from the entertainment industry.

One of Lawrence Bender’s most famous movies is Pulp Fiction, which was originally released in 1994. Furthermore, it is highly rated as the all-time drama/thriller movie of the 90s. The movie features several Hollywood legends, including Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Ving Rhames, Uma Thurman, and Bruce Willis.

Pulp Fiction follows several sets of stories. The movie initially starts with two lovers who decide to rob a restaurant. Then, the scene changes to two hit-men, who have just finished executing a naive young man. Soon, a mafia leader tasks them to retrieve a briefcase. In addition, he orders that they take his wife along with them for the adventure. The trio soon create a close bond and create several classic adventure scenes in television.

Sujit Choudhry: The Lone Hope For Constitutional Law

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally celebrated professor and researcher whose scope of work covers a broad band of constitutional law and politics. He has been consulted by public figures making constitutions in their own countries (

Choudhry has almost unmatched knowledge in politics and comparative law, which he commonly addresses. Drawing his argument from a tweet by former USA attorney general Eric Holder, Choudhry explores how constitutional democracy is on the verge of extermination. He is shocked by how the former attorney suggests peaceful mass action against any interference with White House Special Counsel. Choudhry wonders why the former attorney general doesn’t propose a constitutional encounter against the violation. An undoubtedly good indicator of the imminent perish of constitutional law.

A Dissection and Analysis of a Tweet

Constitutional democracy is also threatened by autocrats who try to extend their stay as rulers. Presidential autocracy in cases where rulers undertake a series of clear initiatives with an aim of benefitting few threatens constitutional democracy. Governments in power have undertaken moves to ensure they remove hindrances to smooth ruling and power in future election runs. Taking up power through coups by despots intimidates constitutional democracy. Such actions trigger hues and cries from the public. The only way to be heard is through mass action rather than the use of constitutional rights to fight such crimes.

Sujit Choudhry cites democratic regress and despotic backslides as the other threats to constitutional democracy. As per Sujit Choudhry, the swaying of rules by legitimately elected governments to remain in power threaten constitutional democracy as in South Africa, Poland and Germany.

Sujit Choudhry explores how the ruling party in Poland has manipulated the countries’ constitutional and ordinary courts to create smooth governance. In a series of distinctive maneuvers which seemed right, the government achieved an entire overhaul that undermined constitutional democracy.

Sujit proposes that autocracy be called autocracy in a court of law for that increases the chance of constitutional law being upheld. It is clear that if hidden moves by governments that undermine the constitution, if not controlled, will eventually bring constitutional law down. It would be prudent to scrutinize every hidden move and clearly establish what it is geared at if constitutional law is to be survive.

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Sussex Healthcare, The Home Away From Home

Sussex Healthcare is a facility that provides care to the elderly and people who require specialized care. The facility operates In England on the Southern Coast. Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina who are the home’s two chairmen started the home as a joint initiative. The combination of their different skills and abilities is what makes the home as great as it is today. Boghani’s experience in hotel management and Sachedina’s experience in medicine helped them create an award-winning home care centre that serves people who require special care. The first health care facility that Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina ever opened was in 1985.

Currently, over 20 centres operate under the Sussex Healthcare umbrella. Some of the centres have a state of the art gym along with daycare facilities and residential homes. Apart from providing a home for old people suffering from dementia, they also provide a home for young adults with cognitive issues and neurological disabilities. To provide the utmost care to everyone in Sussex Healthcare, they have experienced staff who are committed to taking care of the people who call the healthcare centre home. The services provided in Sussex Healthcare are based on the belief that everyone in their care deserves an opportunity to gain access to luxury, recreation, and social activities.


The various Sussex Healthcare facilities have programs that encourage their residents to stay engaged and active in their environment. Some of the programs include activity plans and individualized leisure some of which are based on the resident’s past life. They also have experienced chefs, who help create daily nutritional meals for the residents and provide specific dietary needs for individual residents. Over the past two decades, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina have been responsible for the leadership of Sussex Healthcare. However, in 2008 Amanda Morgan joined the Sussex Healthcare family and became its CEO. Her profession and extensive knowledge in medicine saw her raise the Sussex Healthcare standards even higher.

Sussex healthcare has over the years taken strides to ensure people live their lives to the fullest even within their residential homes. The major stride is the creation of several residential homes to help the people under their care. For instance, they have seven residential homes that cater to the old people. They have also diversified how they take care of each individual according to their health. Each facility is different and it serves the various people under their care to the best of their ability.


Kevin Seawright: Achievements and Job History

This article is formed around financial professional Kevin Seawright. Seawright’s main job is a financial & administrative options leader. He is familiar for using strategic vision. He uses it to command new opportunities and gain business goals. Kevin Seawright’s current job is Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Newark Economic Development Corporation.

In Kevin Seawright’s career, he has reformulated business strategies. The strategies have created responsive Accounting/Finance divisions in forms of payroll, payables, receivables, and collections. For more than thirteen years Kevin used those skills and his financial expertise to improve the communities located on the East Coast. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase

One of the programs Seawright works in is the Newark Community, here he is the Chief Financial Officer. This program was created with the business leaders in mind. This is to have them keep up with the competition of the nonprofit sector of today. For this to be a successful organization, the board will need to grow larger as the organization matures and grows. It is important to build a board that has a systematic approach. It would have to include training, orientation, evaluation, and the cultivation of potential board members. This is crucial to the promise of an organizations long-term success.

Before Seawright’s move to New Jersey, he worked in Baltimore, Washington D.C, and M.D. While there he worked in the fields of real estate development, education, and local government. He had a great involvement in his community. For example, he was a coach for sports teams for young children locally. Also, he worked at the Babe Ruth Museum as an acting advisory board member.

It is also important to note that Seawright has been involved as a member in different organizations. Examples are the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, the National Association for Black Accountants, and the American Society for Public Administration. To conclude, Seawright can be found on forms of social media. You can find him and more information on Twitter, Tumbler and LinkedIn as well. View:


Paul Mampilly’s Unbelievable Accomplishments

Paul Mampilly is a senior editor who serves at Profits Unlimited. Mr. Mampilly has gained a lot of knowledge in technology making him an expert in the industry. It is worth noting that Paul served for more than two decades at Wall Street before he started he started preparing articles for Main Street Americans. Paul applies his extensive experience in technology to offer investors with outstanding investment trends and advice. Paul joined Profits Unlimited for about two years, and it already has 40, 000 subscribers. The subscribers regularly seek advice from Paul. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Paul gives investors sound investment advice that allows them to make money without risking much of their resources. This safe investment advice has earned him a great reputation. Some of his loyal subscribers have confirmed that they have made up to $45, 190 of profit. As a result, they recommend his articles to other readers. Such subscribers say that they made such enormous profits after applying Paul’s advice for a few months.

Paul Mampilly is a renowned investor who gained prominence while still working at Hedge Fund. Paul has been featured in favorite shows and other types of public media such as Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV. Paul Mampilly’s success can also be attributed to Profits Unlimited. In his newsletter, he applies his experiences, skills, and knowledge to advice his followers. At Wall Street, Paul has guided about 90, 000 subscribers into successful business deals. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Interestingly, Mampilly was born in India even though he was raised in the US. Paul’s hard work and commitment to serve people earned him a top job at Wall Street. However, his career life has been challenging especially when he completed his education. Upon graduation, he joined Bankers Trust in 1991 as its portfolio manager. He then left the company and started working at Deutsche Bank and ING. Also, Paul diligently served his role at Sears and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Paul Mampilly was also fortunate to secure a job at Kinetics Asset management. The company was valued at $6 billion. Paul led to the increase in the company’s value to $25 billion. In another successful investment scenario, Mampilly managed to generate $33 million in one year. Surprisingly, the profits were earned in the 2008/2009 economic crisis. This great achievement earned him a lot of respect and recognition globally. Paul is not only successful in running companies but also has personal investments; for example at Netflix.



Sujit Choudhry Explains Eric Holder Tweet

Sometimes, governments and the officials that operate them do too much, don’t do enough, and otherwise don’t handle issues well. However, in most cases, governments are great for human society – that doesn’t mean they can be universally trusted by their constituents, though.

Eric Holder, best known as the acting Attorney General under the Barack Obama administration, tweeted roughly four months ago about the status of how the rest of the United States federal government was treating Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In that tweet, Holder said, “The American people must be seen and heard – they will ultimately be determinative,” in-regards to either the “firing of Bob Mueller or crippling the special counsel’s office.”

Donald Trump’s administration is believed by many to have joined forces with Russian forces to sway the results of the most recent presidential election, in November 2016. Although he and his camp have denied such allegations, he once fired Michael Comey, likely for not acting in the best interest of Trump himself.

As such, it’s only fair to believe that Robert Mueller could be fired, the United States Department of Justice Special Counsel’s power could be knocked, or both could actually take place.

Sujit Choudhry, best known by most people as a professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley – School of Law.  Mr. Choudhry is also the dean of the program and has taught at several other colleges around the nation, and even one in Canada.

Mr. Choudhry feels that it’s very important for American’s citizens – or any country’s citizens, for that matter – to draw a distinct line in the political ground in-regards to an acceptable manner to which government officials can act. Without these societal checks in place, in which the citizenry of the United States effectively serves as the fourth level of checks and balances in the country, Holder and Sujit Choudhry alike warn governments could take too much power. Check for more views.

Democratic failure, says Sujit Choudhry, could rear its head if Robert Mueller is removed from office as Special Counsel, something that the Trump administration could seek out.

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Start Investing In Forex With a Little Help From the Experts at Netpicks

About Forex

Let’s talk about Forex trading for a moment. Forex trading or FX trading is a complicated game. If you are completely new to FX trading, Forex trading can be a very profitable form of investment. $5.2 trillion a day flows through the very veins of the Forex trading floor. Investors include the every-day worker, hedge fund managers, CEOs, and the ultra-rich. This mix of clients has the Forex trading floor buzzing with activity nearly every single day.

It’s Not All Fun and Games

This may seem like a fun and bumping atmosphere, but it’s not. People make and lose billions a day on the Forex market. The market is like a shark out for blood, and before you decide to jump aboard the Forex ship, make sure that you know what you’re doing. For one, investing in Forex is a fast-paced game. “Spot Trading” is the primary form of trading on the Forex marketplace. Spot trading takes place instantaneously. The speed of spot trading is both terrifying and necessary. Because of forex trades currencies, not stock, it’s necessary that it moves quick and instantaneous.

Using Experts Like Netpicks

Did I mention that Forex is trading currency? Forex is a currency trading marketplace, where, instead of trading parts of a company, you are making bets on currency fluctuations. This creates whole new complications. Needless to say, you may need some help. This is where the experts at places like Netpicks come in. Netpicks offers support to those investing in Forex. Real-time graphs, live support from experienced Forex investors, are all part of the package that Netpicks offers.

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Bruno Fagali Implements Corporate Integrity Policies At Nova/SB

The Fagapress represents the Fagali Advocacia, which was designed and created to combine the deep knowledge of its staff in the dissemination of the various legal fields in the defense of its clients. Bruno Fagali and Lucas Pedroso are the Founding Partners of Fagali Advocacia.

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer whose expertise covers Advertising Law, Anti-Corruption Law, Compliance Law, Election Law, Parliamentary Law, and Public Law. At the moment Attorney Bruno Fagali is the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB.

His employment as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB is vital in the company’s implementation of anti-corruption advertising campaigns for government units or departments. The objective of the ad campaign is to neutralize the resentment that is currently brewing within the general public, because of the corrupt practices within majority of the government’s offices.


In one of the Fagapress articles according to, which has the heading – “Transparency International and Perceptions Index: what is the perception” highlights the fact that nothing is really being done about the global corruptions. Although the ranking presented within the cited index does not pertain to the actual corruption in a particular country, it is a measurement of the perception of corruption that is present. Perception in this case means, an objective point of view which is more like feeling the presence of something that may not be concrete but is relatively happening.

Bruno Fagali and Lucas Pedroso’s ultimate goal in publishing the aforementioned article is to make online followers and readers of Fagapress aware of the prevalent corruption that is happening not only in Brazil but across the world. This is in fact related to Fagali’s work at Nova/SB where he heads the Corporate Integrity Department.

As a leading agency in advertisement, Nova/SB wanted somebody who is dedicated in the proper execution and implementation of integrity, so it chose Bruno Fagali to lead the integrity measures’ enactment within the organization. Currently, he already carried out the Corporate Integrity Program in Nova SB’s Sao Paulo and Brasilia office branches. He also instigated the formation of a committee for employee ethics along with a new policy for the proper handling of employees within the company.


Bernardo Chua Grows His Success With Passion

Organo Gold, also well-known as ORGANO, was founded by Bernardo Chua. The company markets premium coffee, tea, and dietary products that promotes well-being and an active lifestyle. They also offer a body management system called OGX.

The company started out in Vancouver, BC with the goal of delivering to the world all the great benefits of Ganoderma which is an herb used in Asian medicines. The company infused the herb staple into coffee for a convenient and delicious way to enjoy the benefits that it has to offer.

After its launch, the company branched out and created more products such as high-quality teas and dietary supplements. Nr. Chua strongly believes that in order to receive the full benefits that this product has to offer, it needs to be incorporated into ones’ daily routines and in order to do that, the product has to be easy and convenient to take. Learn more on

What makes Organo Gold unique is the powdered mushroom extract, also known as Ganoderma, which offers many health benefits. Organo Gold offers many different flavors of coffee and has just released two brand new supplements in their OGX product line. Their OGX DX product offers detoxification benefits, and their OGX XT product helps to naturally boost energy.

Bernardo Chua, also known by close friends as “Bernie,” is a top name in the industry of direct sales and is has a passion for sharing the benefits of his product with the rest of the world. He grew up in the Philippines and is one of the very first to bring the beneficial polypore mushrooms to the Western World market.

Bernardo Chua is one of the most successful businessmen in the Pacific and has received many awards for all of his success in business and industry. He is focused on his business and continues to grow his company and team of distributors. He saw a need for a unique product in the market and filled it. He spent a great deal of time sharing information about his product with many different people and is a firm believer in the results that his products promote.