The gradual growth of Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens at age 47 has already acquired a lot of experience in the field of finance and management. These could possibly all be attributed to the fact that he has taken up so many roles in leadership positions of different companies. His interactions and great levels of networking have been of great aid in grooming him to become the successful businessman and financial analyst that he is.

He has always had the ambition of getting involved in trading activities. His focus was however not only on local trading, within Brazil, but also to be able to trade across international boundaries. He focused on what he wanted and that is why he struggled to get a good education. The highest institution he went to is the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Follow Felipe on Twitter

After school, with the connections he had managed to create, he was very confident and outstanding with his work in the field of finance. He took up leadership positions soon after he completed school, with many different companies. He was an asset to each of them because his knowledge, and growing experience, was vast. He got experience in different industries, such as chemical development, water, and waste concessions as well as the energy development industry.

Felipe Montoro Jens is essentially a great asset to many large companies because of his rare skills and the generous nature within which he shares them. Mostly, his experience has taught him how to minimize waste. This leads to his passion for optimal utilization of resources. This would be an advantage to any company because they are able to get very high returns what whatever little amounts that they invest.

Felipe can make negotiations with state governments across the world because most of his reasoning is towards the direction of reduction of waste. He can suggest ways on how to reduce corporate ways, earning him a secure position in the new foreign market he was penetrating. Currently, he has over 25 years of experience and is mainly based in Portugal. This is where he took up a job and left his native country, Brazil.

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The Must Have ClassDojo’s Classroom Communication App

ClassDojo is an app used in communication in a classroom. It is used to share reports and other class information between parents and teachers. The classroom communication app was launched by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in 2011. It is a common tool used by many non-English speaking parents and guardians to communicate and maintain regular contact with teachers in charge of their children. It is one of the main home-to-school communication apps that assist in bridging the language difference between tutors and parents. It maintains a connection between teachers, parents, and students and at the same time helps students to develop skills.

The ClassDojo platform enables parents to access their student’s report. Moreover, teachers can monitor the behavior of their students using the app. Teachers also share photos and videos of students with the parents during class sessions. The main objective of the app is to improve education and promote community building between teachers, parents, and other stakeholders. Today, ClassDojo is used by more than 90% of the district schools in the United States. The app uses 35 languages and it is available in more than 180 countries globally. ClassDojo enables tutors to register for free accounts and conduct classes with their students. The app also allows the instructors to invite parents to see the progress of their children in school. The app also allows the instructors to timely reward their students for good performance and improvement. Tutors can also customize the app to enable the students acquire specific skills based on the educational needs.

The creators of ClassDojo developed it based on the trust relationship that needs to be fostered between parents and teachers. To earn the trust of their users, the app has standard privacy protection measures. The app has a privacy center that fosters transparency in protecting the privacy of students and their parents. ClassDojo does not require sensitive information including the address, ID number, and the gender of the students. The app is compatible with all the devices that have web browsers. Additionally, it is compatible with all android and iOS devices. It is free for teachers all over the world.

Knowing What a Spread Is According to NetPicks

There are a ton of terms that are thrown around in the Forex community. One of the concepts that people need to learn about in Forex is the spread. This is a very important term to learn about. NetPicks treats this term as a very important term and explains it in a way that makes people understand ( Therefore, people are going to be able to get the information that makes them comfortable with the market. This will increase their confidence as they make the decisions in the market. For one thing, is that emotions are a very important factor in trading.

One of the concepts that NetPicks explains is the spread. The spread is the difference between the bid and the ask prices. For an ask trade, the pip has to rise above the bid in order for their to be profits. This means that the trade has to rise up a little bit past the initial price that was opened. The good news is that this is one of the simpler aspects of Forex. Therefore, when people trade, they will see it in action. NetPicks is also willing and able to show people what it is talking about with the use of images and even videos.

The spread is one of the best concepts to learn about when trying to trade in the Forex market. Besides the concepts and terminology, the best thing for people to learn about is how to manage their expectations when it comes to trading. Trading can cause people to lose a lot of money with NetPicks. People can learn about all of the tools that they can use with the online trading information database. The best part is that they have some of the best information for people to read at no extra cost.

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Freedom Checks Are they Worth Investing In?

Matt Badiali is one of the most famous natural resources experts in not only United States, but across the globe. He has provided his expertise to many institutional investors and large-scale organizations as to whether they should invest in the natural resources industry or not. The financial markets are highly volatile these days and it is hard to predict which sector would perform, and which sector would not perform. However, with the technical analysis that Matt Badiali does, it becomes much easier to predict the market movement and trends, especially in relation to the natural resources. Over the years, Matt Badiali has consulted with many precious metals experts, natural resources experts, and some of the leading financial analysts to bring the filtered and trusted information for his clients and followers. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Currently, Matt Badiali is serving as the editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and is the editor of the newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist. Matt has been marketing Real Wealth Strategist through Freedom Checks, which speaks about the fact that the readers can earn consistent money from their investments if they follow the investment strategy that Matt is suggesting. The Real Wealth Strategist has investment strategies and recommendations on the stocks and companies to invest in, including the MLPs. Investing in these companies would help the investors to earn regular income just like Freedom Checks, and it is what Matt is actually referring to. For people who are looking to invest profitably and want to cut down risks as much possible, following what Matt Badiali has to say in his newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist is a good idea. The investment strategies that Matt recommends in his newsletter are simple to follow, and it would help you fulfill your dream of a financially secured life.

Many people still have little idea about what Freedom Checks are and they are not able to take full advantage of them. But, if one conducts their research, they will know that it is legit and can help people earn high returns. Companies in the Freedom Checks scheme do not pay their profits to the government instead they are required to pay it to their investors. It is the reason why one can see Matt Badiali holding a check for a high amount of money. Those looking for a good investment opportunity need to ensure that they are doing the best they can with their money and making it to good use. Read:



Paul Mampilly Talks Transformational Technologies

Transformational Technologies

Paul Mampilly feels bullish on the United States and feels strongly about where the USA will be 5 years out. Of course, Paul Mampilly has solid reasons for his American Optimism. What the Senior Editor for Banyan Hill calls transformational technologies, he sends out financial flares into the investor’s pre-dawn skies, will skyrocket.

What are these transformational technologies? He names them one by one like freshly lit flares racing across the pre-dawn morning skies: AI, the Internet of things, new energy and robotics. These kinds of predictions made others upset with Paul Mampilly, since people who read his predictions were adamant they knew better. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

A Despised Investment

Mr. Mampilly says the next thing that is going to change is this one hated investment that no one will believe. The hated investment, as much as others don’t want to believe it is true, is the United States dollar currency.

The surprising reaction is people don’t believe it because Trump has people believing he is igniting a trade war, while others are waiting for the economy to go down, down, down. Lastly, the ghosts of inflation stick up their head and the fear of inflation frightens people to invest in the U.S. dollar.

The Dollar Bear Market Hits a Dead End

Mr. Paul Mampilly sees the end of the U.S. dollar bear market, which has been able to stretch itself over three years. He gives three solid reasons for his bright foresight.

First, we have to look at the approaching increase of interest rates allowing the U.S. economy to grow. In turn, thru this growth, the dollar will be in big demand.

Second, the 2017 tax reform has allowed large corporations, like Apple, Microsoft, and Google to transfer their offshore money to onshore bank accounts. These companies and there are thousands of them, will make the demand for the U.S. Dollar sore for its demand.

Thirdly, people will start saving again following the increased interest rates. People will start putting money into their savings accounts, which in turn will increase the demand for the U.S. dollar.

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing and has shown his success working at Kinetics Asset Management and managing $Billion portfolios. At 42 he retired from Wall Street and writes three newsletters for Banyan Hill, which seek to share deep insights into the financial markets that are meant to give solid advice for self-managing investment and grow profitable.

Edited Advisory Services by Paul Mampilly

  • Profits Unlimited
  • True Momentum
  • Extreme Fortunes

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Banyan Hill Publishing Editors Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman

Banyan Hill publishing that offers investment advice has evolved over the years. It has a total of over 400,000 readers that always look forward to the investment advice. The investments it focuses on include natural resources, small-cap stocks, and undervalued companies. Its expert contributors offer advice on a wide range of promising opportunities. The goal is to create and protect wealth. Below is a detailed look at the background and experiences of editor Jeff Yastine.


Jeff Yastine studied journalism at the University of Florida. After graduation, he worked as a reporter at a local TV station. 1993 saw him join the staff of PBS’ nationally-broadcast Nightly Business Report. As NBR’s national correspondent, he identified investment opportunities for his viewers. Years later, the companies would become stock market winners. They include SBA Communications and Marko Surgical. His involvement in the stock market began with the 1987 market crash. He was 23 by then and an employee of the Fort Myers-based NBC station. He had no stocks by then.

The crash sparked fear and worry. This grew his interest in how stock markets worked. Jeff Yastine then purchased his first stock, Wal-Mart. He didn’t make a lot of money from it or lose any. This was his first exposure to the harshest investing rules. He refers to himself as a former financial journalist. He has interviewed top stock market specialists. His interviewees include Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, Bill Gross and Wayne Huizenga.Visit to know more.


Reporting of underfunded forms of infrastructure in the USA earned him a nomination. The nomination was for the 2007 Emmy Award. He received the New York Excellence in Financial Journalism Award in 2002. This was together with other NBR journalists. The award honored their contribution on doing a report on the bond market of America.

Total Wealth Insider

Jeff Yastine is the editor of this publication. Partnering with Ted Bauman, Banyan Hills editor has helped make the newsletter sensational. It has opportunities that investors have little knowledge about. The aim is to ensure a richer and more prosperous lifestyle of the investors. In its category, financial newsletters, this publication is among the top performers. Using his experience he assists readers to protect wealth by investing in reliable organizations. He takes readers on a journey to explore different events and trends in the stock market.Read:


IC SYSTEM – The Innovation of Technology

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack as an account receivable business, IC system has been involved in the collection for both consumers and commercial accounts.


The company has more so emphasized on business ethics. This has led to a clientele base of small businesses exceeding a thousand among other brand sensitive companies. Their main branch office is based in LA Crosse Wisconsin.


The IC system has had a great share in technological development. In 1968,they incorporated computers and did away with the old type writers setting themselves up as the first collection agency to do so.


The company has been so keen to ensure their reputation is not damaged. Security has equally been emphasized since they have complied with standards and regulations set up in place, for instance, the TCPA and SOI(r)


The company has been driven by core values. These have ensured the stability of the company. The values include:


People: respect for the client and everyone is emphasized.

Integrity: compliance with standards and regulations set in place.

Result driven: this has greatly improved their performance.

Innovations :technological development has been key to keeping them ahead of their competitors.


Employee rewards have greatly motivated them. This includes the core value awards for those who have exhibited good performance and are value driven.


Since the company has been integrity driven, compliance has been majorly emphasized. An extensive audit process is carried out which commences with the evaluation and authentication that all required policies are existent.


The policies are audited frequently with the staff equipped with enough training.

The audit committee is made up of the president, the chief compliance officer, director of audits and chief financial officer.


The IC system is subject to audits by FR Secure which ensures data security is prioritized. Unlike other collection agencies, the IC system has ensured that a third party audit report on compliance (PCIDSS 3.2) has been completed on the entire network.


The company has greatly focused on giving back to the community through initiatives which are charity based. This has mostly been achieved through partnerships with other charitable organizations for instance through the annual polar plunge where they were able to raise the sum of money to support the Wisconsin special Olympic.

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Exploring the career life of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a respected figure in the technology industry with a passion for giving back to the community. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an investor. Jason holds a bachelor’s degree from the Arizona State University and an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope is grounded with an entrepreneurial spirit. After graduating, he did not look for employment like other students; instead, he established his own mobile communications company, Jawa. He developed the company and created room for partnership with other technology companies.

As a futurist, Jason Hope is a believer in the internet of things (IoT). According to him, internet of things will play a significant role in eradicating poverty across the world because technology has numerous investment opportunities. IoT is a technology that connects an array of devices and other objects to connect to other objects that can transmit and store data. He believes technology will change the modern society in a significant way. For example, students will be able to take free online courses from any institution and also smooth communication will be available in any part of the world. His insights about technology will be helpful to young entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on technology. He launched his new e-book ‘Understanding the Internet of Things, the primary mission of the book is to inform the world on the importance of technology in the future.

Jason Hope main goal is to help the Arizona communities thrive. He supports charitable organizations and projects in Arizona. During his free time, Jason spends time with high school students in the society to mentor them to be better. He also gives high school and college students grants so that they may jumpstart business ideas. Jason has also extended his technology knowledge to the biotech industry. He is currently working with the SENS Research Foundation to try and find ways of fighting age-related diseases and also curb the aging process.

SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization based in California and is focused on biotechnology research which addresses age-related and chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer. Jason has been a significant contributor to SENS Foundation; he made a lump sum donation of $500,000 to the organization to support the research activities. For a long time, Jason has been working closely with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, a senior biotechnology researcher at SENS Foundation. The organization hopes technology and innovation can be used to eradicate deadly diseases in the world.

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Is America Alone in Its Turmoil? Sujit Choudhry Expands on America’s Issues in New Book

Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? is a group of essays written by some of the greatest minds in constitutional law and politics. One of the people to contribute to the book was Sujit Choudhry, who focused his writings on the subject of Eric Holder. Specifically, Choudhry wrote about a tweet sent out by Holder at the end of 2017 (

Eric Holder on Twitter said: “ABSOLUTE RED LINE: The firing of Bob Mueller or crippling the special counsel’s office. If [the investigation] is removed or meaningfully tampered with, there must be mass, popular, peaceful support of both.”

The Controversial Tweet, Dissected

In Choudhry’s section of the book, the constitutional law expert talks about two possible origins of Holder’s thoughts: constitutional symbolism and literally.

It is possible that Eric Holder was talking about literal constitutional limitations that are laid out clearly. Another possibility is that Holder’s red line is simple a boundary that the citizens will not allow Donald Trump to cross. Either way, Holder called for the citizens of the United States to speak up in favor of their political preferences. If Donald Trump fires Bob Mueller, it could be the people of America, not the law, that decides if Trump will remain in office.

Choudhry also talks about democratic issues in other countries like Germany, Poland, and South Africa, but the United States was the primary topic of his essay. The entire chapter can be read in Constitutional Democracies in Crisis?

Read an interesting interview of the Professor on

Who is Sujit Choudhry?

Sujit Choudhry is an expert in the topic of constitutional law, obtaining his knowledge at many fine universities. He was born in India, but he was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Choudhry received degrees from McGill University, Oxford, Harvard Law School, and the University of Toronto. He attended Oxford as a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship.

Choudhry has held a variety of positions in a variety of fields during his career. He has been an educator, working as a professor at New York University and as the Dean at Berkeley Law School. His educational repertoire extends to outside the classroom as well. He has contributed to text books across several subjects, primarily working as an editor. Refer to for more.

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Anil Chaturvedi Leading Financial Expert in the World with Decades of Experience

One of the bankers whose name echoes loudly in the world of banking across the globe is Anil Chaturvedi. With over four decades of experience in the global banking sector, Anil Chaturvedi has been able to gain immense experience in the field. It is what makes him one of the most sought after bankers in the banking industry. The performance of Anil Chaturvedi as senior banking executive has been exceptional, and whether it is Merrill Lynch, State Bank of India, or any other bank or financial institutions that he has been associated with, Anil Chaturvedi has always contributed to the growth of the organization.

At State Bank of India, which was his first job in the banking sector, Anil Chaturvedi helped bring more than $500 million worth of funds through new accounts and business that he attracted through his unique marketing techniques and efforts. It showed clearly that Anil Chaturvedi is not only good with his banking skills and knowledge but also holds tremendous in-depth knowledge of marketing and sales.

Anil Chaturvedi has completed his MBA from FMS College, Delhi, and BA with Economic Honors from Delhi University. It has helped him gain the theoretical knowledge necessary to achieve success in the financial and banking sector. As the managing director of Hinduja Bank, Switzerland, Anil Chaturvedi is focused on bringing new business to the bank from the Indians settled in Switzerland and rest of Europe. Anil Chaturvedi has also been trying hard to spread awareness about the various business and trade reforms that the current Indian government has implemented. It has helped the foreign companies to come and expand their operations in the country.

Not only has it become much hassle free for foreign businesses to set up their operations in India, but the Indian Government is more than willing to work with the foreign companies to give them whatever they need to sustain and grow their business in India. It is as per the new Make in India initiative that the Indian Government has started. Anil Chaturvedi is one of the most sought after bankers in the world today and is associated with many leading banks and organizations as consultant and advisor.