Why Flavio Maluf’s Leadership Aptitude Is Similar To None

True leadership isn’t in getting a new lucrative position in a large company but in maintaining that position yielding great positive results. If you find someone holding a particular position for several decades and still dispensing quality leadership, know they are true leaders. You may not have a good example to give on leadership matters better than Flavio Maluf. He is a champion executive who has served in various executive positions in renowned companies.

He has been the top leader at Eucatex Group serving as the CEO since 1997. Flavio says success doesn’t have any magic. One has to be committed and diligent in what their minds and hands find to do. The 57-year-old entrepreneur did his Mechanical Engineering degree at FAAP, Sao Paulo. Before he got to the industrial sector at Eucatex Group, he worked in the trade section in 1987. His promotion came in 1996 when his uncle noticed his dire commitment to the success of the company in his junior positions. As the President of the company at that time, his uncle had a lot of confidence in the leadership abilities Flavio Maluf had developed. Learn more at mundodomarketing.com about Flavio Maluf

When he took over the presidency of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf had to prove he was the best fit for the company. He came up with some exceptional strategies and innovations to make new products for the company available. The company was started in 1951, and it has always made its products innovative and friendly to the environment. Most of the eucalyptus panels and sheets you find in Brazil come from Eucatex Group.

Flavio Maluf discovered that he could increase the company’s economic growth if it collaborated with Duratex. Eucatex Group got the Botucatu city farm from Duratex to seal the deal. More than 280 employees worked on this farm and Flavio had to manage them well. Flavio Maluf said the acquisition would enhance the paint, fiberboard, and paper printing capacity. This would eventually increase operation base, create more job opportunities, and reduce the processing costs of the company.

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William Saito’s Guide to a Cyber-Crisis and Early Success in Biometric Software

In today’s world, technology is everywhere. It is even hard or impossible to operate in some sectors without the assistance of the internet. What used to be an apparatus for scholastics and researchers has been democratized as the data center point of the ordinary person. The wide-scale dependence on innovation has reformed the manner in which we consider being associated and what it implies for our individual internet characters. That implies the requirement for cybersecurity has grown ten times, making it a necessary piece of how we consider utilizing the web.


Cybersecurity is an expansive term for securing of data which may vary from day-to-day transactions to big, multi-billion dollar purchases. Securing of data implies guaranteeing protection, verification, honesty, and accessibility of information. The worldwide takeover of the web makes cybersecurity is fundamental not simply to secure individual data but rather to comprehend the technology entrenchment in our daily lives.


William Saito’s work traverses different continents as a project capitalist, strategic advisor, and author to privately owned organizations such as Japan airlines notwithstanding he is the best consultant to Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister. Saito has established security mechanisms from the ground assisting people, organizations, and governments discover openings in their frameworks and address those weaknesses right off the bat.


Saito’s enthusiasm for understanding how things work prompted to the establishment of his software organization, I/O Software, in 1991 as an understudy. His passion started in the early periods of the Internet. While not exactly as boundless at the season when the organization was established, the tech world started taking off only a couple of years later. People could use programs such as America Online and their mobile phones to access the internet which at the time was a bit slow but exciting.


William Saito started a business after having been curious about the manner in which things work. He was not satisfied by merely comprehending how to operate the computer but went ahead to understand how the PC system is built and the way their inner parts operate. Saito’s idea to make money revolves around getting start-up firms that seek investors and spends his skills, time and money in supporting their operations. He partners with mutually beneficial startups and assists them to develop into stable companies. Saito has been giving services to companies that build software and computers and that design programs since he was 12 years old.





Guilherme Paulus gives his story at the Top Seller event

The Top seller event which is hosted annually under a different theme is one of those events any aspiring business leader should not miss. Last year’s event theme was Entrepreneurship and as if on cue they were able to get Guilherme Paulus to headline the event. Learn more about Guilherme Paulus at Crunchbase. Who else better to do it than him given his reputation as an entrepreneur. He has won a number of entrepreneurs of the year awards and deservedly so. Those who know his entrepreneurial journey were eager to hear from him, and those who did not know him got an opportunity to hear from the man himself. It was in 1972 when he first went into business at the time he had just left his job at Casa Faro a travel agency after two years. He did not have much to speak of, but he knew his dreams would take him far. He had, however met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a state deputy who was willing to give him a chance to earn a portion of his company which he was just about to start. At the time he would offer his expertise and services in exchange for his stake. Guilherme Paulus being a young man, saw this as an opportunity to actualize his dreams and in no time he was aggressively marketing their travel agency to all who would give him a chance. The business was not easy, and for Carlos Vicente Cerchiari it was time to focus on other things, and after four years he left. This was in 1976, and the company was barely breaking even.

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Over the next nine years, the company went through ups and downs that saw Guilherme Paulus almost give up. His saving grace would, however, come from a Mercedes executive who had heard of his company and offered him a chance to bid for the contract to take their employees on tour.

This was the moment when everything changed for CVC. Guilherme Paulus knew that he had to do everything he could to secure the contract. He eventually did, and by the time the tour ended, he had so many ideas that he knew his company would never be the same again. Watch Guilherme at Videos.Band.

Is Betsy DeVos The Ideal Secretary Of Education?

No matter where you turn to, political discourse will leak into your daily life if you allow it. We are living in a post-Trump/Clinton world and the political landscape will forever be altered as a result. Right now, President Donald Trump is steering a ship filled to the brim with conservative concepts and he is doing it with a majority government on his side. With that being said, you would be mistaken to believe that Trump is operating from an establishment perspective. He is truly an outsider and in order to prove it, you need only look at his Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos is probably the most controversial Cabinet selection in the entire Trump Administration but it isn’t for what she has done, instead, her controversy surrounds what she has not yet accomplished. Betsy DeVos had never served in a federal or state level political job in her career, instead opting to work as a prominent GOP donor. With no federal experience on her resume, the selection of Betsy DeVos for the highest position in the education world was a bit of an eyebrow raiser, even from members of both sides of the political aisle! Fortunately for Betsy, those eyebrows were quick to recede when it was made abundantly clear just how focused she is on bringing in a change to her position.


With Betsy DeVos, conservatives have the perfect outsider component to President Trump’s Cabinet. While DeVos has been a prominent GOP donor for decades, she has never been beholden to the platform and has been more than willing to establish herself as an idealist before a member of any political party. While this isn’t exactly what people want to hear in the age of partisan politics, it is the kind of stance and mindset that all citizens should strive to have. In fact, Betsy DeVos has even butted heads with President Trump himself.


You’d have to go back to when President Trump rescinded federal protections for transgendered students in order to get DeVos and Trump butting heads for the first time. Fitting in with the conservative platform, President Trump wanted to pull these protections in order to not have special protections for anyone. DeVos didn’t believe in the idea. In fact, she was adamant that President Trump refuse to make the move. While President Trump ultimately won out and made his decision, DeVos made her opinion known. DeVos even went ahead and called all LGBTQ federal employees in her department to an emergency meeting prior to the announcement so that she could personally face them when the news broke. This is just one example of how battle ready Betsy DeVos is for what is to come in the world of American politics.


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What you should know about the entrepreneurial chairman of FIG, Wes Edens

Wes Edens has been a critical figure at Fortress Investment Group since its inception in 1998. His visionary leadership coupled with his excellent eye for investment opportunities have propelled Fortress to greater heights during his time there.

The fortress was founded in 1998 by Wes Edens and two other principals, and they have been responsible for its growth across the years. He has been at the epicenter of the milestones witnessed by the hedge fund throughout its life. Wes Edens and the other principals were vital when Fortress became the pioneer hedge fund to be traded at NYSE in 2007.

Wes Edens eye for investment has been vital to the growth of the assets management company. Wes met with the other principals in 1998, and they together decided to start Fortress.

Initially, the company was a small firm but thanks to their leadership and vision, FIG now manages assets for about 1,800 clients with an estimated value of over $43 billion. Had it not been for the ability of Wes to recognize investment opportunities back then, FIG would not be existent let alone as prosperous as it is now.

Fortress has 5 main divisions. These are institutional research, capital markets, assets management, operations management and acquisitions and mergers division.

The company’s performance has not gone unnoticed. The diligent efforts by Wes and his colleagues have seen them gain accolades like in 2014; the company received HFMWeek’s “Management Firm of the Year.” Similarly, the company received Institutional Investor Magazine’s ” Credit-Focused Fund of the Year” in both 2011 and 2010.

Wes Edens’ eye for investment opportunities made him invest in Brightline which is a pioneer private passenger train system. The commuter service had made it possible for residents of Florida to traverse the surrounding as it is not only affordable but it also saves them a significant amount of time.

The service has enjoyed unmatched success such that he has plans for expansion to other cities.

Edens has been a respected figure in the assets management industry, and his eye for opportunities for investment have played a key role in earning him his reputation. His ventures like Brightline and founding FIG have been crucial to his success.

Plastic Surgery Visits to Dr. Sameer Jejurikar that will Make You Ask for More

Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is a state of the art cosmetic surgery center located in Dallas and owned by Dr. Sam Jejurikar. For those ladies who feel that their breasts need some alignments, then breast augmentation and breast lift are some of the services offered by Dr. Jejurikar.To achieve the facial look of your dream, Dr. Sameer, a surgeon with over 20 years’ experience will do a fresh face-lift for you. Tummy tuck and mommy makeover are also available in the institute. The Doctor attributes his success to passion, hard work, teamwork, and excellent customer service. He warns that the profession deserves hard work especially in training and one must have the desire before enrolling.

In Dallas, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar and a few other plastic surgeons provide are happy note that many people have accepted plastic surgery unlike before. In his office, patients go for services like hair transplantation, injectable feelers, and Botox. These are services, which do not need surgery. Dr. Sameer points out that they don’t not only perform actual, but they also have equivalent products instead. By extension, cases of reconstructive surgery are tackled using these products. He adds that one of the operations that have attracted many people of late is the butt lift, which involves grafting. The actual procedure involves fat transfer from one point to another in the patient’s body. However, he is categorical that technology has helped them very much by reducing invasive procedures thus one can attend to more patient daily.

The Michigan University graduate, Dr. Sam Jejurikar is also an aesthetic surgeon that specializes in ear, nose, and throat procedures. Also works closely with nonprofit making organizations. He offered cleft lip correction services in Bangladesh, which was sponsored by a New Jersey cleft lip corrections organization whose main agenda is to assist developing countries. Dr. Sameer has received many recognition in his plastic surgery career.

Find out more about Sameer Jejurikar Dallas: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Sameer_Jejurikar.html

The Chainsmokers Become The Soundtrack To The Weekend

In 2018, The Chainsmokers have become one of the leading DJ duos in the world with a following of mainstream fans and those who are dedicated to the electronic dance music genre. 2018 has also seen a change in musical direction for The Chainsmokers with a darker sound discovered by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart to reflect a darker period in their lives. Alex Pall explains much of the darker sound was employed because of the simple fact the album was recorded in the Winter months of the year, but the latest release sees a more fun, upbeat sound employed to reflect the Summer.

“Side Effects” is the latest release from The Chainsmokers and reunites the DJ duo with frequent collaborator, Emily Warren. The contagious tune is a perfect end of Summer anthem and should see The Chainsmokers return to the top of the charts as they continue to create their second album, “Sick Boy.” An EP under the name, “Sick Boy” has already been created with “Side Effects” the fifth single to be released to an eager fanbase.

A popular promo has already been released to accompany “Side Effects” starring Camilla Mendes of “Riverdale” fame. Mendes plays the character of Riley, a hotel worker who is told she must work over the weekend but spends her time in the high-class hotel dancing to the latest sounds of The Chainsmokers.

The release of “Side Effects” is the fifth of the year for The Chainsmokers and comes as the duo are looking to put the finishing touches to their album, “Sick Boy.” “Sick Boy” will follow up the impressive, “Memories… Do Not Open” album which has been awarded gold status in the U.S. and has streamed more than 270 million times on the Spotify service. Anticipation has been building for the release of “Sick Boy”, which will be accompanied by a tour planned to continue from August through November.


James Dondero: Argentina’s Main Hope

Highland Capital is a major global investment firm. James Dondero is one of its Co-founders. This company invests in anything that will bring them together for the greater good. To them, it is not just about money. Dondero knows a good investment when he spots one and Argentina is on that list.

Unlike other parts of Latin America, Argentina is not ruled under corruption and scandal. Their President Mauricio Macri wanted to change things around to financially help his country’s economy. By changing outdated policies and other irregularities Argentina has become the third largest economy in the world. James Dondero was a part of that because he had his eye on this country for quite some time. Even his analyst at Highland Capital, Mauro Staltari agreed that it was Argentina’s time to shine. This country has pretty much beaten out all of its predecessors as one of the global leaders when it comes to investments. By raising $16.5 billion in a short amount of time Argentina showed that it would be an unstoppable force and gained the respect of all of the global players, including America. Visit Patch.com to know more about James.

Most of the people are educated in this country. They believe in taking learning seriously. Learning how to call in their debt for the purposes of investments so that their country and grow financially and stay at one of the top spots has always been Argentina’ goal. They definitely accomplished that, no thanks to Dondero. He sent our two different teams to help everyone to stay stable as it pertained to their livelihood. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Dondero did spot a good investment and he helped to make Argentina become the right one. As long as he continues to make the right calls, his company will be there to fulfill their duties of helping out.

Visit: https://www.highlandfunds.com/james-dondero/

The Expansion of OSI Group

One usually hears the saying, “You can’t climb the ladder with your hands in your pockets”. Most people hear this saying and others throughout their lives; however, few feel as though they are successfully climbing. There are few people in the world that are considered “To have reached the top”. And those people are celebrities, public figures, politicians and other people relative to that nature. OSI Group is not a name commonly heard and yet, the story of this company: OSI’s story is the perfect story about starting small and growing until an impact is made internationally.
It is clear that the story begins in the early 20th century in Chicago, Illinois. OSI Group was at the time a small butcher shop… a dream that would completely change.
The change started in 1940 when Ray Kroc partnered with Otto & Sons (OSI Group’s name at the time). Otto & Sons took this opportunity with McDonald’s to be first supplier delivering ground beef. This may seem like a minuscule detail but at the time, the meet was delivered freshly cut and there was no other way to receive it.
As everything in life grows, more is expected and once Ray Kroc bought the company: McDonald’s, Otto & Sons was about to grow also. Otto & Sons was now about to be the supplier of every McDonalds opened at the time and all future stores. Their name was then changed to OSI to coordinate with the new global demand. But the company name was not the only thing to change.
“To be in denial about change is futile. Adapting to change ensures our future. Quickly adapting to change gives us a competitive advantage over those who do not,” said by McDonald himself. It may have occurred that fresh meat delivered globally probably was not the greatest idea. And so OSI would start flash freezing their food which meant the food goes through a cryogenic food process. This allowed OSI to help McDonald’s create a consistent product.
As the article, “David McDonald: From Iowa Farm to a Global Leadership Position” says, “OSI has continued its steady march of growth”. OSI Group has business with McDonald’s, Baho Food, Flagship Europe, and the company that owns Tyson Foods. OSI Group has climbed the ladder and though the company has reached the top, OSI Group will continue to climb.

Get the best deal with Infinity Group Australia

The financial brokerage industry has traditionally been dominated by companies whose primary aim is to make profits. Some even go to the extent of exploiting their customers and making them have a bad experience with them. However, a company known as Infinity Group Australia has come to change the industry and the dynamics of their approach. It has come with a unique model, and the primary aim of their model is to help employees understand the financial industry and achieve their financial freedom. Today it is ranked among the best firms, and since it entered the market, it has attracted a lot of customers who want to get a better deal. The company has also been helping young couples who are financially strained because of not being able to manage their financial debts. Infinity Group Australia reviews on the internet shows happy customers who have experienced amazing results after working with the company.


Who is the man who came with this successful idea? Graeme Holm is known for his deep thoughts to come up with one of the best models in the financial sector. The best thing with Graeme Holm is that he had been working for various financial brokerage firms and acquired a lot of experience in running a company. However, for him, Graeme was not happy with the kind of services given to customers because he saw most of the deals where not the best and clients would end up struggling to repay loans. He gained a lot of experience and knowledge working in the financial sector, and today he is one of the best financial advisors with years of experience. He has also been recognized for his outstanding performance.


After seeing what customers were going through in the hands of most of the financial brokers, he set out to start a company that would offer unique services. He first spent months researching to know the problems faced by most of the Australian families. He decided to use the model where personal trainers assist customers. The trainers understand to first the financial issues faced by their customers, and from there they can help them in the best way possible.


Allocation of personal trainers has been working, and the company has attracted a lot of customers since they started offering financial services. They have used the best strategy that makes the company unique in the market. Get the best deal with Infinity Group Australia. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/infinity-group-australia