Why Thor Halvorssen Proves is a Good Political Activist and Film Producer

Thor Halvorssen has been described as the modern day human rights activists. This reputation is owed to his significant effort in advocating and fighting for the human rights of the oppressed or underdogs in society. In fact , Thor strongly criticizes dictatorial rule and dictators in various places around the world such as North Korea.


Although he champions for the rights of the less privileged, Thor comes from a family background of highly politically active and wealthy family members in Venezuela. Thor embarked on championing for human rights during his adolescent years while in London in 1989. In fact, he was significantly involved in the organization of campaigns to oppose apartheid in South Africa.

Thor Halvorssen began his political involvement while studying at the University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate. During this particular period, his father was imprisoned in connection with anti-narcotics activities. Primarily, the arrest was because of investigating the Medellin cartel for possible crimes of bank fraud and money laundering. During this duration, Thor organized a campaign for the release of his father. In fact, the campaign drew considerable attention from the international community, which led to securing the assistance of the Amnesty International. Amnesty International undertook protests alongside other global organizations.

His mother was shot while attending a peaceful protest against the former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. In response to these actions by the government, Halvorssen wrote an article on the Wall Street Journal. According to him, members of the security task force executed the shooting whereby 12 protestors sustained injuries while one woman was killed. Halvorssen’s mother was part of the 12 wounded victims. Even though the perpetrators of those heinous acts were arrested, they were only sentenced to three years imprisonment.


Halvorssen is also a well-known film producer with various production credits to his name. He has collaborated with other top producers in the film industry such as Quentin Tarantino and Lucy Liu to make the film dubbed as Freedom’s Fury. The film had its premiere release at the Tribeca Film Festival. He has also produced other films including the Hammer & Tickle, The Sugar Babies and a documentary called Indoctrinate U.

Thor Halvorssen Continues His Fight To End Human Rights Abuses

Thor Halvorssen is a name known throughout the human rights activism community, but has recently become known by people in the wider world after his many appearances on news media from across the political spectrum. The ability of Halvorssen to speak in a calm and precise way has allowed him the chance to bring his views on global human rights abuses to the public without caring about the politics of a particular news network or publication.

Venezuelan born Thor Halvorssen has defended his own independence in the face of the traditional view that only left wing media should be used by human rights activists; Thor Halvorssen has used this independence to bring awareness to the abuses undertaken by the socialist governments of Venezuela and Cuba, which are often ignored by other activism groups.

Thor Halvorssen has a large amount of personal experience working in different areas of the world and now bases himself in New York for his human rights and film production work. Halvorssen uses his position in the entertainment industry as a high profile film producer to bring to account entertainment stars who undertake tourts and performances for dictators and governments known for committing human rights abuses.

Over the course of his career Thor Halvorssen has been looking for new and innovative ways of raising awareness for those affected by the worst in human rights abuses. Among the major developments Thor Halvorssen has overseen are his development of the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum; the Oslo Frredom Forum in particular has been a huge success that continues to grow each year.

Halvorssen looks set to continue his fight against human rights abusers following his admission that his own family has been affected by a loss of their rights in their native Venezuela. Both parents of Thor Halvorssen have been physically injured by Venezuelan officials because of their opposition to government policies, and another member of the Halvorssen family remains in prison because of his political views as Thor fights for his freedom.

Thor Halvorssen Wonders if Bernie Sanders Supporters Understand the Danger of Despotism

Thor Halvorssen discussed how socialism could be abused by despotic leaders on the Fox Business Network Show the Intelligence Report in early March. The show’s host, Trish Regan, brought the founder of the Human Rights Foundation on the program to discuss how Bernie Sanders’s mostly millennial followers do not understand socialism.


Regan brought him on because he was a liberal criticizing socialism, but Halvorssen (https://www.facebook.com/thorhalvorssen/) warned her against assuming that socialism was always bad. Much like the current runner-up in the Democratic primary, Halvorssen pointed to the Scandinavian countries as an example of how democratic socialist governments could work. Each of these countries has a long history of stable democratic government. The author warned that despots could easily abuse the ideals of socialism by promising better conditions for the people, and he used Venezuela as an example of how this could happen.
Relations between the government of Venezuela and the government of the United States have been strained since Hugo Chavez came to power. Although he won his first election fairly, questions about election fraud arose in the wake of the second campaign. The current Venezuelan government arrests and imprisons people who criticize its policies. One of Thor Halvorssen’s cousins currently lives in one of the country’s prisons because of this practice.