Talkspace and Michael Phelps Discuss Depression

Talkspace’s recent partnership with Michael Phelps was revealed in the article titled, “Michael Phelps Dives into Mental Health Advocacy with Talkspace,” and was written by H.B. Duran. The article indicates that Phelps will be partnering with Talkspace to dispel mental health stigmas and encourage people to talk with professionals through the Talkspace app to continue their personal growth.

Phelps has been an advocate for mental health for a while and has a deep knowledge of the market. He shared his own story with anxiety and depression on the advertisements with the technology company while also serving at a higher level. Michael Phelps will join the board of advisors to help the company recognize the needs of their customers and their advertising strategy. Learn more about talkspace at

One of the biggest messages that Talkspace wants to help their customers with is that depression can happen to anyone, including the people you think have it all.

The company was also featured in an article titled “Relationship Advice from Talkspace.” The article was written by Steven Smith and indicates that the platform will also cater to people who need therapy for relationships. The article discusses the stresses of cohabitating with a romantic partner while also providing tools for those who want to ensure that cohabitating won’t end in a breakup.

Talkspace reveals that collaboration is necessary for any couple, but it is especially necessary for those who are living together. Moving in with your partner should stir up conversations about household responsibilities, managing time together, and a variety of other essentials. The couple should also understand that they are sharing a life with someone and should be respected, valued, and nurtured despite the inevitable disagreements.

Talkspace also reveals that autonomy is important for the couple that lives together. Many couples seek out information from family and friends, however, many will offer bad advice. No two couples are the same and each piece of advice should be taken with a grain of salt.



Upwork’s To-Do List Tips

Upwork is a marketplace in which freelance professionals have access to clients who are looking for skilled workers in various fields to complete desired projects. It is a way to connect freelancers with employers in fields, including graphic design, web development, and customer service, to give the workers a chance to add to their portfolios in establishing their careers.

Recently, Upwork published a blog outlining 10 tips to help one have an easy time completing a to-do list. The first recommendation is to write down all tasks that need to be completed so that the brain has the ability to focus on a task at hand instead of having to remember all of the tasks by memory. It is also important to prepare the list in advance, preferably the night before, of completing the tasks so that one may decide what the most important task is. Then the task can be completed in the morning when one’s energy is the highest.

The blog recommends putting all of the tasks in a single place, such as a special folder on an iPhone, so that all items on the list can be viewed on a single page. Additionally, it is important to give every task time attributes that will indicate when the task will be started, what time it will be worked on, and how long it is intended to take to complete. Prioritizing is also important because it gives the most important tasks on the to-do list the best chance of being completed even in the cases of unexpected emergencies that may hinder the possible completion of tasks on the list.

Re-evaluating tasks will give the most important tasks a better chance of timely completions because the least important tasks may be deleted if they are not necessary. The blog also recommends using Click Up, which allows workers to delegate tasks using their Assigned Comments Feature.

Moreover, creating subtasks for the tasks will help relieve stress by making a large task seem less overwhelming if it is divided into more manageable pieces. Using a batch process will also make the process more efficient because it will allow a recurring task, such as making phone calls, to be bundled together to save time.

Finally, it is important to realize that some tasks will require more effort than others. Therefore, completing the most difficult tasks when one’s energy level is the highest, which is usually in the morning, will allow productivity based on one’s energy levels. The to-do list advice also applies to completing tasks in the workforce.

When it comes to Upwork, both the freelance worker and employer have the ability to rate each other based on their experiences doing business together. If the freelancer did a sufficient job at completing the tasks that the employer had asked for, then they are likely to receive a high rating. Likewise, if an employer provides reasonable work requests and reliable payments, then they are also likely to receive a high rating.

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GreenSky Credit’s Corporate Success Story

GreenSky Credit is a leading organization in the United States. It was established in the year 2006. This company has drastically transformed the face of finance marketplace. GreenSky Credit is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Moreover, the company has another call centre located in Covington, Kentucky. The co-founder of the company is non-other than David Zalik. David is a celebrated genius. He formed his company while he was just 14 years. While in High school, David would skip his classes and attend mathematics classes at Auburn University where his dad used to teach. He was a lover of maths. When he joined the college as a freshman, he started purchasing computers parts and assembled them. He later sold the students fully refurbished computers. He went on to sell software’s to leading companies. He became so successful in forming his MicroTech Company. Afterwards, he sold this company and created two others.

In 2006 David Zalik formed the company from nothing. The company is now specialized in patent credit, retail and unsecured loan solutions. GreenSky Credit has partnered with several banks where it acts as a middleman between banks and the consumer. It has so far partnered with over 14 banks. The company has deepened and developed strong relationships with dealers, providers and retailers in 50 states. To date, the company has been on a journey of transforming the lives of consumers working with over 17,000 retailers. GreenSky Credit has been responsible for the transformation of most small-scale businesses to medium-sized corporates. Through the introduction of GreenSky Credit mobile application, the process of borrowing loans has been made simple and more convenient.

Consumers no longer have to queue in bank halls filling a bunch of information.

The procedure is now simplified by the scanning of a driver’s license that has all the information needed. Afterwards, the consumer receives a congratulation message and moves on to attend to other issues. GreenSky Credit can handle large businesses down to the smallest businesses. The company can meet the demand in the market. Also, it has been able to customize banks services and enhance sales. GreenSky is now looking forward to increasing their partnership with more banks and merchants.

ClassDojo Receives $21 Million In A Funding Drive

ClassDojo’s Series B round of venture has raised $21 million for the app. The funding will see the company continue its operation smoothly as it does final touches on the app and look for ways to monetize it. The app is free to download.

ClassDojo is a communication platform aimed at providing teachers and parents with a quick and efficient channel to communicate. The platform ensures that parents are always aware of their children’s development at school. It also informs the parent about his or her child’s academic progress and participation in class activities. This app eliminates the blind spot that has always existed in a child education.

Speaking on the successful Series B round of venture, the company’s co-founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, said the raised funds would serve as capital to grow the team behind the high-tech application. The team will have new members to increase its brainpower. The team is now embarking on determining additional contents and features that should be added to the application. The new functions and contents to be developed should improve the lives of the parents. They should also enhance learning of the child and his social and behavioral development. This information was originally published on as provided in the link below:

Currently, teachers are using the ClassDojo app to inform parents of the various class activities and their schedules. The teachers also take photos and videos of the events using the application to allow parents to view them and keep track of their kids’ latest work and class participation, thus spearheading a ground-up change. The app has a private messaging feature, which allows teachers and parents to communicate privately.

When ClassDojo was founded in 2011, there was a huge temptation for the founders to follow the popular route of developing digital curriculum, tests, and grade books. However, the founders focused on coming up with a communication platform that would connect and empower teachers, parents, and students. This approach has seen the app create a positive culture in classrooms and schools.

The application’s innovative features and provision of free services have seen it being adopted in 2 in 3 schools in the United States. Its use cuts across public, charter, and private schools. According to recent data, there are over 85,000 schools using the application communication platform in the United States alone.

In future, the app may have a transactional feature to make it easier for parents to pay for supplies, lunches, and field trips. This safe payment method will eliminate the need for sending children with cash or checks to the school.

Your Chip Flavor Tells a Lot about You

Chips are a great snack food. Did you know that people can find out a lot of things about your personality based off of your favorite flavor? An online news site by the name of PRN was the first to feature this story. PRN reported about Skout users taking a survey to figure out the type of chips that they liked to eat. This poll was conducted by Skout for National Potato Chip Day which took place on March 14, 2016.

Skout took this survey so they could figure out a person’s personality based off of their favorite chip flavor. People who liked to eat regular potato chips tended not to work out or spend a lot of time worrying about their health. Chip lovers who ate sour cream chips tended to be more intellectual and laid back.

Cheddar cheese lovers usually do not get too stressed out over life. People who love the spicy variety of chips are normally adventurous and high strung. Lime chip lovers are all about friends and people. Give a bag of lime chips to people and you will discover that most lime chip lovers tend to have a lot of friends. No salt chip consumers tend to worry about their health. They are also prone to work out more.

People who eat barbecue chips like to have fun but they are also serious about life when there is a need to be. This chip flavor survey by Skout also pointed out how people interacted with political candidates according to the flavor of chips that they liked. Believe it or not most of Donald Trump’s supporters enjoy barbecue chips. Democratic people who eat regular potato chips would like to share a bag with Hillary Clinton.

Skout took this survey for National Potato Chip Day so they could gauge people and how they act. Skout is a social media company that brings people together. They have been around since 2007 and they are steadily growing in popularity everyday. This online social company also wanted this survey information for insight into people and how they function. Eating potato chips is an American pastime and this research can be used by chip companies to market better products to their customer base. You can check out this article on PRN to discover more about the results of this survey.

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Securus Technologies Expands Distribution Of Intelligent Devices

Dallas, Texas-based Securus Technologies released a statement it’s distributing 85,000 telecommunication devices to enhance incarcerated individual’s rehabilitation. The devices foster improved communication with visitors, allows prisoners to access education programs, view the law library and take part in religious functions. The so-called “intelligent devices” are tablets, video visitation kiosks, and a proprietary “S-Phone” created by Securus Technologies, a leading supplier of justice technology applications. 

Securus Technologies commitment to inmate rehabilitation is supported by CEO Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, position, “We want to help rehabilitate inmates, to reduce recidivism, to improve the safety in the prison and jails for officers and inmates, to help inmates find jobs, and to make society safer and what we offer with our intelligent devices accomplishes all of these objectives.” The tablets and other devices allow the inmate to feel more connected, beyond their cell walls. They have a voice to be heard and more opportunity is available to them. The interaction between an inmate and their intelligent device has fostered a safer environment between prisoners. Get the mobile app on Google Play or find it on the App Store and contact Securus if you have difficulties connecting the technology and the software.

Access to education and employment opportunities via the inmate communication devices prepares the inmate for a seamless transition into society when they are released. Incarceration is a form of punishment. The intelligent devices are an integral component of an inmate’s rehabilitation.

Smith, expects more than 150,00 intelligent devices for inmate phone calls activated by 2017. Not only benefiting the incarcerated, the program helps family members, friends, corrections officers and law enforcement agencies. “We have made a $600 million investment in our products and services in the last three (3) years and our customers are getting the full benefit of that investment,” Smith remarked.

Serving 3500 law enforcement agencies and correctional institutions, Securus Technologies is focused on communications. Its technology enhances first responders arrival time, consolidates recurring incident management, fortifies public communication, assists investigations, organizes data management and distribution and builds inmate self-reliance.

Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters® and is a Better Business Bureau accredited company. More information regarding Securus Technologies array of justice technology solution can be found on their website.