The story of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna fits the description of a successful entrepreneur in the tough market. Currently, the businessman is occupying the position of chairman in a very influential company called Merger Tech. The organization has performed so well since the first day it started its operations in the country several years ago. The activist has been spending most his time in his Portland home, and he has worked to attain his current role in the society. Successful people are not common in the community.

These people must be different from the crowd, and they must challenge the tough market by always setting very high standards to adhere to. These special personalities must remain determined to reach their goal in the complicated market, just like Nitin Khanna.

When Nitin Khanna started his numerous investments many years ago, he was scared, just like any other newbie in the market. The activist, however, decided that he was only going to remain focused on investment banking, an area that was always challenging him since he was very young.

Nitin Khanna also chose to invest some of his wealth in mergers and acquisitions. Fortunately, the businessman had so many skills in technology, and this has been helping his companies to grow and become prominent in the tight economies. His story of success shows that people can reach their milestones in life, even when they start with nothing. Nitin Khanna was once an immigrant in the US who had very little to his name. When he was in Ambala many years ago, his parents didn’t realize that their son would one day turn out to be one of the successful Indians in the entire world.

Many immigrant youths in the US have been following on the footsteps of Khanna, and they are doing well. While serving as the chairman of Merger Tech, Khanna has so many duties under his belt. The technology company should be operated by an individual who is up to date with the new advancements in the technology market, and this explains why Khanna is always updated about the things taking place in the global market.

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AvaTrade Review Details How They Help Traders Succeed With Forex

AvaTrade has developed a sterling reputation over the years as one of the top online forex brokers. This Dublin, Ireland based company is fully committed to the success of their customers and provides the training tools to back up this overarching goal. Trading foreign currencies can be a lucrative business when key principles are learned. AvaTrade excels in teaching core concepts that drive trading success.

AvaTrade is supported and regulated by the Irish Central Bank and this gives them remarkable transparency. Customers can rest assured that AvaTrade is no fly by night operation just looking to make a quick buck. They offer excellent customer support on a 24/7 basis and multiple ways to connect with them. They are also able to support most major languages in the developed industrial world. They also offer 400:1 leverage which when coupled with sound strategies can be a difference maker.

The software options that AvaTrade offers help set them apart in the industry. The popular MetaTrader 4 is one option that many customers employ in their trading. The AvaTrader option is also a strong choice as its abilities are continually being improved. Mobile trading is available as well and gives traders the chance to access their account at a moment’s notice.

Funding a new account can be accomplished in numerous ways with one option being the popular PayPal which is convenient for many. Another excellent feature that can assist traders is the demo accounts at AvaTrade review. This gives them the chance to learn the platform and practice strategies without putting real money at risk.

Educating their clients happens to be the primary goal of AvaTrade and they have developed outstanding products to accomplish this. They offer comprehensive training on markets that give every trader a real chance of success.

One example of their high-quality educational materials are the video tutorials that customers have access to. These are arranged according to levels of experience and give traders an excellent platform of knowledge and strategies. There are five videos offered that outline top strategies for currency trading and give customers a leg up. MetaTrader 4 tutorials can help traders become proficient with this software and they are in-depth.

Role of Louis Chenevert at United Technologies Corporations

Louis Chenevert has accomplished a lot in his lifetime, and most interesting is that he has served lots of corporations at the senior most positions. Mr Chenevert has served in the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as the Chairman and CEO of the firm. In 2008, he was elected as the President and CEO thereafter in 2010 elected as the Chairman where he served till 2014 when he retired. Before, Louis Chenevert was the President at Pratt & Whitney since 1999 to around 2006.

The experience that Louis Chenevert has in the business is vast; this is because before he worked at the Pratt & Whitney, Chenevert was working at General Motors for about 14 years. Through the involvement to lots of business operations prepared Mr. Chenevert for his future career and more so at UTC. The contribution that he instilled in the corporation was remarkable since it makes the company experience lots of profits from its operations.

Louis Chenevert is creative and full of wisdom since when the market seems unfavorable, and competitors were looking for means to increase the market share, Mr. Louis Chenevert ensures that the forces of the market would not shake the UTC. Therefore, he ensured that there is teamwork and also moved the engineers from that firm to centralized areas that will be suitable for them to work.

The whole operations that were under the responsibilities of CEO Louis Chenevert at UTC were to ensure all the customers are satisfied with the services that are offered to them by the corporation. Since the technology industry keeps changing, he ensured that the firm would maintain the momentum so that it can better its services to the clients. The most drives and motivations that geared the success and achievements of Louis Chenevert were facilitated by being optimistic, passionate and making lots of investments.

Moreover, he mentored the young entrepreneurs in the business so that they can be able to achieve their goals with a lot of ease. All those staff members that worked under his leadership can attest that the contribution that was offered by the Louis Chenevert led to their success.

The Dedicated Innovator, Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb has been in the technology sector for some time now. He has developed several applications that are important in the financial industries. He developed the first bitcoin exchange in the world known as Mt. Gox and the creation of a decentralized peer to peer file sharing network known as eDonkey. All his life he looks forward to making people’s life simple through technology.

According to the article, Jed McCaleb, the co-founder, and CTO of Stellar is an excellent expert in digital currency and a programmer. His current invention of Stellar Development Foundation being the recent creation in partnership with Joyce Kim, is the most helpful creation because it aims at involving all the people with finances, despite the social class in the society, to banking services. Jed McCaleb’s involvement in the technical development in the company is in two forms, first is coding and secondly is replying emails.

Jed McCaleb decided to create Stellar after studying and understanding bitcoin. His main idea on creating this company was so that there could be a way that institutions could be linked and not just to move value but also to share files. Moreover, it aims at linking people who are unbanked because, when institutions are linked, then the costs of money transfer and maintenance of accounts becomes affordable through the open source network of finance therefore, enabling all people to receive the banking services equally. The Stellar Development Foundation has therefore been adapted in various financial sectors such as businesses, finance institutions and non-profit organizations all over the world.

Furthermore, Jed MacCaleb and the company team have developed stellar to become easy to understand and simple to operate but very secure through implementation of Stellar Consensus Protocol, a security network. In addition, the community decides the company’s usefulness and value as it is allowed to run operations.

In addition, Jed McCaleb is an advisor at Machine Intelligence Research Institute which is involved in guaranteeing safety in use of Artificial Intelligence which is his interest. In conclusion, Jed McCaleb attributes his success to planning, focus and overcoming obstacles through risk analysis.

How Joel Friant Re-Introduced His Habanero Shaker On The Internet

When Joel Friant was younger and he owned a restaurant he identified a need for a good habanero pepper product because the existing ones were lackluster. Being an entrepreneur and patient, he traveled to a number of countries to find the very best habanero pepper farms the world could offer. The result was the Habanero Shaker, which contained only flaked sun-dried habanero peppers, that he sold to consumers in big grocery stores he had partnered with.

The Habanero Shaker was a hit with customers. Joel had to set it by the wayside, though, when his house flipping company began to demand all of his attention. It was in the early years of the 2010s that he could revisit the idea. He developed a deep understanding of online marketing and eCommerce through additional schooling while he once again found the worlds best farms to source habaneros from. He now sells the Original Habanero Shaker which is only available online. By utilizing the power of the internet he can now sell his shaker globally.

Amazon reviews show that Joel Friant’s Original Habanero Shaker is very well reviewed by those who are confirmed buyers. What many enjoy is that it’s only habanero flakes with no salt, sugar, spices, preservatives, or other additives. Each single canister weight 1.5 ounces which Friant says should last people anywhere from two to six years. He says each container can go a long way because of the amount of heat (a habanero is around 200,000 Scoville heat units). It also has a sweet and smoky flavor that people find irresistible.

Joel Friant says that throughout his career he has found success by delivering to his customers the very best quality. This keeps customers coming back to buy his products and spreading word of mouth about his products. The Original Habanero Shaker is no different and due to this it has become the most popular chili pepper shaker on the internet including on Amazon. He also points out the health benefits such as how it stimulates endorphins and works as a natural painkiller for those who consume it.

A mix of old-world sensibility and new-world accomplishment

The Oxford Club dutifully serves their members to increase financial growth and secure their wealth. Highly skilled, genuinely responsible, the Oxford Club’s investors and entrepreneurs provide exclusive, time-tested principles and crucial experience.

Their eye for quality investement scan multiple asset classes from around the world, and their methods have been shown to pass the test of time. The Oxford Club knows how to navigate the most violate of market conditions and to ultimately outperform the stock market and win higher than average returns.

For decades they have been a symbol of success and financial prosperity. They may be selective with who joins them, their name comes with a certain prestige, but they are also welcoming. They have over 150,000 members from 130 plus countries.

The founder William Bonner started the club in 1989. It began as a Passport Club. The name Oxford would come two years later to try and capture both the spirit and the mix of its member’s old-world sensibility and accomplishment in investment through modern technology.

The Oxford Club’s founding and most important idea was to establish a private “financial club” of like-minded investors who shared a commitment to seeking unique opportunities from around the world. Together they agreed that personal connections and their expanding networks would provide the best opportunities to earn wealth through investments.

Many successful decades later, The Oxford Club’s network and strategists today know how to perform extensive analysis on various asset classes to determine the best investment opportunities, which have the least risk and biggest potential returns. From traditional property development to new opportunities in cryptocurrencies, their recommendations cover a variety of options that include stocks, bonds and commodities. They deal with precious and base metals, as well a variety of funds.

Although no one can guarantee investment gains, The Oxford Club’s comprehensive strategy is built on solid experience and principles. Its methods can help generate high returns, no matter what develops in today’s markets. Investors wanting a prosperous life in retirement should look at the Club’s investing success as proof.

To learn more visit their website and become an Oxford Club member and learn about the various financial opportunities they seek on your behalf. You may also visit one of their financial seminars or symposiums to understand more about the diverse strategies they use to achieve and preserve their client’s wealth.

Siteline Cabinetry: The Kitchen Solutions Today That Are Worth Every Dollar

One of the bitter pills of owning a home is the fact that one should invest money to maintain it. You need to buy the right furniture, the right bathroom fixtures, the right lighting set-up, right mattresses and type of bed.

You also need to make sure you have the right storage, cabinets and kitchen appliances in your home. Fortunately, there are companies like Siteline Cabinet whose passion for giving people the convenience of picking the right kitchen cabinets is highly unmatched.

The Siteline Cabinetry Expertise

One of the many beliefs of Siteline Cabinetry today is to provide the right storage space in the kitchen for any type or size of family. Siteline believes that a kitchen is one of the most important, if not the most important, areas of one home. It is where family members usually bond. It is where they usually talk about the heated and stirring family issues. It is not a surprise, then, that it’s a company that can create the bond needed for a family to prosper.

To maintain the right personality and feel of a kitchen, Siteline Cabinetry’s experts do their best to offer the most innovative design without losing the need for maximum storage by a family. It is the hope of the company to make sure that the cabinets in the kitchen of the family are just within the right budget and are made of the unique materials that could stand the test of time.

About Siteline Cabinetry

With regards to made-to-order cabinets, Siteline Cabinetry is unmatched in its passion to give what the customer needs in the right price. Whether you need kitchen cabinets in shaker-style, or personalized cabinets that have high-tech options, Siteline’s expert designers have the right blueprint for you.

Siteline is also the latest brand from Corsi Group that got introduced in 2015, and is known to be a home decor company that offers full-access and competitively-priced finished choices and customized kitchen cabinets.

Should you need subtle designs or horizontal orientation cabinetry in your kitchen, the artists in Siteline’s workforce can definitely craft the perfect idea that you have into an actual kitchen reality that you can literally touch. With Siteline Cabinetry, you can guarantee that your kitchen cabinets are crafted to its exact and precise standards because you deserve nothing less than a beautiful and fabulous kitchen.

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Ronald Fowlkes, Business Development Manager, Eagle Industries

With 4 years military experience and 13 years in law enforcement, Ronald Fowlkes brought a lot to the table when joining Eagle Industries Unlimited in Fenton, MO. His first hand knowledge of tactical gear and products, along with the needs of both for military and law enforcement, have been invaluable in his role as Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement / Commercial products.


Duties in this position require Mr. Fowlkes to call on customers across the nation, provide product education to sales personnel, and product selection for development and sale. Eagle Industries provide equipment for elite tactical professionals and passionate outdoor enthusiasts, including armor carriers, cases, chest rigs, harnesses, belts, hydration, etc.


Prior to joining Eagle Industries, Ronald Fowlkes spent 13 years in law enforcement, 10 with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and 3 with the St. Louis County Police Department. The last seven years were spent with the HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. When not actively involved in a hostage rescue situation, he led his team into the city’s most violent neighborhoods to investigate gang activity, illegal gun possession, and the trafficking of illegal narcotics.


Mr. Fowlkes began his career in security with the US Marine Corps. From 1989-1993, he served with 1st ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company). He was involved in parachute operations which included reconnaissance, air and naval gunfire missions. These operations utilized numerous types of radios both encrypted and non-encrypted and use of a (MULE) laser designator. He proudly served in a combat zone in Iraq during the First Gulf War and was meritoriously promoted on two occasions. Part of his duties also included instructing other military personnel on performing tactical operations, hostage rescue, evidence collection, etc.


This background is precisely what Eagle Industries was looking for when they hired him in 2008. He has intimate knowledge of gear needed and necessary product improvement to better equip law enforcement officers in the field. Ronald Fowlkes is an avid hockey fan. When not working, he can be found coaching his son’s hockey team or involved in the sport in some other way.


How CEO Rick Smith Made Securus Technologies the Leading Provider of Law Enforcement Technology

Richard “Rick” Smith the current CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies holds three college degrees. He first earned a degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. His Master’s Degree in Mathematics was earned at the Brockport Campus of the State University of New York. Read more on

Rick Smith had worked in telecommunications for 35 years before his 2008 appointment to the board of Securus Technologies. Based in Dallas Texas, Rick Smith Securus specializes in providing technology that helps police and correctional officers prevent and solve crimes.

  • Emergency response
  • Investigative technologies
  • Monitoring products
  • Biometric Analysis

Under Rick Smith’s tenure fostering public safety has been Securus Technologies’ primary mission. The company also devotes itself to officer safety and the safety of the over one million inmates housed in the facilities the company serves.

Benefitting the families of inmates is among Securus’ corporate objectives. If you’re wondering how the company does that, Rick Smith would tell you a story about Securus Technologies’ Video Visitation App.

The app provides video conferencing that keeps families whole even while separated by a parent’s incarceration. Mr. Smith shared the tale of an imprisoned father helping his daughter with her schoolwork via the Video Visitation App. As the two worked together to solve one of the daughter’s math problems she was able to see her father and show him how she had reached her answer. Follow Rick’s profile at

The two were able to discuss the girl’s future. More than helping with the daughter’s future the app could help with her father’s future. Being able to maintain familial contacts while in prison reduces recidivism.

A year after joining the Securus board Mr. Smith became Chairman of the company and since then his financial and technological talents have served the company well. The company’s client base has expanded to include 2450 police agencies and detention facilities. Securus has expanded its line of patentable technologies. All this growth has lead to the creation of more jobs.

Securus’ 2015 acquisition of JPay is an example of the growth the company has experienced during Mr. Smith’s time in charge. JPay is in the same business as Securus and has the same commitment to safety. At the time that it became a part of Securus JPay provided 33 correctional institutions with electronic payment and email services.

JPay’s product line also includes apps and software for entertainment and educational purposes. The latter being important to the goal of reducing recidivism. JPay’s goal is to expand its market and bring more innovative products to its clients. JPay CEO Ryan Shapiro believes that his company’s involvement with Securus will hasten the realization of that goal.


Matthew Autterson: Financial Career Evolution

Matthew Autterson is the current president and chief executive officer at CNS Biosciences, Inc, a drug research facility which studies substances and their positive application to treat several diseases. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Matthew Autterson dreamed of becoming a successful individual when he grew up. He chose to study at the Michigan State University when he was in college, and he has shown an exceptional passion to excel. He graduated in 1979 and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance. After graduating from the Michigan State Unviersity, Matthew Autterson thought that his knowledge in the finance sector is not enough, so he enrolled himself at the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. He would later use the knowledge that he learned from the university to become a successful investment management professional.


After graduating from the university, Matthew Autterson looked for a job that is closely related to skills. While searching for a job, one company caught his attention. It was the First Trust Corporation, a financial firm which focuses on trusts and other financial investments. The First Trust Corporation is a subsidiary of Fiserv, and Matthew Autterson thought that working with them will enhance his knowledge and skill about how the financial sector works. He joined the company and worked with them for a limited time, until Autterson had the idea to join a small financial startup based in Colorado. He left the First Trust Corporation to work with the Resources Trust Company, and the decision that he made was worth it, because he would later be appointed as the company’s president. Click Here For More Info.


Matthew Autterson transferred to Colorado after getting a stable job with the Resources Trust Company, but after serving for a number of years, he decided to leave. Several factors affected his decision to move from working in the financial sector to the pharmaceutical sector, and one of them is his curiosity on how other industries worked. Today, he is working hand in hand with the founder of CNS Biosciences, Scott Falci, to develop medicinal drugs that would cure neuropathic pain. He is also serving as one of the board members for Falci Adaptive Biosystems, which is also under the umbrella of the corporation owned by Scott Falci. Aside from his stint as an executive for Falci Adaptive Biosystems, Matthew Autterson is also busy with his philanthropic activities. He is known to donate a significant amount of cash to organizations, foundations and charities which are helping people who are suffering from neurological motor disorder.


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