The Customer Base That Gregory James Aziz Has Created Around The World

The National Steel Car is one of the most successful companies in Canada today. The operations of the company were limited in the last 80 years because of the complacency of performance. The potential of the company had been suppressed in the early years because of the satisfaction of the management with the operations. Most of the management in charge were concerned with how to maintain the production so that they do not go lower than the previous realization of the profits. With this mentality, Gregory realized that there was no way the company could improve its operations. After championing for the purchase of the company, several changes were made.

The current products manufactured by the National Steel Car.

From 1994 to the current age, the National Steel Car introduced several products to their manufacturing list. These products include; the super duty Boxcar, coils cars which are both longitudinal and traverse, flat cars, tank cars used for general purposes, hopper cars and several others. The company introduced the hopper cars that can both be open and closed at the top. See This Page for more information.

The previous productions

Before Greg Aziz took over as the CEO, the National Steel Car produced electric locomotives which could be up to 50 tons; Baggage and log stake cars, passenger and business cars as well as trucks. Considering the epoch of manufacturing, these cars were the most marketable. Trucks for freight were largely used in the long-distance transportation of cargo before the introduction of ship cargo. The National Steel Car was an important company in that era. Check out their Facebook page.

The transformation process by Gregory James Aziz

By 1994, most of the cars that were produced by the company were getting extinct. Business cars were replaced by personal cars, the cargo truck market had begun to diminish, and change was necessary for the industry. In as much as there was still a market for these products, the market needs were fast changing, and it was inevitable for the company to make changes.

Having read the direction of manufacturing, Gregory Aziz introduced the future of the industry. He came up with more productions and designs which the company had to produce. The market production increased because of the demands and the styles which were fresh in the company. Clients from all over the world developed an interest in the designs, and more tenders were sent to the company. With the quality of production, the National Steel Car has been on top of the other railroad manufacturers in the world.


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The Success of Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the current Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer National Steel Car Company. National Steel Car is centered in Hamilton, Ontario and focuses on railroad freight car engineering. Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949 in London, Ontario. He attended Ridley College and later joined the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with an economics major. Gregory J. Aziz assisted in transforming his family wholesale food business since 1971 for over 16 years. The business grew to become an international importer of fresh food from South America, Europe, and Central America. The wholesale also became a major distributor of fresh food to wholesale food markets in the US and Eastern Canada.


Greg Aziz also invested in banking opportunities in New York between the 1980s and 1990s enabling him to buy National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. Greg Aziz was able to use National Steel Car’s strong team-building, human capital, engineering capabilities, and capital investment to expand the Company manufacturing capabilities to 12,000 cars from 3,500 cars annually by 1999. Besides, Greg James Aziz increased the number of employees from 600 to 3,000.


National Steel Car has stood out for over 18 years among many engineering and manufacturing companies in North America to hold the honor of ISO 900I: 2008 certification. National Steel Car is involved in several social responsibilities and charities such as sponsoring the Salvation Army, the United Way, and the Hamilton Opera among others. National Steel Car has a purpose to move forward with determination, to lead all the time, and do everything with a focus on excellence and quality.


Greg Aziz has a native or bilingual proficiency in English. Greg J. Aziz success can be attributed to his extensive range of skills. He possesses exceptional leadership, management, and strategic planning skills, which are highly associated with the accomplishment of National Steel Car. Greg J. Aziz also strongly believes in continuous improvement. He was able to improve the production of National Steel Car from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars annually with a period of five years. See This Page for additional information.

National Steel Car also appreciates the loyalty and support of its esteemed customers and suppliers with whom the company has valued relationships. Besides, the company has a committed team of approximately 2,000 members who take pride in manufacturing railcars of the highest quality possible. However, the company does not rest on the past or present success. National Steel Car is full of persistent pursuit of excellence.

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George Soros comes back with more political through his foundation

George Soros was born in 1930; he is a Hungarian by origin. He is known as an investor, businessman, author and above all a philanthropist. Soros is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world. His net worth makes his name find its way in the list of the richest men in the world.Soros was born in Budapest and survived through the Nazi Germany Hungary and later moved to England in early 1947. He went to London Business School to graduate with a Bachelors Degree and later on a Masters Degree in Philosophy.His career began way back in merchant banks where he assumed various positions before securing his first hedge fund account. The profits made were kept to establish Soros Fund Management. He broke the bank of England with his short sale that saw him make over $ 1 Billion dollars in profit.

He developed Karl Poppers General Theory of Reflexivity to Capital markets in his early studies of philosophy which show a clear analysis of various asset bubbles associated with the values of securities as well as the pricing of stock.George Soros is a world class philanthropist who has given away more than $10 billion dollars to date He has supported various organizations and individuals across the world in fighting for the freedom of transparency, accountability, expression in governments and societies that promote equality and justice.Soros is very active in the philanthropy activities such as his Open Society Foundation- a chain of foundations and projects and partnerships that has over 100 branches worldwide. His philanthropic work began way back in the 1980’s where he gave scholarships to South Africans oppressed in the apartheid period.

In the consecutive years, Soros has endorsed lawyers and paralegals who represent individuals who are unlawfully held or come from the marginalized communities. He has provided educational facilities for thousands of promising students in the low-income societies.Even in his late 80’s George Soros is actively involved in the personal works done by the Open Society Foundations and still travels worldwide to support his advocacy work that leads to positive changes in the world leaders both publicly and privately. His philanthropy has been notable and consistent not for a show like some businesspeople do. He is involved in tackling the causes of problems from the root. He does this with a passion because he experienced intolerance firsthand from his childhood in Hungary.His family managed to survive the Nazi occupation which led to the gruesome murder of Jews. His family narrowly escaped the Nazi by forging some pass documents and also managed to save their neighbors by giving them a pass too. He carried on this generosity throughout his life.

Adam Milstein Meme Competition is Open

Calling all Meme-ers! The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, founded by Adam Milstein, has teamed up with over a dozen pro-Israel and Jewish organizations to sponsor a pro-Israel Meme Competition called the “Milstein Meme Competition.”

The competition is currently open and ongoing. Anyone is invited to submit a Pro-Israel meme to the worldwide competition. There is a limit of five memes per participant.

Beginning August 3rd at 5:00am EST there will be a public voting period where people can select the meme they like best. This will be a unique voting process as the votes will be judged based on Facebook reactions. These reactions vary from like to love, from laughter to wows and sad to angry. This open public voting period will run until August 14th at Midnight EST.

Once the public voting closes a panel of six pro-Israel activists will select the winners and those winners will be awarded with cash prizes (totaling $2,000) and a public announcement that will be made August 17th by Adam Milstein.

According to Adam Milstein, the goal of the competition is to utilize memes to reach Millennials and Gen Z that are so fond of the method of expression with the goal of going viral during or after the competition. The memes submitted can vary in tone, from funny to dramatic, whatever the meme artist envisions. To sign up or vote, you can visit

If you aren’t familiar with Adam Milstein, he serves as the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties where he manages the firms property management, financing and disposition departments. He is known as a philanthropist in his community, where his primary focus is on bringing together Jewish people in the community. Adam Milstein was born in Israel and graduated from the Technion in 1978 before relocating to the United States in the 1980s. He then earned a Masters Degree in Business from USC.


Anthony Petrello – Setting Great Example for Other Executives in the Energy Industry

Anthony Petrello is a name; most people in the country are familiar with. He is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the world’s largest drilling contractors. The company has an extensive portfolio of high-quality services, innovative assets and talented workforce allowing them to provide services to their clients that are unmatched in the industry. The company spends millions in creating innovative processes and systems along with collecting resources that has tremendous potential for the future of the company. The company also makes large acquisitions to allow them to have a better hold on the market and for more massive expansion potential. The success of the company can be attributed to its higher management, especially Anthony Petrello.

Anthony Petrello went to Yale University to get a degree in Mathematics. He is one of those to win a full scholarship that year at the age of 18. He was one of the best students of Prof. Serge Lang who is a world-renowned mathematician who saw significant skills in him. But, he opted to go to a law school after passing from Yale. He went to Harvard Law School and proved to be brilliant at that too. After earning his law degree, he worked with Baker & McKenzie for many years. It was then he received a job offer from the company’s biggest clients Nabors Industries in 1991. He accepted it and became its President and chief operating officer.

Anthony Petrello is married to his college sweetheart, Cynthia Carrafa and has a daughter. Both of them are active in philanthropic work and donate more than $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital for neurological research. The reason he cares so much about the research is that his daughter was born with cerebral palsy and it was then he found out that there was very little research going on for such disorders. While there were a few of them for adults, there was none for children. He wanted to change that and decided to donate to such researches. He also volunteers at many other charities that Nabors Industries donate to annually and to those that he has a personal commitment to.

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Glen Wakeman: Leading In Financial Advisory With LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is the founder of LaunchPad Holdings, a company which he currently heads as the CEO. He is extremely well versed in the field of finance owing to the incredible number of years he has spent in the area. Today, he is one of the most highly regarded financialists and has used this amazing experience to lead the company on a path of progress. He has an excellent educational background, which is also one of the reasons why he has been able to get so ahead of the competition in the field. He attended the University of Scranton and attained a degree in economics and finance. Soon after, he went on to attain his MBA in the same field from the University of Chicago. Since entering the professional field, Glen Wakeman has been working with numerous top tier financial institutions. He has always been a person who works extremely hard to get what he wants, which is how he has attained so much success in his life.

Currently, Glen Wakeman has over twenty years worth of work experience in the field of finance. He also tries to use this knowledge to help others who are working to make their businesses successful. Over the years, he has offered his advice to numerous different companies, thereby helping the lives of numerous people all over the world. He has also helped numerous people with their entrepreneurial goals, by giving them advice and a plan of action for them to follow.

One of the first companies that Glen Wakeman worked at a company known as GE Capital ( He spent his initial years in the field of finance there, and soon after went over to a finance company. Already having a good amount of knowledge in the sector, he quickly rose up the ranks and ultimately became the CEO of the company. He was one of an essential people who worked hard for it’s growth. Glen Wakeman has always been a man with a plan and believes in taking on every financial encounter with a set plan of action in mind so that he can be the most efficient when offering financial advisory.

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Innovative Investing Following Louis Chenevert

At United Technologies Corporation, the future is something that without a doubt needs investment. Current UTC Chairman and CEO, Gregory Hayes understands the value of investing in not only innovations, but the people that are behind them. This is the forefront of a successful business for years to come. The new Pratt and Whitney GTF engine is a prime example of this commitment. Taking 20 years and around $10 billion to bring to life, it is now being used by 14 airlines and is currently on 72 actual crafts. The new GTF engine has a 16% reduction of fuel burn, produces 50% less emissions, and cuts the noise footprint by a whopping 75%.

The idea of greener and more environmentally friendly designs is nothing new at UTC. Once a UTC CEO, Louis Chenevert understood this and used it as a selling point for the technologies they were producing. Not only were the products reducing the environmental footprint, the factories and plants were set on reducing theirs by cutting water consumption down by 53% and greenhouse gasses by 26%.

Former CEO, Louis Chenevert was born in Quebec and joined UTC in 1993. With his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Production Management from HEC Montreal, he helped UTC not only survive the manufacturing slumps that took over the U.S., he kept the company on the leading edge of creation and innovation of aerospace technologies. Keeping the company in its birthplace, Connecticut, and continuing investments in technologies and workforce, UTC’s shares went from a low of $37 a share to $117 while CEO. Chenevert avoided layoffs of engineers during his time by moving hundreds of engineers back to Connecticut.

With a fierce focus on business, Chenevert not only built up a family of complimentary technologies, he understood the revolving cycles of demand, putting the company in business with both commercial and military sectors. Revenues in not just the manufacturing of new products, but the maintenance of delivered products keeps UTC’s profit margins up and investors happy. Although Louis Chenevert left UTC in December of 2014, it seems as though the new CEO, Gregory Hayes is following the previous focus of investment.

JHSF is Growing Substantially under the Watch of Jose AuriemoNeto

The real estate market across the globe has been stagnant for the last few years due to the economic slowdown globally. However, the real estate sector has been booming lately as the economic situation across the globe is pacing up, slowly but surely. In developing countries like Brazil, the economic progress has been tremendous in the last few years, and it has also positively impacted the growth of the infrastructure in the country. The real estate companies in Brazil have also played a pivotal role in the development of the modern real estate landscape in the country.

One of the real estate businesses in this regard that is worthy of mention is JHSF. It is one of the oldest real estate companies in Brazil and was set up in the year 1972. The company has developed hundreds of residential and commercial properties over the years, and its expertise lies in building modern and luxurious residential apartments. The company ropes in international architectural design companies to design and develop the projects it undertakes to ensure the result is unique, attractive, and of international standards. JHSF has witnessed massive growth in the past few years, especially after Jose AuriemoNeto became the company’s President.

He helped make some strategic modification in the business machinery of JHSF that proved to be effective and assisted in getting positive results for the enterprise. JHSF for years has been a company that provides quality oriented real estate units, whether it is residential complexes or commercial properties, like shopping centers, airports, hotels, and more. Jose AuriemoNeto has roped in experts from around the world to carry out the projects the company has undertaken to ensure there are no compromises in the results JHSF gets in its projects.

Jose AuriemoNeto is presently based in New York along with the family, especially to oversee the company’s operations overseas. There is also a very high-value project under development on the Fifth Avenue in New York, which Jose AuriemoNeto is personally supervising. He plans to rent out the residential apartment that is being constructed in New York in order to retain control over the property, while continuing to yield returns from it in the form of rent.

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Julia Jackson: Wine Processing Expert with a Great Taste for Wine and a Strong Attachment with the French

Julia Jackson is a California-based entrepreneur who was born and raised in a family with a rich entrepreneurial history. Her parents, Barbara Banke and the late Jess Jackson, were the founders of Jackson Family Wines, the company behind Kendall-Jackson and La Crema wineries. Now in her late 20s, Julia Jackson serves as a proprietor of her family firm. Her main role in this position is to ensure that wine produced by the company gains global popularity amongst the upcoming generation of wine lovers.

Julia’s Attachment with French

Long before she joined college, Julia Jackson had already learned and was fluent in French. She had learned the language through a French friend of hers, who even carried her along during one of her summer visits to Bordeaux. When she joined Cripps College for her BA in Studio Arts degree, she was employed to teach French to sixth-graders at a local school. According to her, French is part of her now; not just as a language but also as a culture.

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Cambria’s Seeds of Empowerment

Cambria’s Seeds of Empowerment was established three years ago with the aim of making a meaningful change in the lives of women in the United States and ultimately across the globe. The organization has for the last three years been motivating women to take up leadership roles, with the view that women in leadership have the power of revolutionizing the world. Julia Jackson is one of the women who threw their weight on the organization, making it even more powerful. For every bottle of wine from Cambria Estate Vineyard & Winery, Julia Jackson paints a watercolor on its sticker. Each of the sticker bears a special message for women who have been part of the organization.

Sonoma County Wine

Jackson Family Wines launched the Sonoma County Wine in October 2015. The attendees were given a chance to taste and make comments about the different wine brands by the company. On her part, Julia Jackson praised Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but settled for Le Désir as the best of them all.