How Perseverance Has Helped Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Brasier, or Ashley Lightspeed, has become a name that is associated with hard work and perseverance in the investment space. Currently serving as a Partner in Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley has achieved the kind of success that is hard to come by in this day and age.

It is because Ashley Lightspeed has not only had the opportunity to serve as a Partner on a highly competitive VC firm, but has been able to benefit from some of the best educational and professional institutions in the world.

Having enrolled in Duke University, Ashley Lightspeed was able to graduate Summa Cum Laude in visual and media studies as well as markets and management. After her graduation, she went on to join Bain & Company, one of the world’s most revered management consultancy firms.

At Bain & Company, Ashley was able to serve in the role of Senior Associate from August 2012 – July 2015. She had left Bain when she got a managerial position offer from Thumbtack in February 2015. At Thumbtack, she fulfilled her role of Category Manager until June 2016, which is when she got accepted at Stanford University for her MBA.

During this new phase of transitioning back into life as a student, Ashley decided to take matters of career into her own hands, and started to consult businesses and startups on her own. Her work and its stellar results got her attention from all sorts of business sectors, where Lightspeed eventually offered her a role that seemed to fit right in with her work philosophy.

At the time of writing, Ashley continues working at Lightspeed and helps startups and businesses find the funding they need after a proper vetting process. The aim is to help as many businesses as possible, yet ensuring that Lightspeed gets the kind of returns that help it sustain its business model with consistent growth. View Ashley’s profile at

Agera Energy: Great Impact in Natural Gas and Electricity Supply

Agera Energy aims to guide its customers while empowering and training them when it comes to making key energy decisions. Energy isn’t just a top product for any organization, but it’s likewise an ordinary need for each person. With the great number of people not given the required services by the local supply, Agera Energy views the opportunity to be different; by uniquely serving its clients.

Agera Energy was set up in 2014 at the starting of the year. Brisk forward to date, the organization has contracted RCEs of around 1.8 million clients whose the company tenderly refers as the fan base. An expected 600,000 of another contracted RCEs have trusted the firm over the past three years.

The association’s customer base is growing snappier when contrasted with some other autonomous energy offering companies. Agera Energy is the leading firm within the industry and looks forward to serving customers better now and in days to come.

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Bernado Chua Sets Out With Some Great New Ideas

Bernardo Chua is largely known for his impact in direct distribution of Organo Gold products. This is where he has found a lot of success in an industry that is comprised primarily of distributors that bring coffee into a department store setting. Bernardo Chua wanted to set his company apart from competitors. He knew that the best way to do this would be through independent distributors.

People that want to know more about what he is bringing to the forefront can check what he has done with Organo Gold University. This is the area where he brings life to the products that he is selling in an educational realm. This is where Bernardo Chua gains an advantage against other coffee brands. He knows that he can teach his distributors has about the coffee so that they will be knowledgeable when they are selling Organo Gold coffee and other products like tea and personal care items. When items are shipped to a department store there is no one to present this type of information. Many products could sit on the shelf for months and lose momentum when no one is there is explain the benefits of buying certain products. Visit Bernardo Chua on Twitter@OGBernie

What Bernardo is essentially doing is creating a platform where more people can learn about his products and have dialogue with distributors. He has cornered the market in a unique way where he is able to gain the respect of many people that are looking for extra income. They know about him because the products are displayed on Facebook, and he also tweets about new products that come on to the market. This has allowed him to gain more customers and potential workers as well. All of this is part of his strategy for opportunities for people to work for themselves.

Bernardo has been able to expand his product line and continue to bring new products to a global audience. What consumers discover about Chua is that he is a leader that knows a number of different ways to attract consumers. He has mastered the art of building a team of independent distributors.



The Founding Of Jd.Com By Richard Liu Qiangdong

Mr . Richard Liu Qiangdong is a famous entrepreneur based in China. He is both the Chief Executive Officer and founder of a very prominent electronic commerce platform in China famous as The company provides its services to millions of customers all over the world. Richard Liu was born in Jiangsu province which is located in China. His parents who specialized in the transport of coal by use of ship always advised Richard on being hardworking and giving special attention to education. Despite studying Sociology at the people’s University of China, Richard Liu had the passion for computers and he therefore decoded to train himself on how to code computer programs.

After he was done with his higher education, Richard Liu Qiangdong secured employment with the Japan Life company which dealt with natural supplements. During his time in Japan Life, Richard Liu showcased his special skills in computers and this led to his promotion to become the head of computers in the company. Having a passion in entrepreneurship, Richard Liu decided to start his own company. He started in a small store in Beijing where he was selling magneto-optical products. He devoted himself to offer the customers with excellent and reliable services. The competition from other sellers was very stiff but Richard Liu succeeded by offering only the legitimate products. He also ensured that he won the loyalty of his numerous clients.

Richard Liu Qiangdong transformed his small retail store into a retail store after a period of five years and then branded it Jingdong.  Liu Qiangdong’s business thrived so fast and grew to be very successful. After some time, China experienced the SARS outbreak which brought a big turn over to most retail businesses. Richard Liu’s business overcame the challenge and decided to take a different path. From then he shifted his business to work partially online. He started providing some of his services online but after a period of two years, he started operating fully online. His now fully online platform was named 360Buy Jingdong. The business continued to expand rapidly and had various other venders who joined as partners. This led to the birth of the famous

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Agera Energy Becomes a Leading Retail Supplier for Electricity and Gas.

Choosing a reliable energy provider can be daunting. Nevertheless, with a few tips within your reach, you’re bound to find a supplying company that can quickly meet your needs. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of why you should get your electricity via a supplier and not through a local utility. Not only can the switch be cost-effective in various ways, but also reliable.

If you reside in an area that has deregulated its energy, you’ll realize that there’s a stiff competition between companies that supply power. This often drives the price down. Launched in 2014, Agera Energy seeks to guide you in choosing the right energy supplier for your business or home. The company educates and empowers its customers to make viable energy decisions. For the management, it’s all about the therms. To know more about the company click here.

Since energy is the main expense for a typical homeowner and for businesses that have many customers in underserved areas, Agera Energy saw the chance to be unique by serving clients differently. It also understands that to its competition, a client is a ratepayer. Therefore, to this main retail energy supplier, a client is a consumer who needs to be treated right. That’s where the entire difference begins.

Today, Agera Energy serves 1.8 million contracted customers who the management prides itself in calling a fan base. That’s approximately 500,000 new contracted customers who believe in Agera Energy. The customer base is developing faster than the typical retail energy supplier.

Neurocore: Brain Training with Successful Results

If you have issues with depression and other mental disorders that can cause your mood to change, seeking out help is very important. There are places that specialize in counseling and various medicines to help you with your condition but you need a better solution. Neurocore will help you while reducing the need for medicine and will get you back on track to living a normal life. Remember, you are never alone in this battle for your mind. There is hope and nothing is lost. You can seem put this company and get real help that will last a while.

Neurocore believes in training the brain to function in its normal state. They have developed technology to help your mind to focus on what it should do you can go on without using any medicine and not taking up your time with counseling. You will have to commit to the sessions and will start to see improvement immediately. Your brain is trainable to function as it should and you want to make sure you can enjoy your days without the negative mound swings that make you miserable. Neurocore is definitely the program you want to try for your mental issues.


How Stream Energy is revolutionizing philanthropy through Stream Cares.

Before companies made corporate philanthropy part of their DNA an Energy company out of Dallas, Texas had already been doing it for some time. Stream Energy had realized earlier on that the same people who happened to be their clients were also deserved a helping hand every so often especially when disaster struck. Stream energy realized that even though they could accomplish quite a bit as within the company itself in terms of philanthropy they needed to create a unit entirely dedicated to their philanthropic efforts and this is how stream cares was born.

Stream cares core purpose was to cater to the every growing philanthropic effort that Stream Energy was taking on. The personnel who would run Stream Care were fully dedicated to this effort rather than doing it on a part-time basis an approach that Stream Energy had previously tried and realized that even though they got a lot done they still needed dedicated staff on the same.

Over the years Stream Cares has been able to accomplish a lot. One of their key focus areas has been tackling homelessness in Dallas. By partnering with Hope supply Co, they realized they could achieve much more within a shorter period given the level of expertise and community reach that Hope Supply Co has already attained. The two partners sponsored homeless over a thousand children to the annual splash for hope event. They would cater for their entrance fee and sponsor their meals. This was in addition to all the fun activities that the children would engage in throughout the day. They also visit homeless people and offer them meals, diapers, and other personal effects. For stream Cares, eliminating Homelessness within the Dallas community remains important to them, and they hope that this partnership can continue to grow and eventually part a huge role in achieving the same.

Stream Cares also works extensively with veterans. Through Operation Once in a Lifetime, they have been able to provide moral and financial support to veterans continuously. They arrange for annual events such as the special December lunch where military veterans came together for a day of ribs and fun. Such kinds of events continue to remind them that the community and the country at large is forever grateful for their sacrifice.

Jeunesse Global: Randy and Wendy

The need for quality beauty and personal products has made Jeunesse Global a household name. Most people involved in the company’s incredible outreach however, have never taken time to get to know the company’s founders.


Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are individuals who understand what dreaming is all about. Randy Ray is the grandson of sharecroppers. He was raised in an environment where scarcity and worry were a fact of life. His dream as a child was to become successful. This included the ability to see the world. Wendy Lewis’s dream was to develop into a person who could spot talent, and direct that talent where it was needed most.


Randy and Wendy met through extraordinary circumstances. Their combined vision created the Jeunesse Global company. Its foundation is built upon doing business that is beneficial for people, as well as, the enhancement of the natural environment. Randy and Wendy have a continuing vision for innovation that stretches into many sectors. These include economic, industrial, social, and educational realms.


The Jeunesse Global model is built from the sensibility and life experience of two loving entrepreneurs who understand the needs of common people. It comes out of the desire and dreams of individuals who have experienced what it is like to fathom living without opportunity. Yet, this understanding includes an unwavering desire to create opportunities for people that exceed experience. Randy and Wendy’s combined talents are exactly what make Jeunesse Global a conduit for human growth and expansion.


Cosmetic product innovations and earning opportunities are the basis of Randy and Wendy’s entrepreneurial enterprises. The results of dreaming big are witnessed in their company’s success. It is also evident in the success of all affiliates who share in their dream. It is absolutely possible for greatness and success to emerge from lowly beginnings. Ray and Wendy remember what humble beginnings can do to inspire the human spirit. Jeunesse Global represents what is possible when people dream big and work hard.



Hyland’s Teeth Products Provide Natural Pain Relief

Teething is a hard time for toddlers. They are in pain, and often they do not sleep well. Many parents look for natural ingredients that are good for their children. Homeopathic remedies like Hyland’s teething tablets brings relief to everyone.

Often common oral pain symptoms are drooling, mild rash, rubbing their ears, putting their hand in the mouth, and irritability. Hyland’s  teething tablets will give children relief, no matter what their symptoms. They have a new product that came in 2017 called Hyland’s Oral Baby Pain Relief Tablets. This new Hyland’s teething tablets replace Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablet. The new product works on all types mouth pain.  Read more about the new product on this link.

Often traditional teething medicines like teething sprays, lozenges, and gels contain benezocaine.. Many traditional medicine have side effects for children like loss of appetite, increased sweating, stomach cramps, and nausea.

Homeopathy is described as a healthy system that works with the body to heal it naturally. It has been around for over 200 year and is believed to be founded in Germany. It has had aaresurgence in popularity with people over the last 20 years

The new Hyland’s teething tablets called Hyland’s Oral Baby Pain Relief Tablets contains natural ingredients. These ingredients help with swelling and pain, oral pain, irritability, sleep, swelling, and discomfort. They are free of belladonna, and artificial ingredients.

Many parents suffer through baby and toddler teething, with their child. Hyland’s ‘s products provide a safe and effective treatment for a baby or toddler’s pain. Some of their other oral pain or Hyland’s teething tablets are Hyland’s 4 Kids Pain Relief tablets, Oral Pain Relief Nighttime, and Canker Sore Soothing Dots Relief Tablets. Many customers are very satisfied with Hyland’s  natural teething products for children.

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Information About Lincolnshire Management

Press Release New York, in the year 2018 through the advice of the Lincolnshire Management, Inc. made a clear announcement on the sale of the Holley Performance Products. The move that was taken by the company was to affiliate the Sentinel Capital Partners which was working closely with Driven Performance Brands. There are many things such as the terms which were set in the year 1903 which remained to be undisclosed. Holley was founded in the year 1903, and many achievements have recorded ever since it started its operations. It has continued to be one of the largest designer and the manufacturer on matters of the products brands. It has managed to grow in the market of the automotive. There are a lot of the moves that the company has made throughout the line of operation for the last 100 years of its operations. The company has managed to be the cornerstone associated with some of the great brands such as the American car culture. Read the whole story about the Lincolnshire’s exit from Holley Performance Products here

There are many brands that the company has managed to create in the industry. These include MSD, Hooker, and ACCEL. The company aims to add value to the style of marketing and creating the opportunity for investment in different parts. The current CEO of the Lincolnshire Management T.J. Maloney. The dedication of the management of Lincolnshire Management has set a lot on the matters regarding the goals of the company and building the new brand. Read on the investments of the company in this article.

Lincolnshire Management has integrated the best platform that makes them link well with its clients in the market. Tom with collaboration with the Holley has pushed for the matters of technology in the form to enable the process of the company to be at the right scene in the market. Many substantive issues have been set in place to make the company be at the top niche in the industry. The ability of the management in understanding the face of the market has helped the organization grow with a particular trajectory and made the company realize its goals within the right timeframe. The achievement of Lincolnshire Management has been attributed to quality leadership.

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