Why Terry Baltes is Ohio’s Real Estate Kingpin

Hotel guests have become accustomed to facilities that were once deemed to be luxurious. These include complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi and first-rate bed linens. There are fears that the hospitality sector might soon reach a customer satisfaction peak. This is according to J.D Power’s 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study. Every year, the study measures the general satisfaction level of hotel guests.

Seven key indicators are used to determine the satisfaction rate. These are hotel facilities, cost & fees, food & beverage, check-in and check-out, guest room and reservation. The level of satisfaction is calculated based on a thousand-point gauge. Despite the fact that satisfaction has been improving, the percentage of improvement has drastically fallen. In 2016 for instance, the percentage stands at one percent. Customer response has been overwhelming, a situation that has made hitherto luxurious facilities to become standard.

Rick Garlick who is an expert in hospitality issues, argues that hotel guests are no longer seeing any added value in the amenities that most hotels currently offer. The only solution to this stalemate is differentiating brands through the development of a strong hotel service culture. This will make guests to feel special once more. Middle-level hotels ought to learn from luxury hotels, which continue to post high satisfaction indices. These hotels have continued to provide clients with additional value.

Important Notes about Terry Baltes

Mr. Baltes is the founder and proprietor of Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd. This real estate firm was started in 1977 to market residential, industrial and commercial properties in the Mid-West. The Ohio based company has sold property worth 4 billion dollars, making it one of the most successful real estate companies in the US. Terry is a respected personality in the real estate market. He mainly serves clients in Ohio, Kansas and Indiana.

Under Terry’s leadership, the firm recently made inroads into Louisiana and West Virginia. The aggressive and ambitious expansion plan that it has adopted is a manifestation of Mr. Baltes’s proactive approach to business. Terry attended the Ohio State University, where he graduated with a degree in finance, marketing and real estate. He acknowledges that Baltes Commercial Realty Ltd has been successful because of his ability to take challenges head-on.

How Do Development Deals In New Jersey Originate With Devco?

Devco originates a large majority of development deals in New Jersey with their loan products, and every loan product is offered to a municipality or county that requires extra cash. Cash flow is difficult to manage in large communities, and every large community has access to a loan that may pay for a brand new construction project. This article explains how the Press of Atlantic City newspaper has reported on Devco financing in the past, and there is a brief look at how loans produce construction projects made for economic expansion.
#1: How Much Money May Be Borrowed?

Borrowing money from Devco is an extensive process that takes into account the credit rating of the region, their government plan for expansion and Devco’s plan for construction. DEVCO works hand-in-hand with their clients to plan construction, and their plans produce the highest rate-of-return for tax payments.

#2: Which Jobs Are Created?

Jobs are created from the moment a loan is approved until the construction is complete. Denizens of the region may find work in the new construction projects upon completion, and construction workers may move into the area for work. Retail and commercial work maintains each building, and jobs will continue to grow for years post-completion.

#3: How Many Loans May A City Take?

Devco is careful to offer loans that will align with their lending philosophy. Devco wishes to help as many municipalities as possible, but they may not wish to approve every application they receive. Their work is defined by the assistance they may offer, and Devco prefers to provide cash that will have an immediate impact in a community.

Devco is offering loans that will change New Jersey cityscapes from old and battered facades to brand new visages. Every loan provides jobs, tax profit and prestige for a community.


How Andy Wirth Overcome Enormous Odds to Run the Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Many people are aware of the success of the current CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth. The extremely successful businessman has gained a substantial amount of fame throughout the business world by leading the elevation of the resort he operates to one of the most frequented ski lodging and resort locations in North America.

During his time at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Wirth has successfully helped the company become listed in several top business magazines such as Forbes, USA today, and Travel Magazine.

The addition of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort to these prominent magazine list, as well as the interviews with Wirth that have been conducted by these magazines (among many) have elevated Andy Wirth to a well known status in the business community.

During one such interview, which was recently conducted with Andy Wirth by the KCRW radio station in Santa Monica, Wirth briefly discussed some of the factors that occurred in his life that caused great hardship.

These events could have ended Wirth’s career, but instead propelled him further. Wirth used events like these to encourage business owners to endure the current drought in California and fight for the success of their businesses.

During his interview with KCRW, Andy Wirth was asked to discuss the implications of the current California drought on the business and overall economic system of the state of California. As the leader of one of the most successful businesses in Northern California, Andy Wirth is regarded as somewhat of an expert in the business field and his opinions on the current state of affairs was highly anticipated.

As he was discussing the implications of the current California drought and how businesses could overcome the difficulties presented by this situation, Wirth briefly lamented about a past experience in his life that he had endure and shared how it developed him both personally and as a business leader.

After Wirth had become the Executive Chief Officer at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, he enjoyed a brief time of success at his new business venture before a tragic accident occurred in his life. Read more: Just Breathe: Andy Wirth on the Upswing in Tahoe and Andrew Wirth: Executive Profile & Biography

Wirth is known as an extremely active business owner and is often involved in several competition and sporting events throughout the year. During an event in which Wirth was enjoying a skydiving competition with a few of his friends, Wirth experienced a tragic accident.

After Wirth had jumped from the plane, he learned that his parachute did not work properly. Wirth then used his back up parachute, which slightly malfunctioned and ultimately left him mangled and alone in a field.

This incident caused Wirth to have to regain the use of his arms, and Wirth uses this event to encourage others to endure difficulty.

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Duda Melzer Becomes The New CEO Of RBS Group

Duda Melzer is now the new CEO of RBS Group, and he is in a position to make the company one of the foundations of a new Brazilian economy. The country has been emerging for a few years while it has taken on more volume and more athletic events. The Olympics and the World Cup have brought a lot of people and investment to Brazil, and the country is poised to partake in all the retail options that Duda Melzer prefers.

He was a major player in the 90s in retail as he brought companies over to Brazil that would sell to the people. The people have been able to spend their money at retail shops that Duda Melzer brought to the country many years ago, and he is trying to expand the influence of his own company. He wants to make sure that he is bringing as many retail companies as he can find, and he also wants to make sure that he is providing his employees with the options for their own careers. He does not want to end up in a place where he cannot his country grow because they did not expand.

RBS Group is one of the few places in Brazil where people can come for a stable job, and there are so many options that these people do well for themselves. Duda Melzer is bringing jobs to Brazil, and he will start to bring in more companies that will appeal to the people. The people of Brazil will have more places to shop, and there will be more jobs available to the people of the country. RBS Group will help make the Brazilian economy strong and varied like the US economy, and he will be sure to help his company remain one of the titans of Brazil.

Sanjay Shah Founds Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah lives in Dubai with his beautiful wife and family. He is rich, healthy but all is not well in the life of Sanjay Shah. His son Nikhil was diagnosed with Autism and Shah wanted to know more about the disorder as a way of connecting with his young son. Autism is a condition affecting one in every sixty-eight children; it causes a serious disharmony in the child’s social and communication skills. While referred to as a disorder, it has adversely affected countless families and caused confusion and grief. There is a film, Kevin, which deals with a fictitious family having a child who suffers from Autism. The film brings to light the frustrating and dangerous lives of the family dealing with Autism.
Shah wanted to help research for Autism, and he founded the charity, Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a series of live, invitation-only concerts whose donations go to research on Autism. The charity has had performances by Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Buble and Drake. Snoop Dog was an early advocate for the charity and has helped by his individual endorsement.
Shah was interviewed by Pharmiweb.com, and he discussed the situation with his son, Nikhil. Shah went on to state that his main goal in life is his charity, Autism Rocks. It is always the topic Shah desires to discuss. He wishes to advertise the charity to those who can attend, and Shah wants to be better known in the world of entertainment to appeal to performers, who might donate their time and artistry to his charity. Shah continued to offer business advice by saying that a new business should never underestimate the amount of capital needed to start and maintain a new business. He continued by saying that the owner must also realize that he can not do all the work himself.
Shah continues to have dealings with the company he founded in London, Solo Capital but spends most of his time in Dubai with his family and especially his son, Nikhil; coordinating activities and musical events for his charity, Autism Rocks.
Read full interview here: www.pharmiweb.com

Talk Fusion for Everyone

There are a lot of ways a video communication can be helpful for anyone who wants to talk to another part of their family. You may be wondering what you can do in order to have the best video communication possible. It’s not as hard as you may think.

Family Communication

There are many ways this can help with talking to other members of the family that may live in other areas. You can send a video email or have a full conversation with anyone that is in another part of the country or even the world. It can feel like they are in the same room. This can be a great addition to the communication methods you may be using. This can also be helpful if you want to send a card that includes the video.

Bob Reina understands that this can be a huge thing for people who want to have some way to communicate and work with people they love that they can’t be around. He created this system with that kind of thought in mind.

Business Uses

There are a lot of ways a business can use this software. They can use this software to communicate with employees that are not in the same building. It can also be used to send a video email to all the employees that are a part of the company. They also can use it to talk to others who may be remote workers or others that are not working in the building.

Bob Reina also intended his company to provide solutions for businesses that need to talk to each other face to face, but may not be able to. This solves this problem and helps your business to get everything done and to talk to everyone in the business.

There are a lot of ways that Talk Fusion can help anyone who wants to talk to another person anywhere. This software is going to make things a lot easier for anyone. All you need is a computer or a phone and a camera and something to say.

The Brazilian Construction Industry Is Expanding, Due To Real Estate Expansion

In recent years, the Brazilian economy has become exceptionally strong. In fact, Brazil has risen to the ranks of the strongest economies on Earth. Currently, the Brazilian economy is the seventh largest national economies. Brazil’s economy is growing from larger changes that are occurring on a global scale. The large corporate industries that exist in the western world have moved their centers of production from the western world into other countries. Developing countries like Brazil have benefited from these changes. As the new industries are moving into the country, more people are gaining employment with these industries.

All the people with new and higher paying jobs are bringing money into the economy of Brazil. As this foreign capital is coming into Brazil, a variety of sectors of the economy have benefited. For instance, the real estate business is benefiting from this shift. People have a lot more money to spend on real estate, and this is driving up the prices of housing. However, it has done more than simply drive the prices up. It has also increased the number of properties that are available in Brazil. Therefore, construction companies have gotten in on the real estate boom that is taking place in Brazil. The construction companies have been responsible for building new properties in the country.

Construcap has been highly involved in the real estate boom that is taking place. They have been working to build projects that are put on Brazilian real estate markets. These projects range greatly in size, from the largest projects to the smallest projects. In fact, they have even worked on projects building single houses. However, they have also built large residential projects. They have also built large commercial and industrial projects. In fact, they have even built some of the major industrial centers that provide many Brazilians with jobs.

Construcap and their partnership with Fluor has been one of the largest construction companies in Brazil for many years. In fact, they have been a major force in the Brazilian construction industry for more than 60 years. They have been active in the industry since the 1940s. Also, they have been a very large employer for Brazilians. In fact, they have given jobs to more than 10,000 people. The company will likely expand in coming years, and they will provide jobs to even more people. Additionally, the company’s stocks are expected to grow, due to the changes in the economy.  Over on the YouTube they explain even more.

QNet Encourages the Female Entrepreneur

The women of today that are looking for their own business identity should consider what QNet may have to offer. This is an amazing company that gives the female entrepreneur the opportunity to work and sell various products from the Qnet collection of direct selling products.

To all #QNET ladies, Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Stay strong, stay gorgeous!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Females that have been trying to break the glass ceiling that has been put in place in corporate America may have another alternative to consider. Woman entrepreneurs can bypass many of the barriers to have been put up for females that are trying to acquire executive roles. Qnet is the company helps a lot of women because their own boss. With Qnet women can advertise and sale on their own. This company has become very influential and helping many women in Asia become their own business owners. This is great for women that I have schedules that don’t fit the typical work schedule. There are many people that are interested in acquiring a job where they can do a lot of direct selling because they may have skills and equipment for this type of opportunity.

This has become a great revenue stream for women that really know how to host parties and socialize with people. The Internet has also made it easier for female entrepreneurs that are trying to start their own business. People that are selling products from the Qnet collection will also have the ability to utilize social media to bring more customers into their line of vision much quicker. The Qnet founder Vijay Eswaran also serves as motivation too many women that are interested in pursuing a career where they are selling products on their own. He has given many motivational speeches and he has continued to be a source of inspiration for all of those that want a chance to make money without any type of restrictions. Women have always been great when it comes to direct selling for organizations. It is a great opportunity with Qnet because this is the company that allows women to work from home, which creates a happier work environment for many of their employees as evidenced by Glassdoor. The founder of Qnet is one of the richest people in Asia so there must be a direct link to quality merchandise and sales revenue for this company. He has created a real gem, and this company has evolved over the years as an organization that has lot of strong ties to the sports industry which opens more doors for women in each of the countries Qnet operates in (over 100 countries their employees are in and they have regional offices in 25 countries).

Kevin Seawright Gives Back Creating A Program To Get Youth Summer Jobs

Kevin Seawright, CFO of The Newark Community Economic development Corporation and a small group of other important city staff members and a few organizations collaborated February 26, 2016 to create a program to offer a helping hand to the Newark youth securing Jobs for the summer. As an improvement, as Kevin Seawright believes this to be, this year applicants are required to apply online. This is the first year the program has implemented this feature. The goal is for the Summer Youth Employment Plan to provide a total of six weeks worth of paid summer experience to the student’s residents of Newark. Which should provide a boost in the rates of college graduation as well. On the job training as well as a few other features will be provided for the students, such as inspirational speeches, lessons in working with money and a college readiness program.

According to Seawright when speaking to LocalTalkNews “As of Monday we had 350 youth applications already in. We have turned what is traditionally a six-week process into a 30 minute event.” Last year they supplied the youth with 3,000 jobs. This summer their hopes are to surpass that and reach 3,500 jobs. Kevin invested his energy collaborating with very high end banks, Santander Bank and TD Bank, to provide classes to teach the students about money. “This way, the students and individuals can learn how to open their own checking and savings accounts,” said Kevin. “This basic skill is the foundation for financial success both now and down the road when they graduate and enter the professional workforce.”

From July 5th, – August 16th, student employees will be getting jobs earning minimum wage. “This is an event myself and the rest of the Newark CEDC team are really proud to be apart of,” said Kevin Seawright. “It gives us hope for the future of this incredible city.”

Named the Executive VP and CFO of Newark community Economic Development Corporation in 2015, also the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for one of Maryland’s largest departments of Recreation and Parks for one of the largest departments of Recreation and Parks. During his service he invested more than $50 million in city, state and federal funding. Landing him a spot as the fiscal management leader in the educational arena. Which required him to help create budgets with limits exceeding $200 million annually. He provided insight concerning the construction of schools and possible issues with the structure of the building. Managed over $600 million in renovations and development of new structures. Kevin served as DoO for the Collington Life Care Community containing over 500 residents. Negotiated contracts and oversaw the entire $5 million in funding and construction.

Coriant the Technology Giants

In the changing world of technology, only the companies that can stay ahead of the competition, while meeting the customer’s needs survive. Coriant happens to be one such company. It offers both hardware and software services, for a wide range of technological needs, to network operators in over one hundred countries.

It was established as an independent company in 2013, owned by Marlin Equity Partners, after breaking from Nokia Siemens Networks. Marlin Equity Partners purchased Sycamore which they merged with Coriant to form Coriant America Inc., based in Massachusetts. They also acquired Tellabs in 2013, and announced a merger between Coriant and Tellabs .The resulting company operates as Coriant. They have their headquarters in Munich, Germany and Naperville and have a worldwide reach.

Their Products and Services

They have over ten products placed in different categories. These are:
• Software Defined Networking
• 2 products for Intelligent Network Management
• 6 products for Packet Optical Transport
• 3 products for MSSP
• 2 products under IP/MPLS Routing
• Ethernet First Mile
• 4 products under Cross-Connect TDM

Their products can be used in many different fields, with their customers being placed in education and research, government and defense sectors, the financial sector and even cloud providers. They also offer training services for some of their applications, as well as technical support for hardware repairs, and professional services.

The Top Management

The current CEO of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir. He is an alumni of Cornell University, where he received his bachelor’s, masters and PHD, all in engineering. He has over twenty five years of experience working in the telecom, technology and financial sectors. He started out at GTE in 1978, then following a merger, became the first CIO of Verizon communications. In 2011, he joined Barclays as the COO of the global retail and business bank. He was appointed CEO and chairman of the board of Coriant in 2013.

His expertise and years of experience are expected to help propel the company to new heights. This will be by focusing on developing solutions, which focus on what the customers need most. His appointment was a sign of the company’s plan to take its business to the next level. Kheradpir already knows the company’s workings having previously worked closely with the management teams as an adviser to Marlin Equity Partners. He has been described as a perfect fit for the company, with the former CEO expressing his confidence in Mr. Kheradpir’s “ability to drive Coriant to the next level of growth”.