Luiz Carlos Trabuco gets another promotion

It has been recently announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco, current CEO of Brazilian banking giant Bradesco, will be getting another promotion. This time, he will be replacing the outgoing chairman of the board, Lazaro Brandao, as the head of the board of directors. The news comes amid announcements that Brandao himself will be permanently retiring from all roles with the bank, finally drawing to a close his nearly 75 year career with the bank.

Trabuco has rode the Bradesco success story all the way to the top

Perhaps no one in the bank’s history, other than Brandao himself, has done more to capitalize on the bank’s growth throughout their own personal career than Luiz Carlos Trabuco. But the inveterate banker, who has spent the entirety of his almost 50-year career with the bank, has also done a great deal to shape the firm’s success. The relationship between Trabuco and his employer has been, to be sure, a synergistic one.

Trabuco first came to the firm in 1969, at the age of just 18. He was fresh out of high school and had aspirations to attend college, but he did not have the money to pay for classes. After being hired on as a bank teller, the lowest position at the company, he quickly proved himself to be a capable and reliable employee, with a penchant for quickly learning new tasks.

Throughout the 1970s, he slowly rose through the ranks, first becoming a shift manager, then a branch manager, then a regional manager. Throughout this period, he was able to put himself through night school at one of Sao Paulo’s most prestigious universities, even as he was often working up to 60 hours per week. By the end of the 1970s, he had obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as a master’s degree in social psychology.

By the early 1980s, Trabuco had positioned himself as one of the most qualified employees of the bank. He was now in a position to get promoted to his first executive role, an offer that came in 1984.

Trabuco was tapped to head up the company’s PR and marketing department. There, he quickly began modernizing the way that the bank approached public relations, involving the bank in sponsoring local charity causes and forging strong relationships with local media personalities. This proved to be a success. By 1988, the bank’s public image was as good as it had ever been, and the recruitment of new customers was hitting peak levels.

In 1992, Trabuco was again promoted. This time he was tapped to head the company’s financial planning division. The struggling unit had been stagnating for years under previous management. Trabuco immediately moved to update the unit’s business model. He created a tiered banking system called Bradesco Prime. This targeted the bank’s most valuable clients with perks such as high-end complimentaries and separate, luxury facilities. Clients who had above a certain threshold on deposit with the bank were granted a 24/7 personal banker.

This strategy of going after the country’s highest net worth clients proved to be sagacious. Over the course of Trabuco’s tenure, the financial planning division went from being just a tiny fraction of the bank’s overall profits to accounting for almost a third. Trabuco was again slated to move up.

He repeated these successes as head of the insurance division and, ultimately, as the CEO of the company, where he was able to complete the largest acquisition in the history of Brazil.

Now, Trabuco will move up to the chairmanship. Under his leadership, it’s a good bet that the bank’s long track record of success will continue into the future.

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Things You Need to Know about Logan Stout

Being a great entrepreneur, Logan Stout has beaten all odds through his significant contributions in the field of entrepreneurship. He has impressed many individuals with his kind attitude and concern he shows to people. As a philanthropist, Logan launched the ID Life LLC, firm, with the aim of improving the health of individuals. Logan has always been passionate towards achieving the best, and at a very young age, he always strived to acquire perfection in all his deeds. While he was in high school, Logan impressed a significant number of individuals through his passion for sports and his great contributions towards the success of his school`s basketball team.

His skills and expertise in sports are second to none, and through his dedication towards helping others, Logan has trained many people on sports basis. Despite holding many titles, Logan is also a great author and speaker. He has inspired many people through his various texts that he frequently publishes. Through his book` The Secret To Building Yourself, People and Teams, ` Logan inspired and educated people on the best strategies to apply to successfully achieve their dreams. Logan`s dedication towards helping other people develops themselves also saw him partner with one of the greatest authors and media experts John C. Maxwell, with the aim of equipping people with leadership skills through the local magazine.

Logan believes that success can only be attained with one fully dedicating themselves towards acquiring the best and putting all the required effort to ensure that they accomplish their dreams. The renowned business owners urge people to be careful enough and be fast in identifying success barriers as they are the major hindrances of succeeding. Stout’s life-changing messages and advice to people have positively impacted the lives of many individuals.

Hard work has always been part of Logan`s life and being an athlete while in high school, he got an opportunity to participate in seventeen world series events that saw him gain a lot of fame. Logan is also a great believer in the invention and encourages people to engage with individuals who motivate them with great ideas.

Important Lessons to Learn from Mexican Businessman Omar Yunes

If you are interested in the franchising business, then you have probably heard of Omar Yunes. He is the first ever Mexican and also one of the youngest ever winners of the coveted Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition which was held in December 2015 in Florence, Italy. He had won the Mexican version of the award before representing his country at the global event attended by representatives from over 34 countries and winning it.

Omar Yunes is the Franchisee of a Japanese restaurant known as Sushi Itto which has many outlets spread across South America. Omar Yunes started the partnership with Sushi Itto at the age of 21 and now manages 13 outlets of the restaurant spread over Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. He has worked tirelessly over the years to grow the Sushi Itto brand while creating employment for over 400 people. Omar recognized the work his employees did and said that the award was not only as a result of his efforts but also as a result of the employees’ dedication to offering customers excellent service, a remarkable flavor, and excellent hospitality.

The Best Franchisees of the World award is a global event that seeks to award franchisees based on the impact their actions have on the success of the brand and not necessarily on the overall success of the brand. The award takes into account the efforts of the franchisees and their contributions to the enrichment of the brands. It does not matter how big or well known the brand is. What matters is the impact the franchisee has had on the success of the brand regarding the growth of the brand, reduction of overhead costs, increasing profits and improving employee welfare.

Omar Yunes is a well-known businessman in Mexico and has received many other awards in recognition of his business model. He emphasizes on the professionalization of the role of the franchisee and changing the relationship between the brand and the franchisee. However, before going into the franchising business, Omar advises businessmen to pick the right brand which they understand and also which has the potential to grow.

Norman Pattiz: Taking Podcasts Virtual

What does the future of podcasts look like? To answer that question, look no further than Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne. PodcastOne launched a new mobile app that immerses their listeners in another world. This new app takes podcasts in a completely different direction than anyone expected.

The number of new features this app offers to listeners has a lot of people excited. For starters, the new app offers virtual reality videos for certain programs. Other programs allow live communication between hosts and listeners. Listeners also have the option to communicate with each other via personal messaging.

The virtual reality is a huge selling point for the new app; not that the app costs money. The new PodcastOne app is free in all app stores and on the company’s website. The virtual reality and 360-degree formats are compliments of Mandt VR. PodcastOne partnered with Mandt VR specifically to immerse their listeners as much as possible.

It was important to both companies that the virtual reality be the highest quality possible. After working out the details of their partnership, Mandt VR set up the newest VR equipment in every major PodcastOne studio. That included their studies in New York, Beverly Hills, and Burbank.

Neil Mandt acknowledged that PodcastOne is an unrivaled powerhouse for a reason. He praised the PodcastOne executive, Norman Pattiz, for being consistently innovative and focused. In his opinion, PodcastOne will always be at the top of the industry. Pattiz is too brilliant and open to adopting new business strategies.

Usually, companies fudge their fact a little to exaggerate their success. That’s not PodcastOne does to impress people. The real facts: PodcastOne is the biggest provider of podcasts shows in the world, and they release over 20,000 minutes of new audio content every week. Even more impressive, their library consists of more than 200 shows.

Even before founded PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz’s career was successful. Before PodcastOne, he founded Westwood One and Courtside Entertainment Group. Westwood One provides a wide of variety of shows to radio stations all over the country ( Courtside Entertainment Group is one of the most successful program distributors in the nation.

Not surprisingly, Pattiz’s been honored and recognized numerous times. Last year, Forbes celebrated the huge success and popularity of PodcastOne. The Global Change Makers issue featured a four-page article. Learn more: