Career Highlights of the Award-Winning Marketing Wiz Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is an avid risk-taker with skills to match. Her outstanding work saw her get named as one of 2017’s most creative media marketing personalities by the Fast Company. Speaking soon after receiving the prestigious advertising award, Lori made it absolutely clear that to her creativity is her behavior as opposed to it being a talent. Her accolades also include her being named as the MVP in the world of advertising in 2014. Here’s a recap of an article by GC Report that seeks to explain the reasons behind her appointment as the new Global CEO of the globally acclaimed marketing firm, Crispin Porter & Bogusky.

Early Years

Lori Senecal was fortunate to grow up in a household filled with successful people. The successes of her siblings played a pivotal role in helping her strive for her dreams. Lori’s always had a Midas touch. Every venture and company she’s worked with went on to become an instant success story. Part of her winning recipe lies in that she’s a woman who values her staff and colleagues above all else. She has a unique way of always bringing out the best in all the employees working with her. It came as no surprise that she transformed the marketing firm, kbs+ to be the best company to work for women while serving as the CEO.

Here’s a link to a video interview featuring Lori Senecal.

Companies She’s Served

Lori’s responsible for starting the adult-marketing firm, TAG Ideation in 2003. TAG Ideation gained traction quickly thanks to Lori’s broad expertise in data analytics and handling multinational accounts. She went on to replicate the successful growth models in other reputable marketing firms like Nestle, Coca-Cola, Weight Watcher, Applebee, Nabisco, Molson, InBev, and at Xbox. Senecal served as the CMO of DDB Worldwide Communications from 2005 to 2008.

Senecal moved up the industry, as was soon appointed the CEO and President of MDC Partner Network in New York. Under her tenure, MDC’s landed hundreds of new clients and the profit margins went through the roof. Her ingenious strategies helped CP+B to land a lucrative deal totaling $450M in 2015. CP+B scooped the Creativity Innovators recognition by the Advertising Age firm, soon after.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Career Path and Impact on Society

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Vijay Eswaran is the founder and current Executive Chairman of the Qi Group.

Vijay is an alumnus of the London School of Economics, where he earned a socio-economic degree in 1984. He then began working for firms in Europe such as a construction firm in Belgium, a cab company in London and a wine industry in France.

While working in the UK, Vijay grew an interest in binary system marketing, prompting him to pursue a CIMA education. Vijay progressed to acquire an MBA in 1986 from the Southern Illinois University. After his tertiary education, Vijay worked for Synaptics in the multilevel marketing field on a contractual agreement.

In 1998, Mr. Eswaran moved back to Asia and co-partnered with the Cosway Group to establish the enterprise that would evolve into the now Qi Group. Qi Group is an e-commerce firm specializing in direct sales, retail, telecommunications, education, lifestyle and leisure, luxury and collectibles, property development, training and conference management, and logistics.

As of 2016, the firm had expanded its business to 30 nations with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia.

Eswaran is a renowned motivational speaker who lectures on a varied number of topics such as business and spirituality. He has spoken on platforms of leading international universities, the World Economic Forum and the Commonwealth Forum at CHOGM.

Vijay has also established the humanitarian organizations, RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam. The foundations are actively involved in providing services and products to companies and citizens of Malaysia, and the international society.

RHYTM Foundation is an affiliate firm of the QI Group that manages the corporate social affairs of its parent company. Vijayaratnam Foundation collaborates with Malaysian based NGOs and other unions to manage projects of child mentoring, youth empowerment, special education and women empowerment.

In 2011, Vijay was enlisted in the annual Forbe’s list of Heroes of Philanthropy.

He recently received the Regional Philanthropy lifetime award for leading the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia at the World Chinese Economic Forum.