Bob Reina And Talk Fusion Are Changing The Way Business Is Done

If you are not familiar with the name Bob Reina, chances are that you’re familiar with the brand Talk Fusion. It is one of the fastest growing and leading communications development companies around to date. They offer the world’s first all-in-one communications service for businesses or otherwise. You no longer have to be stuck with the mundanity of scrolling through text after text in your email list.

With Talk Fusion, you can create a personalized video email in less tan 60 seconds. There are over 1,000 pre-designed templates to choose from if you’re not the best at creating your own. You can choose from a list of various multiple languages as well for easy interpretation and creation of your messages. The service is growing rapidly now with functionality in over 140 countries worldwide.

There is no better way to advertise your brand online than with a beautifully rendered video email to wow your clients. It grabs you attention immediately and studies have show that the information is retained and recalled easier through video. It makes a lot of sense considering how many email texts a person goes through in one afternoon. This is especially true for a business. Whether it’s your personal account, for a charity cause or for big and small businesses, this is the best way to get your point across.

Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of the Talk Fusion Brand. He is a dedicated family and business man with unwavering standards for his company’s success. Being an ex-policeman has taught him the dedication necessary to keep moving forward no matter what. Having a background in marketing has taught him how to work with the public and the technology necessary to get the best results possible.

After having his plan to embed a 5-10 second video in some emails to close clients, Reina decided to shun the rejection of America Online (AOL) and team up with a sort of technical guru friend of his from college. They made a working prototype and the rest is history for Bob and his booming company.

Bob Reina is happy to lead Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is an absolutely brilliant businessperson. He has helped numerous companies reach new heights, but he has one main passion. Bob wants to change the way we talk to one another. He believes that improving communication between people can help businesses become more efficient and better at marketing their products. Bob’s passion has produced an amazing project, Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is an exciting video communications company. The company was founded on the belief that people are highly visual creatures. People like seeing one another and they are more likely to purchase a product if they can see it. These universal truths give Talk Fusion their purpose.

Talk Fusion creates social networking, video broadcasting, and video conferencing techniques for many years. The company’s first product was a video e-mail service. The service sounds simple, but it is a major upgrade to normal e-mail. Video e-mail has a major wow factor because you can visually see the person that is e-mailing you. This product adds an extra layer of intimacy to each e-mail.

Video e-mail sounds extremely complicated, considering that just 10 years ago there were almost no videos on the internet. Video e-mail is actually incredibly simple. When you want to send someone a message, you simply record it on a camera or using your webcam. When you finish your message, you open the Talk Fusion portal and you upload the file. After your file is uploaded you can craft your video e-mail. You can add graphics and additional messages to give your e-mail a personal touch. Videos are stored on the platform, and can be re-used multiple times.

Bob Reina is excited about Talk Fusion’s future. He knows their products can change the way people communicate with one another. He works with the other leaders at Talk Fusion to help develop new communications methods. He wants each product to be game-changing, so he remains committed to quality.

Talk Fusion is one piece of the future. People want to communicate with one another, but increasingly people live far from one another. Video e-mail will change the business world forever.


Talk Solution Business Marketing and the CEO Bob Reina

Idea is vital but it cannot be said to be successful until it is implemented. It is with the quench of helping entrepreneurs to realize their dreams that Talk solution was coined. The company is focused on helping business people to realize their objectives through marketing their ideas via video emails.

Video marketing is one of the key aspects that distinguish successful business ideas and the unsuccessful ones. As a result, Talk Solution has developed a system that enhances face to face training, marketing resources and custom design with an aim of acquiring customer’s loyalty. The viability of Talk solution services and products are attributed to the fact that they are not only cheap but also they are easy to use thus they play an important role towards presenting business products and services into the market.

Talk solution has services that help businesses to measure their performance thus enhance them to evaluate whether they are moving towards success or failure. Imperatively, Talk products and services helps business to realize a competitive edge through improving the marketing strategy of most businesses.

Emails, reports and live meeting help to build customers loyalty and thereof increasing business referrals and revenue. Most important, these services and products are available at affordable prices thus they can be accessed by different sizes of businesses. The video emails offered by the company are secured thus facilitating the sending of personal information. The easiness of use helps to save cost and time. For customers who need to taste the products before they can buy, a trial period of thirty days is available for all of their products.

The company’s success is attributed the proper management by the founder and CEO Bob Reina. He is a skilled and knowledgeable leader who have helped to overseen the running of the company until it achieved the current global status. Actually, the company ranks 7th in video communication industry globally, this is a tribute to Bob’s effort towards establishing an employee based system that helped to transform the company and its operations.

Bob is an innovative and motivational leader who inspires people to take commitment in a particular task for them to be successful. Realistically, he is person guided by self-discipline and through this he has been able to remain focused in his career that is characterized with ups and downs. Through his passion for marketing, Bob was able to realize an entrepreneur itch that led to the establishment of Talk solution. Being a purpose and vision oriented leader, Bob has helped to transform lives and businesses of many peoples.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Has A New Swimsuit Line

As was recently published by Elite Daily, Fabletics is soon to present a full line of swimsuits. These are the brainchild of actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson, and are certain to make a splash when they hit the market on April 12. Ranging in sizes from XXS to XXL, there is bound to be something that fits the figure as well as the prices fit the budget. These swimsuits are all made from recycled materials, and boost UV protection. Kate is also presenting a host of new dresses, to round out wardrobes that may have begun with a view to active wear.

Wikipedia shows that Hudson’s athletic wear company was established in 2013 to compete with athletics brands like Lululemon and Nike, and has a unique style of getting the product to its customers. Working primarily with the internet, interested shoppers can sign up for a “clothes-buying membership”. For less than $50 a month, they can choose something fresh.

This amounts to a full outfit, and the shopper can opt to skip a month if they choose. Newcomers can get what they need to start for as little as $25.

Fabletics falls under the JustFab commerce umbrella, and is inspired by the style and fashion sense of Kate Hudson. Forbes magazine recently ran a story about the recent opening of Fabletics stores. Most of their business is online, and the stores are meant to imitate that experience, with apparel that is as flexible as you are and meant for versatile use –

According to an announcement on Facebook  Co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg of JustFab Inc. forged an alliance with Kate Hudson when they saw a gap between luxury and affordability in the activewear marketplace. The goal was to come up with something stylish and high quality that people could obtain. Kate Hudson is an actress and mother of two, and has a passion for helping women leading healthier and more satisfying lives. So the collaboration followed naturally, and Fabletics was born. Now the top quality activewear people need is within reach.